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Travel to these Countries With No Quarantine!
Written by Arundhati Toshniwal on March 22, 2022 Share on

Travel to these Countries With No Quarantine!

With great drop-down in corona cases, many countries have allowed a quarantine-free travel experience. You can travel to these countries with no quarantine if you are fully vaccinated. International travel is opening up and international flights are resuming, in India, regular international flights are set to resume on March 27. So, if you are planning to have a great vacation then check out the list of countries you can travel to hassle-free.

Countries you can visit without quarantine are –

1. The Maldives

This beautiful tropical paradise has revoked its Covid-related public health emergency on 13 March. Now, pre-arrival tests or quarantine are not required to enter the Maldives. Follow the basic covid-19 protocols such as wearing masks in public places, using hand sanitiser and maintaining social distancing. Book a Maldives package now!

 Countries With No Quarantine!
Source – Pixabay

2. Nepal

Travellers are not required to quarantine in their hotels anymore in Nepal. The country has done away with the requirement for fully vaccinated travellers and a negative Covid test report before entry.

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3. Ireland

Vaccinated international travellers to Ireland are no longer required to produce negative COVID-19 test reports at the time of arrival. There are no requirements to quarantine either in Ireland as it has removed all coronavirus travel restrictions from March 6. 

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Travel to these Countries With No Quarantine!
Source – Pixabay

4. Indonesia

Indonesia too has ended all the quarantine requirements for international travellers but all you need is a negative COVID-19 report.  

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5. Cambodia

Travellers are not required to undergo mandatory COVID-19 tests for travel to Cambodia who are fully vaccinated but travellers who are not vaccinated will have to be quarantined for two weeks. The country has also restored its visa-on-arrival facility for a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

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Travel to these Countries With No Quarantine!
Source – Pixabay

6. Hong Kong

From April 1, Hong Kong will end its ban on international flights from countries including India, Pakistan, Nepal, the Philippines, the United States, Australia, Canada and France. The quarantine period in Hong Kong is also reduced from one week from being two weeks earlier.

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