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Things not to miss in Ladakh
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Things not to miss in Ladakh: Significant things to do in your vacation

Ladakh is a beautiful place that strikes a perfect balance between natural life and soul searching vibes. Also, the land has diverse traditions and cultures. The entire Ladakh has so many quaint towns and districts that are perfect for a relaxing vacation. This hilly region in Jammu and Kashmir gives you the eye stunning landscapes that you will never forget in life. Also, a road trip to Ladakh is something you should do at least once in your life. It gives you a thrilling and amazing experience for sure. You can see a lot of massive mountains crowned by snows alongside. The entire place is not just about eye-catching mountains and scenic roads but also has some astounding lakes & rivers. Moreover, these lakes and rivers are the main resources for the smaller rivers that flow throughout India. Also, these rivers and lakes are best for freshwater rafting and best for swimming during summer. If you take Ladakh, there are so many things to see and experience. There are few things not to miss in Ladakh trip. Here is a list of Pickyourtrail’s top recommended things not to miss in Ladakh.

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Best Things not to miss In Ladakh

Situated at the tip of the Indian border, Ladakh trips have to be planned well in advance. There are so many places and things to do in Ladakh. what you think important may not be the most significant things in Ladakh. To make the most out of this here is a complete list that will help you plan a vacation in a better way. There could be many questions popping in your mind. If you want better clarity and proper planning of your Ladakh vacation, reach out to our travel experts for suggestions. Get ready to witness the best of Ladakh and things not to miss in Ladakh to have a fascinating and amazing domestic vacation.

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1.Hemis Festival – Unquie gathering

Hemis Festival is one of the most colourful and mesmerizing festivals that happen in the month of July. This colourful festival is one of the top things to do in Ladakh trip. Get ready to see the traditional Llamas performing the picturesque Champs. This traditional dance is performed by the locals in Hemis monastery. Also, people while they dance, they wear a mask which symbolises good winning over the bad. People from all over the Ladakh come to this festival and they celebrate it together every year. It is so blissful to attend this Hemis Festival or Festival of dance

Things not to miss in Ladakh
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2.Hemis National Park – Spot the majestic Snow Leopard

Ever thought you can see one of the rare species called the snow leopard in India? A national park in Ladakh called as the Hemis National park is famous for its snow leopard. Also the national in Ladakh has not just 1 snow leopard, there are close to 200 snow leopards. A trip to this national park will be really amazing and you can see this unique leopard only in Hemis. Hemis snow leopard safari is truly amazing and it is best to visit during summer.

Things not to miss in Ladakh
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3. Hunder – Bactrian Camel Safari

Ladakh has so many surprises for you. Right from breathtaking mountain treks to tranquil lakes you have so much to in Ladakh. Even these might make you feel like boring. But Ladakh offers you another exciting activity just like the Hemis national park. Bactrian camel rides are an integral part of recent Ladakh and northeast vacation. People love going on this A ride on the double-humped camel safari. It is one of the most important things to do in Ladakh. You will be going on a safari that covers breathtaking beautiful Shyok and Nubra River. This camel ride was once a mode of transport for ancient traders.

Bactrian Camel Safari
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4.Khardungla Pass – Visit Highest Cafeteria In The World

Almost every bachelor’s and hosteler’s life jacket is Maggie. Maggie comes to the rescue when you need to fill your tummy in 2minutes. Even this point in Ladakh comes to the rescue and fill the tummies of all the bike riders. Popularly called the maggie point by the locals, it is one of the highest cafeteria points in the world. Bikers and people who go on a road trip will stop at this point to see the beautiful Himalayas while having maggie. Even having a hot cup of maggie at this point will give you a different feel. It is best recommended to travel between April to June also from August to October.

5. Buddhist Monks – Hang Out With The Monks

Whenever you think of Ladakh the two main things that pop in your mind is 1) road trips and Himalayan mountain and 2) Monasteries and monks. The land has so many monasteries that are run and maintained by the monks. You can see a lot of monks strolling to the monasteries to meditate. Ladakh will definitely refresh you with its scenic places. Also when you interact with these monks your soul and mind will rejuvenate and you will have better clarity about your own self. Connect with the monasteries and monk whenever you visit Ladakh for a wise and divine experience.

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6.Chadar Trek – Trekker’s Delight

You might have gone to several treks. Generally, trekking is so much fun and it is adventurous too. People that too youngsters and adventure buffs love trekking with their friends. There are so many treks but have you ever thought of going on a frozen river trek. Located in Chadar, Ladakh this is one of the most enthralling and interesting trekking that you can do in India. This frozen river trek allures tourist from all parts of the world every year. It is best recommended to do the trek during winter. You will be stunned and amazed by the ambience and the chill climate. Also, the trekking route has picturesque snow-capped mountains, valleys and rivers perfect for nature explorers too.

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7.Camping – A Stay Under The Starry Sky

Ladakh is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has some of the best nature connecting places and the climate is very soothing. You can feel and inhale fresh air over here. Also, it is one of the less polluted regions in India. Generally, tourist love spending at least 1 or 2 nights under the dark sky. Camping experience in this nature surrounded region will always stick with your travel memories forever. Never miss this camping experience whenever you visit Ladakh. Since the region is less polluted by light too, you can see plenty of stars which is perfect for taking night sky pictures. Apart from taking pictures, you can also visit the nearby Pangong Lake and also go on a Bactrian camel ride. Get ready to experience the nomadic lifestyle in Ladakh.

Camping – A Stay Under The Starry Sky
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Ladakh is a truly magical destination that will etch memories of a lifetime in your heart. With the plethora of places to visit, you can indeed be spoilt for choice. Book your Ladakh vacation package through Pickyourtrail to revel in a hassle-free holiday. 

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