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Scuba Diving in Chennai
Written by Karthika Selvakumar on November 16, 2022 Share on

Scuba Diving in Chennai – Underwater Adventure!

Scuba diving in Chennai is the perfect activity to do when you are in the city. If you love the ocean, don’t simply take a plunge on a bright day, because you can dive in. Dive deep to explore the miracles of marine life! Scuba diving is the best way to spend your day if you are in Chennai! Certain skills are to be learned befor diving. Fully equipped guides will help you in that. Then, you will feel like staying in the sea and exploring the marine life. Here are the best operators in Chennai offering scuba diving.

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best scuba diving in chennai
Image credits: Unsplash

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Top 5 Scuba Diving Operators In Chennai

Scuba Diving will let you unveil the secrets of the sunk world. Chennai being a popular coastal spot, a lot of operators can be found offering Scuba diving in Chennai. If you are an adventure lover, this list of top scuba diving operators is for you!

  1. Salty Bone Divers
  2. Chennai Dive Paradise
  3. Dive Chennai
  4. Chennai Institute Of Diving
  5. DIVEIndia Chennai

1. Salty Bone Divers

A PADI dive centre in ECR is this Salty Bone diver. It is situated in Injambakkam on an excellent ranch held by trees. There are many diving sites offered by this operator. You can pick the one that suits your requirements. One of the most steady conditions is the “big stone”. The big stone is a piece of a huge stone around 5 km from the coast. This stretches out a few kilometres to the seashore. The base is 18 meters, which is ideal for student divers.

Cost: They charge around 5,550 INR (per person)

Address: 2/171, East Coast Road Injambakkam, Chennai

scuba diving in chennai
Image credits: Pixabay

2. Chennai Dive Paradise

Chennai Dive paradise is located in Southern India. They give a broad scope of quality Chennai dive with affirmed business divers and qualified trade experts. Scuba diving at ECR Chennai is a road trip that starts with a dive in the huge submarine here. This operator likewise permits you to encounter night dives with extreme security!

Cost: They charge around 3,000-5,500 INR (per person)

Address: No.1 MGR Street, Muttukadu, ECR Chennai, Opposite to MGM Dizzee world

3. Dive Chennai

Dive Chennai is situated in the rural areas of Southern Chennai. It offers diving courses for learners to proficient day trips. They give training and certification of all PADI plunging courses. This directs qualified divers to probably the best diving sites in the district. They likewise represent fair authority in training for beginners in open water before voyaging abroad, making a plunge the Andaman Islands or on the terrain.

Cost: They charge around 6,500-15,000 INR (per person)

Address: Dive Chennai, Off-Road Sports Campus, 168/3D, Pattipulam, ECR Road Chennai.

scuba diving in Dive chennai
Image credits: Pixabay

4. Chennai Institute Of Diving

Chennai Diving Center invites you to the diving amusement point. Here you can have a great time and appreciate numerous experiences. At long last, the experience of this energizing scuba dive will loosen up you. Your preparation will start in Neyveli and prepared experts will direct you through the course of your preparation.

Price: They charge around 5,200 INR (per person)

Address: 8/7 Seethakathi Nagar, George Town, Chennai.

5. DIVEIndia Chennai

Situated in Chennai, this operator offers a variety of diving plans, including an introduction system for beginners, a diving preparing program, diving classes and proceeding with training courses. They have additionally thought of numerous convenience alternatives in the ECR/Kovalam region to suit your financial plan for individuals originating from outside.

Price: They charge around 6,500-10,000 INR (per person)

Address: 9/9 Near Taj Fisherman’s Cove, Kovalam

scuba diving in DIVEIndia Chennai
Image credits: Unsplash

Things to know before Scuba Diving in Chennai

  1. Ensure you select a well reputed Scuba diving operator or center
  2. Before scuba diving, learn the necessary skills, techniques and safety procedures
  3. Make sure the diving operator or center is certified with PADI or SSI
  4. Be in good physical condition and inform the center if you have any medical conditions
  5. Follow all the safety guidelines provided by the diving center
  6. Check the weather forecasts, visibility and water conditions including the underwater conditions before entering the waters
  7. Ensure you have all the essential equipment and gear required for Scuba diving
  8. Respect the marine life, don’t touch coral reefs and leave no trace underwater


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How much does for Scuba diving in Chennai?

It would cost between Rs.2000/- to Rs.6000/- for a single person.

Which is the cheapest place to Scuba dive in India?

Talashil beach, Malvan, located in Maharashtra is the cheapest place for Scuba diving.

What should be the minimum age for Scuba diving?

The minimum age for Scuba diving is 10 years and they must be accompanied by parents or gaurdians.

Do we have Scuba diving in Chennai?

Yes, Scuba diving is available in Chennai. VGP marine kingdom in Chennai offers Scuba diving for visitors.

Can Non Swimmers do Scuba diving?

Yes, those who don’t know swimming can also do Scuba diving.

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