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Take Experience Of The River Cruise through Cambodian Waters

Cambodia also called the ‘Land of Khmers’ is a small, homely country in South East Asia. Standing majestic is the world’s largest temple Angkor Wat, which makes Cambodia an ideal choice among the top few in your dream list of destinations to visit in the world. The region of Siem Reap is a treat to the eye especially since it is home to the Angkor Wat temple and not to mention the breathtaking hot air balloon ride above the region. Take a ride not only above the Siem Reap but also along the river on a cruise to savour the local Cambodian experience even better. Keep reading to find out more about the river cruise in Cambodia.

Siem Reap’s river cruises are a must especially if you love to explore the countryside. As the cruise progresses, you get to witness a tinge of Cambodian culture and the cruise is a more fun-filled affair in comparison to the tuk-tuk rides or other road transport. Although Siem Reap can be enjoyed via road, the river cruise is more unique and exciting as you get to take in the local culture of the Cambodians. The best time to visit Cambodia to get on a river cruise is from November to April as spring approaches the country and an ideal climate is set for going on the cruise.

The most popular among the river cruises is the Siem Reap river cruise which is offered as a day trip. The cruise takes you through the streams of the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia – Tonle Sap. As you cruise through the lake, the surroundings which are those of the floating village would remind you of the floating city of Venice. The Cambodians, in general, being hospitable people will surely welcome you with open arms.

Cambodia River Cruise
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The alternate river cruise option available for you is the cruise which passes along the Mekong river. It is of longer duration including overnight stays at different hotels and is more luxurious in nature. The Siem Reap Mekong cruise takes you till the capital city Phnom Penh and as you cruise through the longest river in South East Asia, visit the adjoining countries of Cambodia like Vietnam and Laos. Be fortunate to come upon the renowned Angkor Wat temple during this cruise and don’t forget to click some Instagram worthy pictures all through!

River Cruise Cambodia
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Conveyance and Timings for the River Cruise

Experiencing the local culture of Cambodia is incomplete without riding on a ‘tuk-tuk’. You can use this ride or a taxi to reach the Siem Reap river cruise port. If at all you book for the cruise in advance, pick up and drop from your hotel can also be arranged for you. As far as the timings of the cruise are concerned, it is available all through the day from dawn to dusk. Make sure to choose the right cruise which visits the places of your choice and you are good to go!

Well, well, well! Feel like hopping onto that river cruise already I guess!? Wondering when to travel, how to book, whom to approach? Fear not, we at Pickyourtrail can’t wait to help you plan that dream river cruise vacation to Cambodia! Log onto for further details or do step into our office so we can plan this for you in great detail over a cup of coffee. So start planning and happy travelling!

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