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Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace
Written by Kajani Shivam on July 7, 2020 Share on

Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace – A must-visit palace in Udaipur!

Udaipur, also known as the City of Lakes, is the jewel of Rajasthan in India. Udaipur is surrounded by the stunning Aravalli Hills and is loved for its natural beauty, temples, architecture, history, shopping and many more places to visit along with some interesting things to do. Interestingly, Udaipur is filled with attractions and each attraction will surprise you with its own beauty and history. One such attraction is Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace. If you love history, art and architecture, this place is a must-visit place for you in Udaipur. Each and every palace has an interesting story behind it. Agreed? Let’s find the story behind this palace. Interested to explore Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace? Well, have a read and find out everything you need to know about this beautiful palace.

A stunning click of Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace
Image Credits: Google Images

Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace

Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace is a former royal residence belonging to the Mewar dynasty, who ruled over this palace for centuries. This palace was built in 1884 under the power of Maharana Sajjan Singh. In addition, the palace overlooks a stunning view of the City Palace, Lake Fateh Sagar & the King’s ancestral home, Chittorgarh. Beautiful, right? Interestingly, you will be able to capture some breathtaking views from Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace.

Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace
Image Credits: Google Images

Also, this palace was originally intended to be a nine-storeyed astronomical observatory to note & assess the patterns of monsoon clouds. One can easily notice the arrival & patterns of the monsoon clouds from the palace because of its location. Well, now you would have found the reason behind the name of this palace, right? Also, it is situated at a strategic vantage point at one of the hilltops of Aravalli which is called as Bansdara Peak. If you are planning to visit this palace during the afternoon, make sure to wait and witness the sunset which looks stunning from the balconies. Also, there are many places to visit nearby the Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace. Some of the places are Lake Fateh Sagar, Lake Palace, City Palace, Sajjangarh Biological Park and Lake Pichola. So, make sure you visit these places too.

History of Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace

A lovely click of Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace
Image Credits: Google Images

Maharana Sajjan Singh was the 72nd ruler of the Mewar dynasty. In addition, he undertook many projects of civil work like road, dam constructions, water supply & other developments in infrastructure. Later on, he took a project to build an astronomical observatory which is the Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace. Unfortunately, he passed away before he could complete the Sajjangrah Monsoon Palace. Later on, his successor Fateh Singh completed its construction keeping a palatial hunting lodge in mind.


A beautiful click of the Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace
Image Credits: Google Images

Here comes the interesting part of the palace. The facade of the palace is made of white marble and you can see a beautiful touch of the Rajasthani style. You will find high turrets, jharokhas, multiple pillars & massive domes. Interestingly, you will find a grand central court with staircases leading up to multiple rooms & chambers on all sides. The pillars look beautiful with the intricate floral motifs on them. You will find detailed carvings on the walls which adds more beauty to the palace. Lovely, right? Also, the palace has an underground harvesting structure with a cistern of 195,500 litres capacity. Currently, Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace is owned by the Forest Department of the state of Rajasthan & has been opened for public entry.

How to reach?

Udaipur is well connected by all three modes of transport. You can also reach Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace in multiple ways. Well, have a read and find out the different ways to reach this place.

  • Airways
  • Railways
  • Roadways

1. Airways

Airways is one of the best ways to reach Udaipur. The Dabok Airport in Udaipur is about 27.4 km away & can be easily reached by domestic flights from Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Jodhpur and Jaipur.

2. Railways

One can take a direct train to Udaipur from various places such as Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Agra, Bikaner, Ahmedabad and Jodhpur. Also, the Udaipur Railway Station is 7.9 km from the Sajjangarh Fort.

3. Roadways

The palace is 10 km away from the Central Udaipur city. One can easily take a local cab, auto-rickshaw or a bus and reach the palace. Also, you will find minivans and cabs from the foot of the hill which charge around INR 200.


The Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace is open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM on all the days.

Entry Fee

  • Indian Citizens – INR 10
  • Non-Indian Citizens – INR 80
  • Camera – INR 20

Quick Facts and Tips

Sunset view from Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace
Image Credits: Unsplash
  • The best time to visit the Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace is from November to February.
  • Never miss viewing the sunset here. You will find the whole palace glowing during the sunset. So, never miss this splendid view.
  • One will find the palace more beautiful at night. The whole palace will be glowing with the fairy lights which adds more beauty to the Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace.
  • This marvellous palace had made its presence in many movies. Interestingly, you will find this palace featured in a James Bond movie named Octopussy.
  • Don’t forget to carry your camera to capture some stunning stills of the palace.
  • Get ready for some walking. It will take an hour to completely explore every nook and corner of the palace.
  • You can also trek and reach the palace. Interestingly, you will capture some lovely views.
  • Make sure you also visit the Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary which is located at the foot of the hill. Interestingly, you will find reptiles, nilgai, tigers, wild boars, hyenas, jackals and panthers.
  • You can also visit Bari lake which is an artificial lake located nearby the Wildlife Sanctuary.
  • You can also go for a jungle safari which starts from the Gorilla Point and ends at the Bari Lake. Choose this experience and enjoy some charming views of the Aravalli hills.
  • Udaipur remains hot & humid throughout the year. So, make sure you wear appropriate clothes.
  • Never miss tasting the local dishes and street food in Udaipur.
  • You will find guides here. You can choose a guide and explore the complete palace.

Well, how was Sajjangarh Monsoon Palace? Beautiful, right? This palace is one of the must-visit places in Udaipur and you will love it for its immense beauty and history. Willing to explore the palace for real? You can check on some cool travel packages to Rajasthan on Pickyourtrail website. Also, you can drop a Whatsapp Inquiry for more options. We also have our Customer Happiness team who will be guiding you 24/7 through our App. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning with Pickyourtrail! Happy Vacations!!

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