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Things To Do For Couples In Thailand
Written by Nivethitha Bharathi on September 4, 2021 Share on

10 Things To Do For Couples In Thailand: The Unique Of All!

Thailand makes a perfect destination for couples who seek a vacation with more romance and luxury. Are you planning for a honeymoon trip or wanting to make an unforgettable memory with your partner? Whatever your reason may be, Thailand never fails your expectations. With shores decorated by palms, lively clear beaches, and extra-lavish seaside resorts, everything combines to bring you an ultimate moment in Thailand. Without waiting anymore, take a few moments and go through the list of “10 things to do for couples in Thailand”.


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10 Best Things To Do For Couples In Thailand

Thailand, in general, offers various things to do for vacationers around the country. Being a honeymooners’ hotspot, Thailand takes special care and continuously deliver unique activities for couples. You will be surprised by these top ten things to do for couples in Thailand. Undoubtedly, these activities will make your eagerness grow drastically.

  1. Cruising Around Thailand’s Waters
  2. Rejuvenate In Couple Spa
  3. Snorkelling In The Azure Thai Beaches
  4. Experience The Best Moment With Thai Elephants
  5. Indulge In Fascinating Flavours Of Thai Cuisine
  6. Watch Sunset From Rooftop Bars
  7. Have A Movie Night Under Starry Sky
  8. Marvel At Ang Thong National Marine Park
  9. Learn Muay Thai Together
  10. Laze Around In Villa

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1. Cruising Around Thailand’s Waters

Cruising in Thailand waters
Image Source: Unsplash

Begin your vacation romantically by renting a speed boat, longtail boat or by booking a romantic cruise. You can either sail in the translucent sea or through the strong network of steady rivers and canals. While canal cruises are popular in Thailand, make sure to add the Chao Phraya river to your bucket list. Observe the life of Thai during your sail, buy some souvenirs from Damnoen Saduak Floating Market or have your lunch while floating amidst the serene nature. Also, cruise to explore the majestic Phi Phi Islands.

2. Rejuvenate In Couple’s Spa

As a couple, you can’t miss the Thailand vacation without experiencing couples’ massage and Thai Spa to enrich your intimate moments holistically. So, barge into perfect spas that are sophisticated yet affordable. Yes, you can get a massage starting from $5. For extravagant spa time, visit Phuket’s Sri Panwa and try sensual Massage for the couple.

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3. Snorkelling In The Azure Thai Beaches

Snorkelling, Things to do for couple in Thailand
Image Source: Pixabay

Whether you are an adventurous couple or not, Thailand’s clear waters are an advantage to try snorkelling. Experience the stunning nature of Koh Lanta, Koh Samui and Koh Tao and snorkel all the way through. Don’t forget to visit Phuket. You can snorkel there along with sharks, sea horses and manta rays amidst coral reefs. Stay in resorts that offer a snorkelling spot close by them. Book your vacation at the right time as you can access most of these snorkelling hotspots only from late November to April.

4. Experience Unique Moments With Thai Elephants

Elephant conservation camp
Image Source: Pixabay

Travel to Anantara Golden Triangle if you are seeking an activity that is very much individualistic to Thailand. As you have seen in the title, you could get an opportunity to spend your valuable time with the strongest yet adorable Thai elephants at this conservation camp. Get closer to these majestic elephants and get to know more about them. Sign up for a Mahout training course with your partner. Learn to feed, bathe and steer these animals. To make it a bit more romantic, book a candlelit dinner close to Elephant calves camp. Have the warmest dinner while watching the playful elephant babies.

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5. Learn Fascinating Flavours Of Thai Cuisine

Thai Cuisine Cooking class, Things to do for couple in Thailand
Image Source: Unsplash

While you can easily taste Thai foods anywhere around the town, spice up things a bit more by learning the secrets of Thai cuisine. There are many resorts like Aleenta Phuket that offers special cooking classes for couples. Learn some of the authentic recipes and culinary techniques so that you can retrace your memories by cooking even after you return home. You could also be given a recipe booklet at the end of your course.

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6. Watch Sunset From Rooftop Bars

Sunset from Rooftop bar, things to do for couple in Thailand
Image Source: Pixabay

In Thailand, you can’t go short with exquisite rooftop bars. City, beachside or countryside, you can always end up in the unique and themed bars with roof access to watch the sunset. For a more luxurious experience, prebook bars in Bangkok that offer a 360-degree view, a selection of cocktails and wines, candlelit dinners and romantic spots. On the other side, visit Phuket for affordable bars.

7. Have A Movie Night Under Starry Sky

Thailand is not only famous for city lights, beaches and bars. It also has secluded hideouts where you can stargaze while watching movies. Yes! You have read right. Visit SALA Phuket every Tuesday and Saturday to snuggle and enjoy a movie with the popcorn under the starry sky with your better half. 

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8. Marvel At Ang Thong National Marine Park

Ang Thong National Marine Park
Image Source: Unsplash

Thailand is home to some of the most beautiful and colourful species of fish and sea life. So when you are at Koh Samui, don’t forget to take a look at the spectacular Ang Thong National Marine Park. Wander through this picturesque national park. Are you planning to propose to your partner? There isn’t a perfect spot than this park with a breathtaking view. The widespread turquoise Thai sea surrounded by 41 islands is home to sea otters, dolphins, whales, sharks, lizards and birds. You and your partner will be charmed by this beautiful landscape. 

9. Learn Muay Thai Together

To make your vacation even more peculiar and adventurous, learn the traditional fighting skill of Thailand. Muay Thai boxing, a popular sport of Thailand culture, is worth your time and effort. Myriad of resorts and gyms in Thailand offers Muay Thai classes. So sign up, wear Muay Thai boxing couple shorts and have extreme fun than anywhere else.

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10. Laze Around In Luxury Stay

Villa pool, things to do for couple in Thailand
Image Source: Unsplash

Finally, you can’t miss relaxing your honeymoon vacation indoors in Thailand’s popular villas, luxury hotels or resorts. Laze around, and soak in the sun while cherishing every moment of togetherness. Dip into the giant tub or swim into the private pool while watching the night sky. Elevate the romance with the utmost service from Thai’s hospitality pros.


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If you are confused about which destination to choose for a honeymoon or couples-only vacation, without a doubt, Thailand tops the list. Don’t hesitate any more and start preparing for the vacation of a lifetime in Thailand as it offers an abundance of things to do for couples. To start planning for your vacation, look into Pickyourtrail‘s handpicked Thailand honeymoon packages. If you want to customise your Thailand itinerary, you have an option for that too. 

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