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South Korea
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on September 16, 2020 Share on

Top 5 South Korean dishes for K drama lovers to try

K dramas are becoming popular throughout the world. Not just K-dramas and their cast, people have started loving Korean music, dressing style, food and more. With an increase in the number of K dramas, we also see interest in travelling to South Korea. Above all, these South Korean dishes are a must-try if you are a K drama fan. So if you are planning a vacation to South Korea, you will need to know which South Korean dish to taste first. Check below to the sensational foods eaten by the Korean people that you might like too. We present to you the top South Korean dishes.

South Korean Food
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Top South Korean dishes


Hoeddok is a popular dish found on the streets of Korea. It is the sweetest pancake you could ever find anywhere. Hoeddok, also spelt as Hotteok is a treat during the winter season. This flat cake is prepared by mixing cinnamon, brown sugar, honey and peanuts. Above all, you can try cooking this delicious crunchy yet soft pancake at home and live the dream of hogging in Korea.


Beef is eaten widely by the people of Korea. Bulgogi refers to a juicy tender beef grilled to perfection. Ranked among the top 25 dishes in the world, the Bulgogi is loved by the people of Korea. Bulgogi is grilled with garlic, onions. One can eat the meat as it is or wrapped in lettuce. Another unusual combination is eating the red meat with ssamjang, a thick spice red coloured paste. Above all, pour yourselves a glass of wine and relish the Bulgogi.


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Another popular dish in Korea is Samgyeospal. Prepared by grilling the meats of pork belly in strips has a drooling taste. More than that, pork meat is the second most widely-eaten meat in the country of South Korea and this Samgyeospal is their favourite. Samgyeospal is best eaten when dipped in the sauce made out of salt, pepper and sesame oil and lettuce. You can grill them after marination or season it with chilli flakes. Also, you can have it with the famous kimchi sauce.


Ramen is quite popular in the Asian market. And for the people of South Korea, ramen noodles are their go-to comfort food. Japchae is one such noodle. This noodle dish is stir-fried in soya sauce with beef, vegetables, sweet potato and sugar. These soupy fried noodles are perfect for a rainy day. More than that, you can add some extras depending on your taste and preference. This yummy Japchae has a chewy texture filled with flavours. Also, Japchae can be eaten for lunch or dinner depending on one’s mood.


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Kimchi, Kimchi, Kimchi. We are sure you would have heard this name in every Korean drama. Kimchi is a popular side dish in South Korea. This dish is made with fermented vegetables in spices. The main ingredient of Kimchi is cabbage. Kimchi is also popular among foreign nationals for its high nutritional value. In Korea and other Asian countries, Kimchi is the main dish in a meal. Above all, when you are in South Korea, a meal without Kimchi is incomplete.

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