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5 day Finland itinerary
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The Perfect 5 Day Finland itinerary for a Fabulous Vacation

Here’s another from our #BestPriceChallenge series – this time, Finland! Celebrate Christmas the Finland way. For once let your Christmas actually be white. Follow our Fabulous Finland itinerary, get to know things to do in finland in October & November and see how this will be your best vacation ever. And we are saving the best for last, at the end of the itinerary! ~

Let’s go Christmas planning!


Finland Tour Package @ ₹51,697*


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You have made it to Finland, yaay. Despite the urge to give rest a rain-check and check out the great outdoors, we insist you get exploring your resort first. Head into your private Glass Igloo in the Kakslauttanen Igloo West Village, views of the Finland outdoors and skyline are literally at your beck and call! Gasp as the sun sets, and stars start to align the sky. A room with a view, this one. Exercise restraint, though, and get some sleep. We need you prepped and full of energy for tomorrow.


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Fun starts today. Sit back, gear up and ready to ride through the Lapland wilderness on your snowmobile. Be exhilarated as your mobile gushes through the snow – passing by breathtaking landscapes of frozen lakes, majestic snow-peaked mountains. The journey will lead you to Kilpisjärvi – proclaimed as the region that resonates of the local Sámi culture.

After that day of dashing through the snow, retire back to your very own glass cave and hope to catch the Aurora Borealis riding the northern sky. Settle into your winter’s best with some warm food to keep you company as you anticipate the Northern lights. Another place where the Arctic Princess makes an appearance is Iceland, you can read an Icelandic Northern Lights experience here!


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Now that you have dashed through the snow, all you need is a sleigh ride to complete the Jingle Bells  prophecy. Lucky for you, right by Kakslauttanen are two big husky farms – and they come with sleds, too! Ride the huskies led sled across the barren Finland terrain. Looking for a more majestic guide? You can hop onto a reindeer led sled and conquer the snowy terrains – somewhat. Back to your igloo home base, reignite once more that quest for the Northern Lights. Gazing up at the dark sky, hot cocoa in hand, you are set.


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Begin your day with a little body pampering. All these days of chilly weather – your body deserves a little indulgence. So, head to the Sauna and let the heat envelope you – calm your nerves, unwind and destress. The famous Finnish Smoke Sauna is said to work wonderful benefits on you – mentally and physically. Talking of warm baths, check out this hot water beach in New Zealand!

After all this unwinding, how does a visiting the Father of Christmas sound? The Santa Claus Village at Rovaniemi in Lapland is your Christmas wonderland. Meet Santa Claus – he has an office to himself, yes; maybe post a letter to your friends or family – it will be sent on Christmas addressed from Santa himself! The main building – also called Christmas House – is your gateway to everything about Finland Christmas.

A meet and greet with Santa can be best followed up only by a hearty meal and maybe a hot drink at the Ice Bar. After this, resume your Northern Light romance from the cozy igloo or out there in the wild Finland outdoors.


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Farewell is here. Post a hearty breakfast, say your goodbyes to your igloo home. Aboard a flight from Ivalo Airport to Helsinki, relive all those magical moments in Lapland. A transfer to your hotel in Helsinki leaves you with an entire evening at leisure. Check out its happening nightlife, take a stroll and visit the spectacle that is the Sibelius Monument – spend this night in reminisce. But, don’t fret, you will be back again – soon!

“Take me on this trip!”

Sure, no problemo, amigo. Best Price Challenge starts at Rs.1,80,000 p.p!

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