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Temples in Assam
Written by Shanmugam on November 3, 2022 Share on

Top 6 Temples you should visit in Assam for a spiritual awakening

The state of Assam is known for its diverse biodiversity, majestic tea gardens, Muga silk, oil, and petroleum. The state is blessed with the Brahmaputra river, one of the main sources of life for this quaint place. The river catering to the food and water necessities of the Assamese while creating picturesque landscapes to behold. The gateway of North East India, Assam attracts a lot of tourists for its lush green tea plantations, rich wildlife, stunning waterfalls, and historical sites, the Northeast is a paradise to be in. But, what is often left unacknowledged are the incredible spiritual awakening top temples in Assam that prove that the state is the most shining gem amongst all the sisters. From getting you to experience all the age-old temples to letting you discover a new side of yourself, Assam offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Here are the top 6 temples you should visit in Assam for a spiritual awakening.

temples in Assam
Image credit by Nirmal Deka Boruah

Assam is a quaint city located on the banks of river Brahmaputra, rich in historical significance and proudly boasts of many temples, religious shrines, stone carvings, traditional festivals, cave and much more. Assam and the places near it are extraordinary in terms of beauty and the historical lineage they carry which is why it is ideal for every traveller and explorer to explore all the awesome places near Assam. You can go for a picnic as it will be a good way to connect with the natural surroundings and the traditions and essence of Assam whilst you relax and chill!

So, if you’re thinking of taking a religious and spiritual trip anytime soon, here’s a myriad of options you can handpick to amp up your experience. Here are the most prominent religious hotspots and temples in Assam that you must include in your wishlist.


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Top 6 temples and religious shrines in Assam 20203

1. Asvakranta Temple

Asvakranta Temple
Image credit by Amita Sharma

One of the significant temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Asvakranta Temple is located at Guwahati in Assam. Asvakranta temple is one of the popular temples in Assam and there is a common myth that those who commit sins can attain salvation upon their visit to the temple. The temple depicts the statue of Anantasayin Vishnu. The temple has so much history and one of the common things which people believe even now is that Lord Krishna paused with his army here while going to fight Narakasura. The temple also features a dedicated Lord Brahma statue seated on a lotus. Asvakranta Temple is well known for its ancient wall cravings, statue and renowned for its scenic beauty

2. Kamakhya Temple

Kamakhya Temple
Image credit by (Tapestry) kaushik

The temple is blessed with the Brahmaputra river flowing right beside this temple turns sheer red during the Hindu month of Ashad. Kamakhya Devi Temple celebrated by people of Assam because the temple is known to house the mythical womb as well as the vagina of the Goddess Shakti.
you can witness this beautiful and tranquil temple on your way to Guwahati. The temple even now follows some rules such as restricting women’s entry during periods.

3. Sukreswar Temple

The temple is located on the top of Sukreswar hill, where the southern bank of the river Brahmaputra passes through. This dedicated lord shiva temple in Assam was established in the 18th century, the temple is said to possess the biggest lingam among all temples. The temple has an interesting fact that the renowned sage, Sukra, had his ashrama on the hillock, where the temple is located. The beautiful architecture of the Sukreswar Temple was constructed in the 18th century during the reign of Ahom dynasty.

4. Bageswari Temple

Bageshwari Temple is blessed with abundant natural beauty, age-old sculpture, lush green garden, and unadulterated surroundings. The temple is located in the Bongaigaon district of Assam. The temple pulls tourist from all around the world for the fact that the Trishul with which Devi Durga’s body was cut into halves, was found here. It is a popular temple with lots of mythological importance. The temple features an ancient stone cave that has a Lord shiva’s statue inside it.

Bageswari Temple
Image credit by Kaushik

5. Lalmati Duramari Ganesh Temple

Lalmati Duramari Ganesh Temple is one of the best temples located in the Abhayapuri district. It is one of the oldest temples in Assam and marked for its natural beauty and historical ruins. The temple consists of three different sections from which you can witness a spectacular view of the district and also these 3 points will you the reason behind the destruction of the Lalmati-Duramari Ganesh Temple.

6. Devi Dol Temple

Located at Gaurisagar in Assam, near Sivasagar, the Dol Govind Temple is one of the popular temples in Assam. The temple is the main idol is Goddess Durga and dedicated to the women’s power and worships. Apart from the religious importance and spiritual enrichment, people from all around the world visit the temple for its impressive architectural designs and beautiful sculptural features. It is among the historical temples in Assam and has a lot to unfold. Over the past three hundred years, the temple celebrates Shakti Puja with great pomp and enthusiasm and is a wondrous sight to look at. The deity of Devi Dol seems to resemble the deity of Sib Dol at the Sibsagar, as far as the style is concerned. Moreover, both the interior and the exterior of the temple have a lot to offer, too, to the devotees.

This beautiful and spiritual awakening paradise in Assam is a perfect place to have the best temple tour experience in the world. Assam is one of the most extraordinary locations with lots of temples and should be experienced with your partner and loved ones. Book your Assam spiritual tour through Pickyourtrail to enjoy a hassle-free vacation. 


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