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Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy in Singapore 2024

After a hectic day at work, you return home feeling tired and frustrated. However, as you step into your hall, your eyes are drawn to something vibrant hanging on the wall, instantly putting a broad smile on your face. Behind that smile, you see a million memories of the colorful streets of Singapore, filling you with bliss. To bring this joyful imagination to life, consider buying souvenirs whenever you travel. Singapore offers a range of top souvenirs that will always bring a smile to your face when you see them. When you travel, it’s not just about the moment; it’s about cherishing the memories for a lifetime. Pictures and beautiful souvenirs serve as precious reminders of those special times. So, don’t miss the opportunity to fill your bags with these wonderful mementos. Whether you’re exploring Singapore as part of a Singapore tour package or a Singapore honeymoon packages, collecting souvenirs will help create lasting memories that you can cherish forever.

Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy in Singapore

  • A Book from a local author
  • Decorative plate
  • Kaya jam
  • An Exquisite kebaya
  • Local Boutique clothes
  • Anything with a Merlion
  • A Snapback
  • A Photobook
  • A Stylised Map of Singapore
  • Asian Artefacts

A Book from a Local Author

Get to know about the unique literature of Singapore in their local language as well as in English. With beautifully written poetries and novels about ancient times right from the use of Singlish, to describing the interesting experiences of living in the city-state. These books will surely be the most useful and enriching souvenirs in Singapore. Some of the local bookstores and BooksActually has a wide selection of such books. You can also visit the giant bookstores such as Kinokuniya. If reading is not your cup of tea, you can always go with a graphic novel.

Decorative plate

decorated plate souvenirs in Singapore
Image credits: Unsplash

If you are keen on decorating your kitchen with beautiful kitchen wares, Singapore will surely turn out to be your paradise. Visit the Supermama store which is ideally known for some really cool decorative plates. You can get plates that feature a stylized map of Singapore’s landmarks and other medieval representations. Get a plate with a picture of Rochor Centre, one of Singapore’s famous HDB landmarks which are currently no more. Such culturally specific souvenirs in Singapore will surely light up your house with its intricate beauty.

Kaya jam

bottles of Kaya jam
Image credits: Unsplash

You cannot simply miss out on this local delicacy which is considered as one of the popular souvenirs in Singapore. You can buy these from any local store or supermarket across the country. It is a common food item in Singapore that is mostly served for the breakfast along with toast. With a lot of variations of this coconut jam, it would be a perfect gift that every kitchen deserves to have.

An Exquisite Kebaya

This is an outfit that you might have spotted the flight stewardesses wearing in the Singapore Airlines. With a blend of culture and stunning cuts, these outfits will simply look good on anybody wearing it irrespective of size and colour. You can always get something specifically made for you from the stores. Grab one of the many ready-made ones available at plenty of different places and slay like a diva.

Local boutique clothes

local boutiques in SIngapore
Image credits: Unsplash

Singapore can never go wrong with garments. With a number of labels specialising from streetwear to high fashion, you will literally shop everything you see. The local boutique clothes project extremely different styles that you can find only in the lion city. If you want to get some really amazing fashion-forward attires, check out Depression or Mash-Up. Instead, if you want to wear a bit of Singaporean flair, head to Ong Shunmugam or Sabrina Goh for some savvy outfits. Wherever you go, the clothes you buy here will surely be your favourite.

Anything with a Merlion

We all know that the Merlion is a national symbol of Singapore. This extremely iconic half-fish and half-lion creature can be found in every nook and corner of Singapore. Also, this statue is where a lot of tourists gather for their famed memento shots. You can purchase Merlion keychains in some exotic designs like a gold pendant bar as well. There are also t-shirts, fridge magnets, plates and all kinds of other souvenirs in Singapore featuring this mythological animal. There’s no specific place that can be recommended to buy this but you can pick it from anywhere that strikes your fancy.

A Snapback

Have you ever heard of a snapback? It is one of the most novel items and cool fashion souvenirs in Singapore. Popular across Asia and Singapore, the snapback is manufactured by a lot of great international brands. But it’s the Singapore variation you should keep a lookout for because it is fascinating in its own way. The famed ‘Lim Peh’ snapback is particularly very famous as the word means ‘your father’ and is a popular fighting term amongst Singaporeans.

A photobook

snap book souvenirs in Singapore

Want some dramatically beautiful souvenirs in Singapore? Get one of these photo books that will give you a slice of Singapore within a few pages. In this book, you will be able to know about the literature along with some really beautiful pictures. Grab the most famous ‘Singkarpor’ by Aik Beng Chia which is available at BooksActually. In addition to the book, you will also get a complimentary token on the cover which varies with each copy you get. The pictures in these books are so unique and rare that you will never spot many of them on the web as well. You can also get Nguan’s ‘Singapore’, which is internationally acclaimed.

A stylized Map of Singapore

Being a dynamic city, what you see here today is gone tomorrow. Get this particular series of maps with vibrant colours that are insanely beautiful to hang on your walls. These maps depict Singapore in its most constant state as seen from a topographical point of view. You will surely cherish this as a fantastic memento of your adventure in a dynamic location.

Asian Artefacts

What’s the point of visiting Asia if you don’t buy a Buddha statue for your home or buy a Chinese lamp or vase or decorate your living room? In Singapore, you get ample Asian artifacts and handmade items. From paintings to wall hangings, pots, vases, statues and lamps, you’ll find everything at the local Singapore boutiques and shops. Make sure you bargain well or else they might charge you a fortune. Some of the best places to visit for authentic Asian items in Singapore are the “Asian Arts and Crafts” store and “Ion Orchard mall”.

With a whole new range of amazing attractions, Singapore will never disappoint you when it comes to souvenirs as well. Instead of hunting for souvenirs everywhere, you can simply follow this ultimate souvenir guide and purchase the top souvenirs. You can also gift this little happiness to your friends and family as a gesture of love. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your dream trip to Singapore right away. Now you can connect with us via Whatsapp and craft your itinerary at ease.

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