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Take a virtual tour of the Venetian Macao with Payal

Since my childhood, I have dreamt about a plenty of things. Marrying the most beautiful person inside & out, flaunting the best outfits, and going on an extensive trip around the world. Amongst all these, travel is the one thing I have always wanted to do. Andddd, the journey has begun now!

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The dream is real. Yes, I have started travelling the world. Just seeing the new stamp on my passport makes me really excited and I am at a loss of words to express that feeling.

Look at that giggle and you will understand.

There’s also a big reason behind that giggle. It has only been three months since I got married. I am now in the ‘Happy Bride’ state. Interestingly, every year during the month of October, my husband has an entirely free one-week. Newly married, what more reason do we want? We quickly planned a trip to Macau.

The land of entertainment, Macau is a destination everyone wants to visit at least once in their lifetime. While just thinking about the destination is enough to paint a wonderful picture in the head, the pictures are even more beautiful.

At Macau, we stopped at ‘The Venetian Macao’. Incredibly popular, the luxury stop is a dream destination for shopping enthusiasts and gamblers. We were booked for a two-days’ stay here. I must say, we were really impressed with the stay. It was perfect and the ambience was very pleasing.

Here’s a tour of our stay.

Coming to the food, if you are an Indian who is also a vegetarian then ‘The Golden Peacock’ will fit your interests perfectly. The restaurant has a buffet arrangement and the flavour is just amazing. You get the best Indian food here and it will definitely make you fall for it.

Enjoying the trip with me? I bet you are! And, I know what you guys are thinking. Isn’t ‘The Venetian Macao’ a fairyland. Yes, it is. I even had to pinch myself every once in a while to come back to realization. The entire experience was like being in a dream only more beautiful. Honestly, I haven’t seen a place this beautiful before.

A major tip that I want to share before you go is to invest in a nice pair of shoes because you will have to do a lot of walking. The more comfortable your shoes are, the more stores you can explore. 😉

Image credit – Fashionfoodandtravel

When you are done with shopping and are looking for a place to relax? Take a trip to the casino and try your hands at gambling. Yes, I tried my hands at gambling and believe me, it was so much fun. But, do not get addicted. Do it within your limits.

Image credit – Fashionfoodandtravel

And, when you are there gambling, please refrain from clicking photos. It is not allowed.

Forever in our memories, this is how our days in Macau unwinded and the thinking about the beautiful days makes us want to go on a trip again. Take a trip now and feel the place for yourselves.

Catch you in my next travel story.


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In simple words, m a girl from small town?. Crazy about food? and fashion? and travel✈️. Sure I don’t have a perfect figure but love my curves and wear what I love. She blogs at the Fashionfoodandtravel.

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