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The Venice Carnival 2020: Festival Highlights & Dates

The Venice Carnival is nothing lesser than a grand celebration, held yearly in the Italian city. This 2-week-long celebration is about parades, shows, markets, and obviously the luxurious Venetian masks. This is the point at which the entire town gets into the bubbly state of mind and celebrate like there is no tomorrow. Venice Carnival is a must-have bucket list on your travel to Italy.

The lavish Venice Carnival celebration is a legacy that started around the 13th century. Even though some time ago a boycott was forced on masks and the carnival, during the Austrian conquest in 1798, the festival was brought in 1979. It accomplished, in fact, fill in as an impetus for the travel industry, and furthermore allowed to give a new beginning to the festival as a great many people had disregarded the custom. Today, the Venice Festival of covers continues for good fourteen days with many free occasions that are open for people in general. 

Here’s quick info information on the 2020 Venice carnival dates. The Venice Carnival 2020 will start from Saturday, 8 Feb 2020 and will finish up on Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020.

Venice Carnival 2020 Events And Highlights 

Nightlife at the Venice Carnival
Image Credits: Unsplash

Here’s a list of all the top activities and see at the carnival. Additionally, be it the Venice carnival veils, other activities or the great competitions and exhibitions in the city, we bet it will overwhelm you. 

  • Venetian Mask Competition: A Cultural Extravaganza 
  • Ice Skating: For A Fun-Filled Experience 
  • Fabulous Masquerade Balls: The Essence Of The Carnival 
  • Traditional Concert: A Musical Treat 
  • Disguise Pub Crawl: A Bar Hopping Experience 
  • Road Performances: The Most Happening Spot 
  • Private Event: Spend Some Time Together 

Activities During Venice Carnival 

If You were thinking about what to do in Venice during the carnival, here is the answer! Venice Carnival is a critical issue, and there is an assortment of energizing things that you can do during this time. Here are probably the most popular activities during the Venice Carnival: 

  • Festival Pub Crawling: To Enjoy The Vibe 
  • Best Mask Contest
  • Outfit Contest: Flaunt Your Costume 
  • Frittelle: Taste Fried Doughnuts 

1. Festival Pub Crawling: To Enjoy The Vibe 

The Masked Balls that are held is the highlight of the event but is a little on an expensive note. As an alternative, Costume Pub Crawl is a less expensive and interesting option. Search for different Pubs with your companions during this festival in Venice 2020 to benefit as much as possible from your visit. The festival is full of cheerful mindset and distinct pubbing experience. 

2. The Mask Contest: The Focus Of The Carnival 

Mask contest at Venice Carnival
Image Credits: Unsplash

This is the official veil celebration in Venice, and if you are going to it, you should take an interest as well. There’s a day by day pole challenge composed at Piazza San Marco to locate the best cover. Also, think about what the passage is totally free. So ensure you don’t miss it. Likewise, be there to detect an assortment of intriguing covers worn by individuals. 

3. Ensemble Contest: Flaunt Your Costume 

This Venetian festival has a great deal to do with the costumes. The convention goes back to the fifth century. Curiously, the whole group is arranged around the veil one is wearing. What’s more, similar to we said before, if you are here to the festival, ensure you take part as well. Display some extravagant ensembles since this is your brilliant opportunity to do as such. 

4. Frittelle: Taste Fried Doughnuts 

Food is a fundamental piece of any celebration festivity, and on the off chance that it is a carnival, its absolutely impossible to miss it. One of the most loved nourishments during the Venice festival is frittelle. You need to attempt this heavenly singed doughnut to dig into the genuine soul of this celebration. 

Reasons To Visit Venice Carnival 2020 

Venice Carnival
Image Credits: Unsplash

There are probably the best reasons that you’ll undoubtedly discover sufficiently substantial to go to the celebrated Venice Carnival celebration in 2020. Look at them! 

  • The lanes are lively, and the entire place is humming with pleasant vibes. 
  • You get the opportunity to evaluate a portion of the one of a kind veils that are the original images of this celebration. The Venetian covers are well known all around the globe, and wearing one of them will be an exceptional encounter. 
  • Probably the best feature, Grand Masked Ball that is sorted out in a luxurious royal residence. This is the place you’ll get the chance to see the absolute most wonder striking outfits just as covers, and you’ll have the option to watch the pith of the entire festival. 
  • You can even watch the great Zombie Walk, which is viewed as outstanding amongst other Venice Carnival occasions. Be a piece of the night gathering and relish a portion of the newly blended lagers and great Italian wines. 

What To Wear At Venice Carnival 

Costumes at Venice Carnival
Image Credits: Unsplash

Another interesting thing about the Venice Carnival is that you can wear what you need, paying little heed to how straightforward or lavish it is. The Venetian veils are in every case beautiful to add on to the clothing you don’t mind, yet on the off chance that you’d preferably be a spectator, just pack some formal or casuals. If you alter your perspective, notwithstanding, and wish to change to something terrific, there will consistently be looks for Tabarro (voluminous shroud) and veils. 

Venice Carnival Fees 

You don’t have to pay a particular entry fee for the Venice Carnival 2020, or any year. There would be a few events that will require a fee, yet you are in every case allowed to pick whether you need to join in or not. There will be numerous occasions and shows which will have free passage. You can likewise decide to purchase bundles that let you investigate the best of the celebration during your remain.

Thus, there are no second thoughts about when might be the best time for planning a Vacation to Venice! If you are keen on going to Venice Carnival 2020, plan your Vacation to Venice today and head out for this spectacle with your friends and family. Log on to Pickyourtrail and start planing your Itinerary ahead!

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