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Written by Shamanthika on October 22, 2020 Share on

A Staycation in a 19th Century Fort Palace

A happy home is built by a happy family. And ours is full of beautiful smiles and oodles of love. Here is the story of how we decided to venture out and enjoy our Staycation at the Neemrana Tijar Fort Palace. After a hard day at work, I really love to spend some exclusive family time. This helps me restart the next day fresh. Isn’t that the best part of having a family? And, the Staycation experience at Neemrana Tijara Fort Palace gave us the much-needed rejuvenation. We enjoyed our staycation in Rajasthan to the fullest.

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Mom and me

Staycation To The Neemrana Tijara Fort Palace – Planning with Pickyourtrail

When I browsed through the Internet to plan a small family holiday, I came across Pickyourtrail’s staycation deal. After a brief chat with a travel expert at Pickyourtrail, I finalised and booked Fort Tijara for my family. All of us were super excited. After several months of lockdown, this holiday plan was the best thing that happened to us! Above all, I was so excited to enjoy the Staycation with my homies. . And, thus began our family Staycation story. Thanks to Pickyourtrail for helping us book the beautiful Mukesh Mahal at the Fort Tijara. They also ensured that the check-in process is hassle-free.

A picture with my wife

Anddddd, The day is here!?‍?‍?‍??

We were all set for our super Staycation. We checked into the resort the sunset and the Fort Tijara was lit. I’m not at all exaggerating here. The whole Fort looked so beautiful and we started feeling like the royal family as we entered it. My family appreciated me for this brilliant choice and what more can you expect? More than that, throughout our stay in Neemrana, we felt safe. Every place was sanitized at regular intervals and our rooms were squeaky clean too.?

Posing with my family

Next day, we roamed around the Fort and discovered its architectural excellence. Everything about the Fort Tijara was beautiful. The ambience, aesthetics, service, safety, hospitality and food, filled our hearts with memories. We stayed in the Fort for two days and enjoyed it to the core. With a heavy heart, we bid bye to the beautiful Fort Tijara.

We still miss you Mukesh Mahal!? – Mr. Kapish and Family

Get Packing!

When are you going to enjoy your family’s day out like our star traveller, Mr. Kapish? Are you ready to treat your family with such beautiful Staycation surprises? Do you wanna surprise your loved one? Plan a Mini-moon! Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your Staycation right away. Now you can connect with us via Whatsapp and craft your dream itinerary at ease.

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