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st marys island
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St.Mary Island: Hidden Treasure Close To Mangalore

St.Mary Island is especially known famously as the Gateway of Karnataka. It is the main port city of Mangalore but is not very heard of by the common public like its neighbouring cities. Why is it unheard of? It has only some simple beaches, museums, and temples so a traveller who is not heard of this place will not be interested in touring this city. While some people have heard of the city and its different wonderful attractions, people’s attention was drawn in by this gorgeous island close to Mangalore. We don’t blame you that you most likely haven’t heard of St. Mary island till you read this article. Keep reading to know more about why this is a treasured gem down south of India.

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St.Mary Island is nothing short of a secret gem positioned close to the coast of Malpe. You can not compare it to what Andaman island has to offer, but it still is worth visiting once in your lifetime. You are probably wondering why so? This one-stop guide on St. Mary’s island is perfect to know more about this beautiful island. This island has been hidden from the world for so long that it finally deserves to shine!

What You Should Know About St.Mary Island

St.Mary Island
Credits: Google Images

The treasure trove on an island is actually a collection of four little islands hovering in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Malpe. St.Mary’s Island is close to Mangalore. The island is alternatively called Coconut Island. Due to its proximity, it is an ideal destination to take a one-day trip from Mangalore. nature lovers especially fall in love with this city. As per a famous local story, this city was first found by Vasco De Gama in 1498, prior to him reaching Kozhikode.

Best Time To Visit On the Island

The most suitable time to visit St. Mary’s Island is starting from October till January. This is because the weather through these months is most enjoyable. Hence, making it convenient and more comfortable for tourists to unwind and spend time on the beaches. The weather allows you to have fun in the sun without getting burnt by the sun. The ferry ride from Malpe Beach goes to and fro starting at 9:30 AM and the last ferry ride is at 5:30 PM. This is also the St. Mary’s island timings to allow visitors. The island is said to be closed from June to September.

Places To Stay on the Island

St.Mary Island
Credits: Google Images

As beautiful as the St. Mary’s Island looks, it is completely abandoned. Hence, there are zero choices to stay on the island. But lately, so many tourists have been visiting the island and want to stay the night. Udupi is a suitable place to halt the night. Udupi is situated around 12 kilometres and 50 minutes away from the St. Mary’s Island. From Mangalore, the island can be reached in 55 kilometres and 1 hour 10 minutes. Hence, Udupi makes up for an ideal place with good accommodation options too.

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