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Road Trips from Bangalore
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Road trip from Bangalore: Serene road trips near Bangalore

People sitting at home during the holiday is not the right option. There are so many weekend getaway cities in India that are suitable for all age travellers. You may wonder which city to start with. Out all the top cities in India, it is best to start with Bangalore. Located a few hours away from the top cities such as Chennai, Mysore and Hyderabad, there are so many breathtaking places near Bangalore. Apart from nature touching activities and scenic places, you can also go on a road trip from this beautiful city. If you are some who is more into road trips, here is a list of best road trips from Bangalore. As you go through our list, you will be stunned to know about these routes that you were not aware of. Get ready to pack your bags to witness nature, culture, recreation and all things that you a do in a weekend vacation. Sounds fun and interesting right? Are you looking to experience all these? Before you start the road trip from Bangalore, experience these places virtually! Keep scrolling and continue reading.

Road trips from Bangalore

List of top road trips from Bangalore

The list of serene road trips from Bangalore got to offer dams, hills, valleys and cities that come throughout your route. It will truly witness the natural splendour to its best and you will be amazed when you see it during your trip. Here is a list of the outstanding road trip places around Bangalore.


Skandagiri is one of the best places to start your road trip from Bangalore. It is certainly one such place that you should visit at least once. Located in the mountainous region of Chickballapur, it is famous for its trekking scenes. Also, locals call this place as “walking above the clouds”. Skandagiri is also popular for nighttime trekking. Generally, trekkers and nature-buffs prefer to begin the trek at 3 am and they stroll through the dense forest to witness the sunrise. You will get an amazing and a panoramic view of Skandagiri. Ensure you plan this trip with your loved ones and friends to have at most fun.

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Sangama is a famous spot where two astounding rivers meet. You can certainly see these two Arkavathi and Kaveri (Cauvery) river at the same time at this place. Definitely you will be amazed to see nature’s best creation. Moreover, a drive to this place certainly will be the top road trips near Bangalore. Before you start your trip ensure you carry all the necessary stuff for your road trip. Carry sun cream lotion and enough change over clothes for you and your friends. It is very much each to stroll in the river during Summers, but it would be difficult to walk inside the river during monsoons. The river flows heavily during monsoons.

3. Avalabetta

Avalabetta is a lovely spot and nature-buffs paradise located on a hilly region. It is one of the best road trips from Bangalore. Situated 90kms away from Bangalore, the spot fascinates you with its beauty and serenity. Also, this 90kms journey will definitely stick in your memory forever. One of the most enjoyable destination and unquestionably a satisfying road trip from Bangalore. You will certainly come back not just with memories but with a refreshed feel.


Located between the two beautiful cities Bangalore and Mangalore, Sakleshpur is an amazing place to stop by. Crowned by scenic mountains, gushing waterfalls, soothing and romantic weather conditions make it a perfect road trip from Bangalore. Rested in the Hassan district, Sakleshpur is a place you should visit if you’re looking for the lush green mountain. The city is completely surrounded by scenic places and nature touching activities. It will surely be an idyllic spot to go on a road trip from Bangalore.

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Udagamandalam is a beautiful city and one of the top attracted tourist spots in India. Also, the destination is famously called as Ooty. This beautiful hill station has a lot of lush green tea and ancient coffee estates. Moreover, the city is also noted for its production of eucalyptus oil. Popularly called as Queen of Hill Stations, has one of the highest hairpin bends in India. It consists of 32 hairpin bends on its route. Start your trip from Bangalore and catch the Mysore highway and witness some wildlife in Bandipur and Masinagudi. Get ready to enjoy this beautiful ride from Bangalore to Ooty

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4 wheels drive the body but 2 wheels drive the soul. If you are bored of doing a road trip from Bangalore by car, then it is time to shift your mode of transport to the bike. Located in Nilgiris, Coonoor is one of the largest hill stations. Coonoor has plenty of tea estates where you should dip your taste buds with these delicious hot tea. The climate is so pleasant and perfect for road trips near Bangalore on a bike.

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Ever thought you can drive and visit Scotland? yes, you got it right! Located exactly 300 km away from Bangalore, there lies a beautiful city called Coorg. Also, it is popularly called as Scotland of India.
whenever you think of Banglore and road trips you cannot miss this destination for sure. It is Coorg that most people tend to make a visit if they are planning on a road trip from Bangalore. This scenic destination boasts for plenty of coffee estates. One of the top attraction in Coorg is the river Cauvery.

Road trips from Bangalore
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Looking for a Goa trip but wasn’t able to execute it with your friends? Here is a beautiful seaside destination called Gokarna that gives you a similar kind of vibe and experience. The destination is not very much popular and it is an untouched pristine beauty. It gives you a more of secluded experience and if you wish to relax then Gokarna is your paradise. Gokarna is best recommended for friends and people who are travelling as a group. You can swim in this tranquil and turquoise beach or just relax by the seashore.

Road trips from Bangalore
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Bangalore is a perfect place for road trips. It has so many cities that are closer by and a lot of activities that keep you engaged. Also, all these cities and towns are perfect for a weekend getaways from Bangalore where you can connect with nature’s divinity and tranquillity. Planning for an amazing holiday within India? Check out the best of domestic packages and book your domestic tour with Pickyourtrail, India’s top customised vacation planning company.

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