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Seychelles In June – Why A June Holiday Is Special?

Seychelles is one of the smallest countries yet a beautiful destination that attracts millions of travellers every year. The size of the country has nothing to do with its beauty and Seychelles is one good example of it. This island country is a small paradise that is filled with numerous white-sand beaches, nature, wildlife, nightlife, shopping and many more which could make people of any age fall in love with the country. This is one destination that can be visited at any time of the year but still check out some of the best times to visit Seychelles and June is one of them.

Grass in Seychelles
Image Credits: Unsplash

Seychelles in June

Let me now take you through how a holiday to Seychelles in June will be, the things to do while you are there and festivals that you could take part in.

Weather in Seychelles in June

If you are visiting Seychelles in June, you would experience pleasant weather. Though this island country offers you warm weather all year round, June is something special. You would be able to spot clear blue skies, decent hours of sunshine, small showers at times and amazing weather altogether in June.

Average Seychelles weather in June: Day – 29°C, Night – 25°C
Sunshine hours: 8
Average rainfall in June: 63 mm

Things to do in Seychelles

There are so many things in Seychelles which would make your Seychelles holiday absolutely exciting. Check out.

Indulge in watersports

Going for some adventurous watersports activity can be exciting anywhere in the world and in Seychelles, it’s something unique. Seeing the crystal clear and turquoise blue water, who wouldn’t want to dive and discover the beauty of marine life? Snorkelling, swimming and scuba diving are the most recommended activities here. You can also go fishing and kayaking which has a beauty of its own.

Cycling in Seychelles

Cycling brings back so many memories from your childhood, doesn’t it? Imagine how heavenly it would be to ride in such a place like Seychelles with the pretty warm temperature that Seychelles experiences in June. Exploring the island by a speedboat or any other modes of transport can be beautiful but through cycling is something beyond comparison.

Shopping in Seychelles

Shopping refreshes your soul, doesn’t it? Whenever we set our feet on foreign land, we always plan some time for shopping by default. And, gladly, Seychelles has many markets where you can shop and keep your evenings busy. One of the best places to go shopping in Seychelles is Victoria Market where you can shop for t-shirts, souvenirs and so on.

Places to visit in Seychelles

No matter you are a water lover or a nature lover, you get to see both at it is the best at Seychelles. Find below the list of places to visit while visiting Seychelles during this month.

  • Mahe Island
  • La Digue Island
  • Anse Lazio

Mahe Island

Mahe Island, the capital city, is one of the must-visit places in Seychelles, especially if you are visiting in June. If you are an avid lover of beach and nature, you must visit this place. With high mountains, stunning beaches and lush greeneries, you would surely love this place. You can go fishing, do watersports or take a trek in the mountains.

Mahe Island
Image Credits: Unsplash

La Digue Island

La Digue is such a beautiful place to visit in June with its amazing beaches. You can visit the beaches or go for adventurous activities like scuba diving and jet skiing. You can explore this island by cycling as well which is yet another beautiful thing to do in Seychelles. La Digue is one of the best places to choose your stay as it stands as home to many resorts too.

La Digue Island
Image Credits: Unsplash

Anse Royale

Anse Royale Beach in Seychelles is one of the most loved beaches of all. It is a long stretching beach where you can do many activities like snorkelling, swimming, windsurfing, scuba diving and fishing. It is a perfect place where you can have some peaceful time away from the city and feel closely connected to nature and water.

Festivals of Seychelles in June

Here is the list of the most popular events that are celebrated in June in Seychelles.

  • Independence Day: The country of Seychelles celebrates the Independence day on 29th June with lighting many fireworks and live performances. It is not just celebrated with respect but also with so much happiness and pride in their own country. If you are planning to visit Seychelles in June, then make sure you take part in this celebration.
  • Festival Of Classical Music: Have a huge love for music? Then this is one festival that you must take part in. In this festival, many musicians from all over the world, perform concerts which would be held by the beach. Imagine you enjoying music to your ears on the beach with drinks in hand. Soothing, isn’t it?

FAQs about visiting Seychelles in June

Here are the commonly asked questions about a Seychelles holiday from the UK.

1. Do we need visa to enter Seychelles from the UK?

If you are a UK citizen and hold a valid UK passport, you will be granted a visa on arrival up to 30 days. However, if you are a resident of the UK, then you might require one depending on your passport.

2. What to wear in Seychelles in June?

June is usually a hot and humid month so packing summer clothes would suffice including shorts, T-Shirts or any light clothes. However, since it might pour small showers and carry a jacket/umbrella while heading out.

Silhouette Island
Image Credits: Unsplash

“Great things do come in small packages, don’t they? Seychelles is such a happy place. What’s more comforting on a holiday than sitting by the beach under the palm trees and having a relaxing experience with your loved ones or exciting when you just jump into the waters and indulge in some watersports? And don’t forget, we offer tailored honeymoon packages and vacation packages to make your Seychelles getaway even more memorable at Pickyourtrail!”

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