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Road trips in Guwahati
Written by Shanmugam on May 30, 2020 Share on

Amazing Road Trips From Guwahati To Fall In Love With The Lush Greenery

Located in the northeastern part of India, Guwahati is a beautiful state of India which encompasses the ancient British Indian culture as can be seen in the architecture and the lifestyle of the people there. It is known for its numerous mountains, waterfalls and lush green forest area where you can go on an adventurous trek and listen to the sound of the gushing waterfall as you relax and chill. The place is also known for its unique culture as many people visit Guwahati to enjoy the culture and climate! Well, Guwahati caters to people across generations as it also has many historical forts and churches that stand out uniquely in architecture and style and reflect vibes that are worth being a part of. There are indeed many places for exploration in Guwahati!

Road trips
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Guwahati is one of the famed cities in the “ City of Eastern Light ”, Assam. Culturally diverse, this sprawling cosmopolis is also widely regarded as the “Queen of North India ” and for the right amount of reasons. The place is well known for its history and shrines of Hindu religion such as the Kamakhya temple built around the 10th century, is still majestically situated atop the Nilachal hill and is just at a distance of 10 kilometres from the train station. Besides the great Brahmaputra river in the heartland of Assam, the city is well planned and the recent improvements to the roads and infrastructures in these regions have been a big boon to the tourism of the state. Earlier, this pristine beauty in the Northeast part of India was left unexplored, now that the big city attracts almost tourists from all parts of the world for its scenic road trips. Thanks to the recent improvements in the infrastructure, Guwahati is a perfect getaway for your weekends.

Are you ready for the road trips through the unimaginable wildlife and lush green forest? Guwahati features tranquil religious shrines, lush green mountains, and age-old cultures. But apart from that, there are many places in the vicinity that are perfect for taking road trips from Guwahati. Let us depart!

Best Places For Road Trips From Guwahati

If you’re looking for places to go for a relaxing weekend getaway, then here are some of the best places for a road trip from Guwahati.

1. Cherrapunji

At a distance of just 150 kilometres from Guwahati, you can visit Scotland from Guwahati in just 4 hours. Yes, you got it right. Cherrapunji located in Meghalaya is called as the Scotland of the East. Well known for its rainfall, it is one of the most popular and wettest locations in India. It attracts a lot of tourists who love the monsoons. Cherrapunji is a beautiful town in Meghalaya and a must-visit destination for some weekend fun with your friends and loved ones. Driving through the beautifully created 4 lane expressways towards Shillong,  it is one of the most scenic drives in the northeast and takes around  4 hours of drive gliding through the lush green hills, silvery waterfalls, and pristine rivers. Cherrapunji not only offers the most magnificent trekking experience but also an excellent retreat for nature lovers. If you are looking for a break during your long drive, do not miss visiting the Mawkdok valley and its gorgeous views.

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2. Bomdila

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Tucked away in the eastern part of Himalayan ranges, 200 kilometres away from Guwahati, Bomdila is a gorgeous town in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. The magnificent town remains untouched and a hidden treasure as the town sits on top of a hill. This is one of the main reasons, the town doesn’t attract regular crowds. The town will never make you leave, as it offers a picturesque landscape and the panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. The vast apple orchards, Buddhist monasteries, and the hills with numerous trekking trails will leave you agape in amazement. If you are wondering about what pleasure activities this town can offer, treat yourself with the lullabies from the lush green nature. It is most recommended to visit the town from  April to October. Even in summer, you can expect the temperature below 28- degrees Celsius.

3. Nongpoh

Situated on the North of the East Khasi Hills, Nongpoh is a small gorgeous town in the state of Meghalaya or the Abode of the cloud. Just 40 kilometres away from the state capital Shillong, Nongpoh is very well connected and accessible for road trips from Guwahati. With the new improvements and maintenance of the road, the roads are even more comfortable for the long drives. This 50 kilometre drive along with the beautiful rivers and the lush green trees and serene climate is just right for your enjoyable trip.

4. Jaintia Hills

Situated in the state capital of Meghalaya, Shillong, Jaintia Hills is the heaven on the earth with its breathtaking sceneries and tranquil spots. 70 Kilometres away from the main city, Jaintia is a land of majestic hills filled with rich minerals. You will be left agape in amazement by seeing the pristine lakes and lush greenery of the Jaintia Hills. One of the most exquisite waterfalls of India called the Krang Suri Falls is located in Jaintia Hills. With the backdrop of solid rocks woven with the creepers and trees is sure to raise your eyebrows with surprise. With warm summer and cold winters, Jaintia is more suited for travel during the summer season. As with other parts of the northeast, the Jaintia hills also receive heavy rainfalls during the monsoons.

5. Kaziranga

One of the UNESCO world heritage centres, Kaziranga National park is located near the plains of the Brahmaputra River. The forest features some of the rare species such as wild cats, black panthers, and the Indian one-horned Rhinoceroses. Do you know that around 70% of Rhinos of the world are in this park? With literally around a century of them, you can never miss sighting a tiger in the park.

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And all this at a distance of 200 km only from Guwahati. The forest may be very inviting for you to explore, but maintain caution especially during the nights. Nights can be pitch dark and you surely need caution. Also, plan your trips outside the months of June, July and August since the park may easily get flooded due to heavy rains in Assam.

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Guwahati is one of the most beautiful locations in India and should be experienced with your partner and loved ones. To know more about the different tourist destinations in India and to book your vacation package you can reach out to us! We at Pickyourtrail will ensure you have the best and hassle-free vacation!

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