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Theme parks in Istanbul
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10 Best Theme Parks In Turkey for a Fun Rollercoaster with Family!

Turkey is a fantastic place for all those who young at heart. Discover some extraordinary and fantastic theme parks that Turkey has got for its tourists. Turkey is a Magnificent country and is the best place to visit during vacation. So, grab your bathing suit to make a splash in a super slide or ride in a few of Turkey’s most thrilling roller coasters. It provides you with a unique opportunity to have a laugh or two with entirely new people and interact with each other in an environment dedicated to fun, besides the shared experience that it offers. Right from roller coasters to twisted colossus and other fast rides in the theme parks have something fascinating for everyone. Taking a trip to an amusement park with your family and friends creates a unique adventure experience and memories Here’s a list of some top theme parks in Turkey.

10 Best Themes Parks In Turkey

The theme parks are absolute best if you love the thrill that comes with them. Following are the most famous theme parks of Turkey that should be on your bucket list:

  • Istanbul Aquarium
  • Adaland Aquapark
  • Sazova Park
  • Vialand Theme Park
  • The Land of Legends Theme Park
  • Miniaturk
  • ViaSea Theme Park
  • Tema World
  • Moi Park
  • Atlantis Marmaris Waterpark

1. Istanbul Aquarium

Istanbul Aquarium in Turkey
Image Credits: Google Images

Istanbul Aquarium in Turkey is a public aquarium. Officially it is a part of World Association of Zoos and Aquariums. This is one of the biggest thematic aquarium of the World Istanbul Akvaryum and is the only place where you can spot fish species living in the world’s seas with the size of its travel route. The theme park boasts a variety of fish species along with a souvenir shop. There’s also one eatery offering the ocean view on one side and the Panama Canal view on the other which you can visit with an Istanbul tour package by Pickyourtrail.


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2. Adaland Aquapark

Adaland Aquapark is a Family-friendly water park featuring slides, pools & rafting rides, plus swimming with dolphins. The universe of tremendous excitement, fun, fervour and lavish greenery is 80 km far from Izmir. Also, it is the only place where you can do rafting in Kusadasi. You and your family will be thrilled by the heart-pounding rides waiting here for you!

3. Sazova Park

Sazova Park in Turkey
Image Credits: Google Images

Sazova Park is one of the best parks in Eskisehir. It is filled with many things to see and do. Also, there are many attractions and a zoo for children. It is spacious, very clean and a wonder to behold in the heart of Eskisehir.

4. Vialand Theme Park

Vialand Theme Park
Image Credits: Google Images

The theme park is featuring amusement rides for all ages & a shopping centre with dining & entertainment. This is one of the best theme parks in located in Eyup, at the golden horn region of Istanbul. Vialand is also one of the best things in Istanbul, especially for kids and families. It covers an area of about 100 soccer area.

5. The Land of Legends Theme Park

This magnificently styled park is really huge. It has more than 40 thrilling slides, a specially-designed kids play area, pools, a 5D theatre, shopping centre, and several restaurants, bistro, and lounges. It is a high water adventure Sun and fun mix perfectly with water. Feel the rush of waterslides and rides here in The Land of Legends Theme Park. Don’t miss u to visit this theme park to have a great time with your children!

6. Miniaturk

Miniaturk in Istanbul
Image Credits: Google Images

This world’s biggest miniature park in Istanbul features 114 models of mini architectural gems and iconic monuments from Turkey as well as from other countries. It is a park that displays all of them as pieces of artwork so you can see all the details and have a closer look from above. It is situated at the north-eastern shore of Golden Horn in Istanbul, Turkey.

7. ViaSea Theme Park

This famous theme Park consists of 28 exciting rides, such as the remarkable Red Fire which is considered one of the most thrilling roller coasters of the world. Further, this spot has a climate-themed aquarium, movie cinema, game centre offering 74 different types of game to suit everyone’s desires, and a shopping mall which has 152 stores.

8. Tema World

Tema World theme park has the spirit of fun blended with street entertainment, the state of art aesthetics and yearlong festivities. The Park includes development flats and Shopping centre. The theme park is really huge to give all its visitors unlimited entertainment. The disabled-friendly playgrounds make it one of the best theme parks in Turkey.

9. Moi Park

This theme park in Turkey is known as the entertainment hotspot and has an indoor setting with a colourful ambience. It offers a day full of fun activities for people of all age groups. On the top floor, you will find the swings and toys for children, and on the lower level, there are some sections for ten years and also for older people.

10. Atlantis Marmaris Waterpark

This famous theme park in Turkey is kid-friendly and has numerous locals who visit regularly. Located at the backdrop of spectacular Marmaris beach with clear turquoise waters, the theme park has many rides, slides, pools, and adventure activities. This is the perfect spot if you are looking for a family holiday.

Theme parks are considered to be one of the most exciting places to be, for both children and adults. If you yearn to return to your childhood, then you can hit any of these theme parks in Turkey to have a fun-filled day. I’m sure you would be able to choose the best out of all of these options and have a dedicated day to have fun. Reasons outnumbered for you to kick-start your bookings with your family to this vibrant country. This will definitely be a delightful experience for you filled with adventure, luxury and tasteful experiences.

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