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Winter in Sweden
Written by Punith Jain on November 14, 2022 Share on

Sweden in December: Where to go and What to do this Christmas!

Situated in the northern part of Europe, Sweden is a nature-lovers paradise. This stunning country is blessed with lush green landscapes, striking lakes, dense forests and majestic mountains. A trip to this winter wonderland of Sweden is an experience for a lifetime. This country attracts many tourists from all over the world, especially during the peak of December month. Sweden in December lights up differently and there is a continuous buzz across the streets during this month.

Sweden in December is the ideal choice if you are looking for an offbeat trip to Europe. Its promising snowy landscapes and the festive spirit is something to look out for. From Where to go and What to do, we’ve got it all sorted in the list given below.

Weather In Sweden In December

Christmas in Sweden
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Receiving around 6 hours of sunlight every day, Sweden in December is completely drenched in snow. It’s an ideal snowy destination for those who are looking for some fun-filled winter activities and cosy accommodation. The average weather in December ranges between -1.0°C and 3.0°C. Sweden receives a mix of both snow and rain during these winter months. The good thing about travelling to Sweden in winter is that the cities are quieter than usual, cheaper hotels deals and at night time you can have the streets only for yourself.

Top Things To Do in Sweden in December

Experience all the amazing things you can do in Sweden in the month of December. From sledging, skiing, to watching the Northern Lights dance in the sky, there are myriad experiences you must try!

Alpine Skiing

Alpine Skiing in Sweden
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Alpine Skiing is one of the most popular sports in Sweden. Stockholm is home to some fabulous winter resorts and is the best spot for beginners to start with. During Alpine Skiing, you will witness some of the most picturesque views from the top of the slope. Sälen, Idre Fjäll, Orsa Grönklitt, and Bjursås Säfsen are major ski destinations in the region of Dalarna. Besides the beautiful towns of Gislaved and Jönköping lies the famous Isaberg Mountain Resort, a world-class skiing resort for young adventurous travellers.

Northern Lights Tours

Northern Light camps in Sweden
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Swedish Lapland probably offers the best conditions on earth to witness the winter phenomenon of northern lights. The famous tour starts in Stockholm taking you north by overnight train to this Swedish winter wonderland. Experience the stunning Northern Lights from Abisko’s Aurora Sky Station in the dark wintery nights. You can also take part in winter activities like Snowmobile Safaris to spot moose, snowshoeing, helicopter flights and driving sportscar on ice. Nothing gets better than celebrating your Christmas eve surrounded by snow under the northern lights.

Kayaking On The Coast

Kayaking in Sweden in December
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Just imagine paddling into the sea between the islands wrapped in the snow. Wild sea kayaking at Sweden’s archipelago is probably once in a lifetime experience. Bohuslän, on the West Coast of Sweden, is well-known for hosting such experiences. There are many options for a self-guided sea kayaking tours here to choose from. The sparkling water with snow on both sides and a little sunshine is all you need to make your Kayaking experience a memorable one.

Top Attractions to Visit in Sweden in December

Now that you know what are some of the top things to do in Sweden, let’s find out the must-visit cities during your winter vacation to Sweden. You will find serene snow-kissed Swedish landscapes dotted with Christmas trees in here.


Lapland in december
Credits: Unsplash

Lapland is Finland’s northernmost region, a sparsely populated city with unique natural phenomenon. It’s popularly known for its immense subarctic wilderness, winter ski resorts, the midnight sun and the Northern Lights. Hosting the Santa Claus Village, there could not be a better place on this earth to celebrate your Christmas!

While spotting the Aurora Borealis is definitely a game of luck, you can increase your chance by visiting Abisko. A small village enveloped by mountains is the best place to relish the astonishing view of this unique phenomenon. Visit Jokkmokk to know more about the Sami culture and traditions. Reindeer Racing and shopping for handmade products sold by Sami people is a must.


Gothenburg city
Credits: Pixabay

Gothenburg, the second-largest city in Sweden is situated on the country’s west coast alongside the Göta älv river. An important seaport, this city is known for its Dutch-style canals and leafy boulevards like the Avenyn. This city is home to one-of-a-kind Christmas markets and Gothenburg’s markets are among the best in Nordics.

The most important place to visit in your itinerary is Liseberg, a popular amusement park with themed rides and a landscaped sculpture garden. You can witness several lively performances like a version of Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ on ice and many others. However, if you are looking for a serene and an offbeat place, head to the islands of Branno and Galtero to witness the mesmerizing beauty of nature.


Ystad city
Credits: Pixabay

Ystad is a medieval town in Skane county on Sweden’s southern coast. Very famous among the locals and international tourists, this town centre features cobblestone streets, traditional cottages and half-timbered houses. Henning Mankell mentions this excellent town several times in “Wallander novels”.

Ystad Studios Visitor Centre, mysterious Ales Stenar and the 13th-century abbey are among the most recognizable landmarks to visit during your trip to Sweden in December. You can also take a quick stroll to some of the beautiful museums, local markets, cafes and bars around Ystad. Finally visit Ystad to relish the splendid vistas of the Baltic Sea and hilly landscape.

A unique mix of urban beauty, delicious food, snowy landscapes, exotic culture and rich heritage, Sweden in December is surely fascinating and beautiful. Make sure you plan your Swedish vacation with our experts at Pickyourtrail to ensure the best guidance for your Scandinavian adventure. You can also explore our crowd favourite Sweden packages to take inspiration from. And oh! Don’t forget to load up your winter wear, you will surely need them, loads of them! Stop romanticizing, Start booking!

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