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Shopping in Ubud – Where to Shop and What to Buy?

Ubud is one of the most breathtaking places to visit in Bali. No vacation to the island would be complete without a visit to this paradise. Great food, stunning aerial shots, and contours of rice plantations are what the little town is known for. Shopping is a plus. Ubud has it all when it comes down to it. From Art Markets to Spice markets, Ubud has a wide range of items to offer you. We at Pickyourtrail have bottled all that up and brought to you a list of places for Shopping in Ubud. Shopping all day long while sipping cocktails and meeting other travellers is something you should never miss.

Sprawling Art Markets:

Art Markets

Bali’s trademark art-forms are full of depictions, abstract paintings, and modern art. Walls are painted with graffiti that will invoke a sense of belonging in you. The streets of these art markets are endlessly eye-catching. Items of different origins, merchandise and artists are put up for sale. You will be surprised by what you find here for Shopping in Ubud. Random strolls in these markets will end up in huge shopping sprees. Paintings, crafts, lamps, bags, woodwork, frames -rest assured you will find it all here.

Location : Sukawati Art Market, Guweng Art Market, Ubud Art Market.

Spice vendors And organic foods:

Organic Food

You never run out of things to do in Ubud!  Situated amongst dense plantations in Bali, Ubud is a beautiful vacation spot. With rice as their main crop, farmers also cultivate spices. This tropical region somehow never runs out of organic farms and rare spice plantations. There are entire markets that run on these exotic spices that the travellers love taking home.

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Location : Sari Organic, Utama Spice Store.

Threads and fabrics to take Bali home with you:


From baggy Hawaii shirts to sultry island fashion, shopping in Ubud is just amazing. Ubud’s street shops cater to everything! Hand-woven silks, gorgeous fabrics that are as colourful as Ubud itself are graciously scattered in selected shops. Some of these shops are themed, while others are owned by world-famous designers.

Location: Threads of Life.

More cultural artefacts:

Antique Items

Sculptures and architectural eye candies overwhelm you at every corner in Bali. They never get boring even after days. There are many little shops that sell replicas made in all kinds of metals. Inspired sculptures are also present all around the place. This goes for Ubud too as it is a main cultural hub. Several artists present their art in colourful boutiques and are available for shopping in Ubud. Antique shops sell old furniture, clocks, wall pieces and other artefacts from the older ages.

Location: Ikat Batik, Dinata shop.

Lanes, alleys, and boulevards of fashion:

Street Shopping

Street shopping is a popular aspect of every town in Bali. They sell bags, bracelets, shoes, kimonos, tops, sandals – literally everything you could look for while shopping in Ubud. Every important road has shopping lanes with entire streets dedicated to shopping. Ubud Monkey Forest Road, for example, is a road with avenues of shopping perfectly aligned to address the walking travellers.

Location: Jalan Raya Ubud Shopping Street.

Home decor:

Home Decor

The beautiful indoors of Ubud’s hotels and homes inspire bold home decor styles in us. To add to this, there are shops that equip you with the prettiest carpets, pillows, blankets, and couches in the state available for shopping in Ubud. Chic furniture is sold too. The kind of style available here will give you an insider’s view of the culture inside Balinese homes.

Location: Kamala Home Boutique, Jean-Francois Fichot.

Gold and silver of the land:


Ubud has quite a good number of gold and silversmiths. Unique works from Bali’s traditional heritage have been adopted and wrought into modern jewellery. This resulted in wondrous shops all around Ubud. Shopping here in Ubud will turn out to be a treasure hunt as it features all kinds of gold and silver pieces of fine craftsmanship. You also find a lot of treasured gifts here to surprise your love while on a honeymoon in Bali.

Location: Prapen Jewellery.

Botanicals that sell fresh batches of yoga and goodness:


Greenery pervades the very landscape of Ubud. Imagine gathering all of these up and taking them back with you in bright coloured pots. Imagine taking Bali home with you. Shops and botanicals in Ubud welcome this notion and do exactly that. Indoor plants that adore every shelf and desk come in all sizes for shopping in Ubud. Some of these plants have a calming effect on you. Buying each of them will bring about wellness in and around you.

Location: Moro Jaya Garden, Ketut Orchids.

Beauty and lifestyle:


With dreamy spas and refreshing resorts overlooking rice terraces, Ubud moves in the best circles when it comes to beauty. There are specific shops available for shopping in Ubud that give you a world of products to choose from. They are tiny brands with no apparent fame in the world but are well known within Bali. These shops sell homemade beauty essentials that are made using natural local ingredients. The items are selling fast with a new product coming up every day.

Location: Blue Stone Botanicals, Sensatia Botanicals.

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