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The city of Arts and Science built by Calatrava, valencia, spain
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Rooftop Bars in Valencia: Top 5 Places to chill out the evening

The city of Valencia is brimming with Art and Architecture. Furthermore, it hosts an extraordinary friendly culture, making it the perfect place for drinks with a view. Regardless of whether you need to enjoy the Old Town from above or only look out to the ocean, kick back and enjoy a glass of local cava or vermouth at one of the dazzling places in Spain. Here’s a quick list of Top 5 Rooftop Bars in Valencia.

1. L’Umbracle

Rooftop Bars in Valencia, Cocktails
Image Credits: Unsplash

This Rooftop Bar in Valencia is packed up with palm trees and surrounded by a surprising rooftop designed using white arches. It represents some part of the City of Arts and Sciences complex and offering a decent vantage point for photographs. During summer evenings time is changed into one of the city’s most well-known clubs, with two bars and an open-air reservation decorated with tiki lights and comfy seating, where the gathering goes on till the sun rises.

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2. Le Petit Bistro

This exquisite rooftop balcony bar right in the heart of Valencia’s Old Town quarter is nearly inside walkable distance from the Cathedral and its tower, El Miguelete. The Rooftop bar is an excellent place to spend time during evenings, with its moistening fans and a lot of beers. It is just perfect for a comfortable dinner and a romantic night watching the sun go down. 

3. SkyBar 

Cocktails at Rooftop bars in Valencia
Image Credits: Unsplash

Not to be mistaken for the Ateneo Sky Bar (over), this one has a beachfront area and sumptuous feel – with a sticker price to coordinate. However, if you want to treat yourself, there’s no more relaxed place to unwind in summer. It’s a part of the Marina Beach Club, with a café and infinity pool right by the beach and endless views out to the ocean. 

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4. 270 Grados 

It is a cool spot to begin your night with views on the city. With a perfect cocktail menu and a pool to chill in, it’s also an ideal spot to burn through one of Valencia’s best Things to do. The porch on top of the celebrated Hotel Barceló gives an alternative point of view from its place near to the Turia Park and the City of Arts and Sciences. 

5. Scene 

Even though not as high in the sky as a few, the Panorama Rooftop bar in Valencia’s beach is definitely justified by its stunning ocean views. It’s the ideal place to value that magical Mediterranean light. You can enjoy that lasting through the year as there’s an outdoor courtyard in the summer months. You can make a trip for anything from espresso to a comfortable paella lunch. However, the most satisfying perfect moment to enjoy this spot is at sunset. 

Take your own sweet time either with loved ones. Grab a beer and say cheers at one of the Rooftop Bars in Valencia. Make sure you customise your vacation with Pickyourtrail to have a comfortable holiday to Spain.

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