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Temple of Hephaestus In Athens

Like the Night’s Watch, the Temple of Hephaestus is located on a hill overlooking the ancient Agora. According to Greek mythology, the God of Fire and Volcanoes, Hephaestus was a master of all crafts. He is equivalent to Vulcan (The Roman God of Fire). The long-serving Greek Civilization’s might was down to the discovery of weapons by Hephaestus himself. Branded as one of the classic Greek Temples, the Temple of Hephaestus was made of marble extensively. The sculptures donned from Parian Marble. Yes, that’s right. Greece produces almost 7% of the world’s marble. Dedicated to Theseus, a hero and the King of Athens, the temple was built in 449 BC. The marvel remains unscathed by the harsh retaliation from nature. The columns, sediments, and roof almost remain intact, making this place one of the best-preserved in Greece. Let’s dive right into it!

Temple of Hephaestus, Athens temple
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History of the temple

On the eastern side of the temple, on the frieze, there are carvings depicting a battle of Theseus with the Pallantides and the Labors of Hercules. There is also a frieze depicting visualizations from the Trojan war depicting the Fall of Troy on the west. The long-standing marvel which has seen civilizations pass by has served as a temple, a church (during the 7th Century) and as a museum (during the 18th century).

Myth and mystery

Temple of Hephaestus, Athens temple, Athens history
Source: Google Images

Who wouldn’t like stories, let me tell you the story behind this temple. Hephaestus considered as the Greek god of volcanoes and metalworking, According to Greek mythology, god never does manual labour and since then he was the only Olympian god who was physically imperfect. This reason led him to perform manual labour. It is said that he worked as a blacksmith and this temple was dedicated to his contribution to the weapon arsenal. Apart from him, the temple is also dedicated to the city’s patron goddess, Athena Ergane. She was responsible for pottery and other crafts.

When to go?

Want to know the best time to start packing? Greece is located in the Mediterranean region and would experience warm and dry summers and cold and rainy winters. The best time to have a good overall experience would be from June to September. A culture rich, fun-filled and carefree destination awaits you. Would you say no? But yes I got to remind you of one thing. Never greet someone waving open hands in public. Such a gesture is never tolerated and is deemed disrespectful by the local people. Keep your hand closed when you wave and the people would be pleasingly hospitable.

To conclude

If you ever want to enjoy the good old classical vibe and a carefree atmosphere at the same time, then this is your destination. This city is a relishing blend of both. This place amazes you with the amount of detailing behind all their work. Want to know more about the destination? We at Pickyourtrail help travellers with customizable itineraries. Check out the Greece tour packages at our website.

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