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Ultimate Travel Guide For The Silk Route – The route that weaves through

If you are planning to explore the hidden beauty of India, hit the road to visit the Silk Route, Sikkim. In this article, I’ll take you on a virtual trip that will make you breathe the natural charm of the less trodden parts of the Himalayas. The silk is an age-old network that connects central Asia to the Mediterranean sea. Apart from trade, the silk route played a very important role in the development of civilization.

Zig Zag roads of silk route
Image credits: Google Images

Spreading over 10,000km, this route which once connected Sikkim to Bhutan and China for trade is now a box full of surprises. The Silk Route in Sikkim is remotely populated with beautiful little villages like the ones in poems and paintings. It’s time to experience the unexplored embarking woods on foot through the villages of Pedong, Manikhm and Reshi Kola. You will also visit famous spots like Nathula Pass, Tsomgo lakes and much more. If you are travelling through the Silk Route with family, you can opt to stay in the Gangtok resorts. 

When to visit?

One can visit the Silk Route Sikkim all around the year except for the rainy season and peak days of the winter season. However, the ideal months to get the best essence of silk route are May and October. During these months, the climate is perfectly pleasant for exploration and the roads are immune to the wrath of rain and snow. During the months of April, May and June, the frequency of travellers is incredibly high.  

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Silk Route Map

Icchey Gaon –>  Sillery Gaon –>  Kaagey –>  Pedong –> Reshi Khola –> Mankhim –> Lingtum –> Padamchen –> Zuluk –> Thambi View Point –> Lungthung Dhupidara –> Nathang valley –> Old Baba Mandir –> New Baba Mandir –> Nathula Pass –> Tsomgo Lake –> Gangtok City

First stop – Icchey Gaon

Icchey Gaon, commonly known as Echey Gaon, is a beautiful village tucked in the Kalimpong district of West Bengal. The village is inhabited hardly by 30 families. Located at a higher altitude of 5,800 feet, this village offers breathtaking views of the snow-capped Himalayan mountain peaks including Kanchenjunga. This place is easily termed as a photographer’s paradise in Silk Route Sikkim because of its scenic landscape of the village and the views of the snow-blanketed Himalayan peaks. 

Thinly populated Icchey Gaon
Image Credits: Google Images


17 km from Kalimpong city centre

Sillery Gaon

With each stop magnificent than the other, your next stop, Sillery Gaon, will definitely surprise you. It is also a picturesque village located in Kalimpong district of West Bengal. Boasting an elevation of 6000 feet, this village offers a pleasant climate throughout the year. Engulfed in dense forests of pine trees, the tireless fresh air will detoxify your body and soothe your soul. The place gained its popularity in recent times that earned the title “New Darjeeling” for this village. Adventure junkies can also experience hiking and rafting in Sikkim during their trip to The Silk Route.


23 km from Kalimpong city centre

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Kaagey, a tiny hamlet is a Popular weekend getaway location for the people residing in the nearby cities. Situated within the realm of Neora Valley National park, Kaagey is one significant spot in the Silk Route Sikkim to spend some quality time on the lap of Himalayas. Do not miss visiting the 300-year-old church, Buddhist monastery, meditation centre and the Jhakri waterfall.


21 km from Kalimpong city centre


Pedong is also known as Damsang fort and is located in the Kalimpong district at an altitude of 4070 feet. The fort serves as a major tourist attraction. Pedong is famous for its multicultural heritage which makes it an interesting place to visit.


21 km from Kalimpong city centre

Reshi kola

Reshi kola is one of the hidden gems in the Silk Route. This small and scenic village is beautifully placed on the banks of a river lying on the border of Silk Route Sikkim and West Bengal. Experience the unspoiled virginity of nature and uninterrupted tranquillity here. Since many tourists are unaware of this spot, you can experience private time with your loved one here.


37 km from Kalimpong city centre


Fall in love with nature once again by visiting the Mankhim village. It is one of the most beautiful spots in the Silk Route. This small place has so much to offer right from the views of Mount Kanchenjunga to the fun of paddle boating in the emerald waters of Lampokhari Lake.

Top view of Mankhim, part of the silk route
Image Credits: Google Images


37 km from Kalimpong city centre.

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Get ready to witness the painting like Lingtum village adorned by tiny wooden houses, dense forests and velvety green grounds. Experience the sunrise by taking a dip in Bakhuter Khola river which is located at a distance of 5 km from the village. This is indeed a great spot in the Silk Route Sikkim.


23 km from Zuluk city centre


This high altitude village is an absolute treat for mountain lovers. The awe-inspiring views of the mighty Himalayan mountains draped in the covers of lush greeneries and snow layers make Padamchen an ideal spot for photography enthusiasts. 


8 km from Zuluk city centre

Thambi Viewpoint

This point offers some unusual vistas of the majestic Himalayas including the Kanchenjunga peak. The zig-zag roads will give an adventurous road trip through the best assets of nature. 

foot hills from Thambi, part of the silk route
Image Credits: Google Images


14 km from Zuluk city centre


Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim is a beautiful spot with colourful monasteries and enchanting realm of Himalayas in the Silk Route. Soak in the world of cultural vibrance and spirituality with bountiful gifts of nature. Do not miss visiting the man-made attractions such as Namgyal Institute, Ganesh Tok, Enchey Monastery, Hanuman Tok etc.,

The Lungthung Dhupidara, Nathang valley, Baba mandir, Tsomgo Lake and Nathu la pass are some of the must-visit places on your way to Gangtok through the Silk Route in Sikkim. Make sure to pause on every charm like the sheltered cot, cultivated farm, never-failing brook and the busy mill. Do not miss visiting such beautiful sights for they are the living examples of God’s creativity. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip to Sikkim and travel through the Silk Route right away. Happy Travelling!

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