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Springs in Turkey
Written by Dikshya Shaw on January 10, 2022 Share on

Springs In turkey

Turkey is not just a replica of its beautiful coastline or history, but also it truly contains some mesmerising hot springs that are worth a visit in Turkey. Turkey is a fascinating hub of civilisation as well as a combination of cultures. Moreover, Turkish cuisine is sometimes worth a try. Read this blog to know more about hot springs in Turkey.

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7 Springs In Turkey

Did you know Turkey houses more than 1000 hot springs, each rich in minerals and antioxidants and has therapeutic properties? Also, it is said that these springs have some unique properties as that of healers. Turkey’s hot springs are a perfect spot for rejuvenating and relaxing.

  1. Pamukkale Thermal Spring
  2. Yalova Thermal Spring
  3. Oylat Thermal Spring
  4. Cekirge Thermal Spring
  5. Cesme Thermal Spring
  6. Gazligol Thermal Spring
  7. Ilgin Thermal Spring

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1. Pamukkale Thermal Spring

Pamukkale Thermal Spring, Springs in Turkey
Image Courtesy: Pixabay

Pamukkale hot spring is one of the most famous natural hot springs in Turkey. Because it depicts somewhat of a cotton castle, the name ‘Pamukkale’ had been given. Did you know Pamukkale Thermal Spring is considered a natural wonder by the UNESCO world heritage site? The carbonate minerals that the rivers leave behind are a part of these springs. Hierapolis, the Greek name of Pamukkale waterfalls, make white travertines that come from calcium-filled hot waters.

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2. Yalova Thermal Spring

Yalova Thermal Spring
Image Courtesy: Pexels

If you love artificial hot springs, then a trip to Yalova must do it. Stay at Yalova Thermal Spring Resort and indulge in a rejuvenating bath in one of the luxurious hot springs that this resort has to offer. If you want the view of spectacular nature, great weather and a healthy diet, Yalova Thermal Spring is just the place for you. Choose to dip in any one of the outdoor or indoor pools and feel relaxed as the warm water soothes your body.

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3. Oylat Thermal Spring

Oylat Thermal Spring, Springs in Turkey
Image Courtesy: Pexels

Oylat Thermal Spring, another popular thermal spring amongst tourists, is situated at a distance of 30 kilometres from Bursa’s city centre. It is a bit difficult to reach here, but the scenery is worth it in comparison to that. The springs consist of a rich amalgamation of bicarbonate, iron, sulphur and hydrogen ions. Nevertheless, the water in the Oylat Thermal Spring in Bursa are therapeutic and crystal clear.

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4. Cekirge Thermal Spring

Cekirge Thermal Spring
Image Courtesy: Pexels

Cekirge Thermal Spring is another thermal spring in Bursa consisting of many therapeutic qualities. It is one of the famous thermal springs as it has been known to cure several rheumatic diseases. Did you know it is also known as ‘Silver Waters’ and are something that you should not at all miss when you are on a trip to Turkey? Additionally, Turkey is known to have famous hotels and resorts with popular hot springs in them.

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5. Cesme Thermal Spring

Cesme Thermal Spring, Springs in Turkey
Image Courtesy: Pexels

Cesme Thermal Spring is home to the most popular hot springs in Turkey. These thermal springs provide travellers with a pleasant climate and clean blue Aegean waters. Do you want to see and feel the Aegean sea to take in a breathtaking view? If yes, Cesme Thermal Spring is the place you ought to be. One of the best places which offer several hotels and resorts where you can enjoy a dip in the pools is Cesme.

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6. Gazligol Thermal Spring

Gazligol Thermal Spring
Image Courtesy: Pexels

Gazligol Thermal Spring is one of the most beautiful hot springs in Turkey and is located 22 kilometres away from Afyon City. The hot spring consists of various minerals rich in materials, such as sodium chloride, fluoride, sodium bicarbonate and bromide. The spring is renowned for curing kidney, skin and urinary tract diseases and making the metabolism work even better. If you want to enjoy one of Gazligol’s artificial thermal springs, visit its many well-known resorts and hotels.

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7. Ilgin Thermal Spring

Ilgin Thermal Spring, Springs in Turkey
Image Courtesy: Pexels

Ilgin Thermal Spring is situated in the Southern province of Konya, and it is a thermal spring that is rich in Calcium, Hydrocarbonate and Sodium. It has vast therapeutic properties and is the foremost choice as a cure for rheumatic, gynecologic, circulatory, digestive, dermatologic and several heart diseases. It is the best place if you want to engage in a spiritual as well as a physical healing session.

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Tips for your Turkey Holiday

  • Make sure to get vaccinated before travelling.
  • It is suggestible that you should research well before planning your itinerary.
  • Book an appropriate accommodation and learn a few popular Turkish words.
  • Use public transport or even carry an International adapter.
  • Dress according to the occasion and respect the culture.

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Frequently Asked Questions for your Turkey Vacation

How much money do I need to plan a tour to Turkey?

For a solo traveller, you need INR 64,782, for a couple, you need INR 10,5437, and for a family of 4, you need INR 78,482.

Can I drink tap water in Turkey?

Yes, you can always drink tap water in Turkey, but it is highly recommended to use bottled water during your stay.

Are Turkish people amiable?

Yes, Turkish people are amicable.

Is the cost of food expensive in Turkey?

In Turkey, the average cost of food ranges from INR 768 to more.

Is Turkey safe at night?

Yes, Turkey is safe for almost everyone at night.

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