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Switzerland in June
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Switzerland in June: An Ecstatic experience.

Switzerland, the dreamland of many have always enthralled the people visiting this beautiful country around the year. But the question that many have are still unanswered is When is the best time to visit Switzerland? Switzerland welcomes its visitors all around the year, and every month has a different experience to offer its visitors. A different atmosphere, a different scenario, catering to a wide range of activities. So the best time for you to Visit Switzerland will depend on what kind of activities and experiences you want to indulge in. However, one of our crowd favourites is to visit Switzerland in June, irrespective of what kind of experiences you want to partake in. Read on to understand why we suggest you visit Switzerland in June. 

View of Snow capped mountains
Image Source: Pixabay

Weather in Switzerland in June 

  • Average Temperature – 19-degree celsius 
  • The temperature also can go as low as 11-degree Celsius and highest 23-degree Celsius. 
  • Moderate rainfall – 137-173 mm
  • Maximum time between Sunrise and Sunset – 12 hours

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Reasons for Visiting Switzerland in June 

Firstly, June being a shoulder-season doesn’t see a lot of visitors. This is one of many reasons why we suggest you visit Switzerland in June. June is when you get to enjoy the beautiful warm weather without having to worry about the huge number of tourists. But for folks who definitely want to ski, winter is surely the best time for you; between the months of December and March. 

4 Places to Visit in Switzerland in June

Confused what are the places to visit in Switzerland? Here is a list of places that can help you decide what to visit during your Switzerland trip. 

1. Zurich

Land of serene lakes and beautiful churches, Zurich is one of the most visited places when you Visit Switzerland in June. Don’t forget to miss out the Mühlesteg Bridge, one of the most romantic places in Zurich. You can make a wish at this spot which is decorated with numerous padlocks. 

Other places to Visit in Zurich:

  • Lake Zurich 
  • Swiss National Museum 
  • St. Peter Church 
  • Grossmunster Church
Lion Monument of Lucerne
Image Source: Pixabay

2. Lucern

Known for its medieval architecture, Lucern is popularly known as the gateway city to Switzerland. You will find a lot of places for food culture and shopping spots that will keep you entertained throughout the day. The lovely city of Lucern needs to be added in your trip to Switzerland in June. Don’t forget to try some of these famous dishes in Lucerne.

Other places to visit in Lucerne: 

  • Lion Monument 
  • Chapel Bridge
  • Swiss Museum of Transport. 
  • For the food lovers- Do visit the famous Geissmatt and Grottino 1313 restaurants. 
Boating on Swiss Lake
Image Source: Pixabay

3. Interlaken

Switzerland’s adventure capital is the place to be for all the adventure buffs. There are numerous exciting things to do in Interlaken that are a must-do. You can indulge in a hiking session to witness the beauty of the city or try the funicular ride. Don’t forget to add this marvellous city to your trip to Switzerland in June. 

Interlaken Lake
Image Source: Unsplash

4. Geneva

If June Switzerland vacation is on the cards for you, then Geneva is a city you should definitely visit on your vacation in Switzerland in June. This second-most populous city in Switzerland attracts numerous tourists around the year. Known for its ancient museums, amazing hiking paths, cruises in the lakes, people from across the globe flock to Geneva for a memorable vacation. 

Other places to visit in Geneva: 

  • Art and History Museum
  • International Museum Of The Reformation. 
  • Museum Of Modern And Contemporary Art
  • Art and History museum 
  • Ariana Museum 
  • Lake Geneva
Geneva Cityscape
Image Source: Pixabay

5 Things to do in Switzerland in June 

With winters just around the corner, June is a preferred time for hiking and trekking. With most tourists gone, prices dropping down, you literally have the entire place to yourself to indulge in numerous activities. Here are a few things we recommend you try during your Switzerland trip. 

1. Hiking

This is the time for your trekking and hiking expeditions in Switzerland, with almost no slippery snow. Enthusiasts hike as high as 2000 metes above sea level as the conditions are very favourable. You will get to witness some excellent views of the inaccessible ice-capped peaks. This is definitely one of the best activity to do in Switzerland in June if you are in pursuit of a real adventure! 

Aerial view of Swiss Village
Image Source: Unsplash

2. Lakes

With numerous lakes for you to explain, you will find families and friends taking picnics around these beautiful surroundings. You surely should not miss visiting the lakes for reasons many like the location they are located, their geographical location and above all, the lake themselves. 

Lakes to not miss in Switzerland

  • Lake Maggiore 
  • Lake Lugano.

3. Cable Cars And Cogwheel Trains

The Swiss cable trains is surely a dream for every Swiss visitor. The cogwheel rides and cable cars will be closed in winter due to the snow situation. In June, these attractions start operating again and giving you the opportunity to witness the beautiful sights of Switzerland, from high up in the sky. 

Cogwheel ride is yet another spectacular attraction people love visiting in Switzerland in June. But be wary of the steep ones as some might find it difficult to keep their head straight, and can have some dizzy spells. 

Scenic train ride in Switzerland
Image Source: Unsplash

4. Pass Roads

The scenic pass roads open up as the spring arrives. Accessing places on the other side of pass roads becomes easier for all visitors. You can buy the Swiss Travel Pass to explore these scenic routes. 

5. Swimming And Sunbathing

Come summer and spring, its time for some outdoor activities. The weather turns pleasant and the places come to life. At this crossroads of seasons, Zurich provides you with good chances to enjoy in the sunshine. Go up the bank of Zurich’s rivers, or Lake Zurich, you can enjoy swimming in them or just laze around in the banks to sunbathe. There are more than 40 swimming areas in Zurich which include rivers, lakes and artificial outdoor pools. 

Here is a short list of things you can pack for your vacation to Switzerland in June. 

  • Hats for the hikes and treks
  • Short and Long Sleeve shirts 
  • Water-resistant boots or shoes
  • Wet weather gear 
  • Over pants for the rain
  • Pants with zip-off legs, preferably to adapt to the weather
  • Fleece clothing
  • Umbrella
Cable Car ride in Switzerland
Image Source: Unsplash

So, these are our suggestions for your vacation to Switzerland. We hope we were able to help you with the argument of when is the best time to visit Switzerland. Undoubtedly, Switzerland in June is a good time and we hope you are able to enjoy the beautiful country to the fullest. You can also check our Switzerland packages or Switzerland honeymoon packages to take inspiration from. Happy Holidays from everyone at Pickyourtrail!


What are the famous places in Switzerland?

Zermatt, the picturesque village at the foot of the impressive Matterhorn, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland. Chillon Castle, Rhine Falls, Mount Pilatus, Chapel Bridgeare some of the must visit places of Switzerland.

What are some of the unique foods of Switzerland ?

Fondue, Leeks with potatoes and sausage (Papet Vaudois), Rosti, Valaisanne-style, Basel-style roasted flour soup, Raclette, Polenta and braised beef, Zurich-style ragout of veal and mushroom (Zurcher geschnetzeltes), Tartiflette are unique and authentic to the region.

What are some souvenirs to buy in Switzerland ?

Swiss army knives, raclette maker, keychains, swiss chocolates, Heidi books, watches and music boxes are some of the best gifts to buy in Switzerland.

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