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Pav Bhaji in Udaipur
Written by Kajani Shivam on June 18, 2020 Share on

5 Best Street Food in Udaipur – A plate full of happiness

Foodies, gear up! Its time to discover some street food in Udaipur. Udaipur is a city in Rajasthan and is loved for its culture and architecture. Interestingly, Rajasthan is also loved for its delicious Rajasthan Cuisine, one of the popular cuisines in India. From the heavenly Pav Bhaji to the sweetest Jalebi, you will find everything in the streets of Udaipur. Udaipur and everything about it won’t disappoint you for certain. Folks, get ready for some cravings! Well, if a 50 rupees plate street food can buy you happiness, why not chase it? Also, lets quickly find out the top 5 best street food in Udaipur.

Street food in Udaipur
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Top 5 Street Food in Udaipur – Let the cravings begin

Excited to find out the top 5 street food in Udaipur? Well, have a read… Also, make sure you never miss these places to taste the best street food in Udaipur on your vacation.

  • Paani Puri
  • Pav Bhaji
  • Jalebi
  • Falooda
  • Kulhad Coffee & Hari Mirch Chai Shot

1. Paani Puri

Paani Puri in Udaipur
Image Credits: Google Images

Tada! Is there any street food better than Paani Puri? Almost every Indian loves Paani Puri. It is stuffed with mashed potato, chilli flakes, tamarind juice, and served in crunchy small puri. Heavenly, right? Also, Udaipur offers the best of them. Reach Saanwariya to taste the best of Pani Puri. In addition, Saanariya is loved for its street food and you can get the tastiest Paani Puri there. Excited? Then, head out over there.

Address: Saanwariya, Ashok Nagar Main Road, Near TRI office.

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2. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji, one of the best street food in Udaipur
Image Credits: Google Images

Does Pav Bhaji need an introduction? Well, who doesn’t love Pav Bhaji? Everybody does, right? Pav Bhaji is definitely a delight among the best street food in Udaipur. Well, to taste the best, you need to reach the Pandit Pav Bhaji centre. Imagine a plate full of spicy bhaji with buttered Pav… Uff, out of words. In addition, you will also find the best Sandwich and Chowmein. Never miss tasting those too.

Address: Pandit Pav Bhaji, Opposite Town Hall main gate.

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3. Jalebi

Jalebi, one of the best street food in Udaipur
Image Credits: Google Images

Love Sweets? Well, love Jalebis? If yes, start your street food tour in Udaipur from Bhole Mishthan. Also, jalebis are fried in ghee and served hot here. Missed something? The cardamon used in the syrup is ecstasy. Well, I would advise you not to visit Bhole Mishtan if you are on a diet. Well, you won’t be able to resist.

Address: Bhole Mishthan, near Bapu Bazar.

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4. Falooda

Falooda in Udaipur
Image Credits: Google Images

Ice-cream, syrup along with vermicelli and sabja seeds. Well, you got it. Folks, its time for Falooda. After tasting all the yummy spicy dishes, feel like having a dessert? Reach to Sindhi Falooda Joint for a lovely Falooda! In addition, Falooda is very popular here and you better reach there on time to get the best Falloda. Also, it is available only in the evenings. Trust me, your tastebuds will dance in delight after tasting this Falooda. Also, never miss trying this which is one of the top 5 street food in Udaipur.

Address: Sindhi Falooda Joint, Ashok Nagar Main Road.

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5. Kulhad Coffee & Hari Mirch Chai Shot

Coffee in Udaipur
Image Credits: Google Images

Well, the list won’t be a complete one without Coffee and Chai, right? Try the frothy Kulhad Coffee served at Vinod Fast Food which will make you speechless. Filled up with chocolate sauce & chocolate powder, and overflowing out of the mud kulhad, this coffee is among the most famous street food in Udaipur. Also, if you are more of a chai person, then head to Chaifeteria. Well, you will find 16 amazing varieties of Chai. Cool, huh? Also, never miss the Hari Mirchi Chai Shot here. In addition, also taste a bite of Butter Cheese Maggi and Chocolate Nutella Bun.

Address: Hari Mirchi Chai Shot – Chaifeteria, Hitawala Complex – IInd, 1/A, Saheli Marg, Opposite Soni Hospital, Panchwati.

Address: Kulhad Coffee – Vinod Fast Food, Fatehsagar Lake.

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Never forget to taste these 5 best Street Food in Udaipur for a tasty experience. Once you reach Udaipur, you will find a lot more delicious, mouthwatering street food. Never miss tasting them. You will have your own travel stories and mouthwatering moments to share once you reach Udaipur. Its time to end your cravings by reaching to Udaipur. Start planning with Pickyourtrail for a seamless vacation. Reach Pickyourtrail website and find some cool travel packages to Rajasthan. First time to Udaipur? Well, not to worry, we have our App to guide you 24/7. So, get ready with your loved ones to travel and taste the best street food. Also, would you love to know more about Udaipur? In addition, follow this page for some interesting travel content. Happy cravings!!

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