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Bucharest Romania
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Things to Do in Bucharest on your next trip to Romania

When visiting Paris, London, Berlin, Prague or Budapest, everybody has a fairly clear understanding of what to expect. But what will Bucharest, one of Europe’s biggest cities and an up-and-coming destination for years, do? Here’s our list of top things to do in Bucharest.

Bucharest romania
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Things to do in Bucharest

See stunning architecture in Bucharest

Bucharest can be both a surrealistic dream of an architect or a total nightmare. From large Stalinist architectural monuments lining the great boulevards designed during the Communist decades of the country, to quiet, charming tree-lined streets with Art Deco villas, the city has it all. Bucharest has a distinctive cultural heritage that is the convergence place between Western and Eastern architecture trends. It is one of the best things to do in Bucharest

Bucharest romania
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Uncover unique museums in Bucharest

Bucharest is home to more than 60 museums and memorial buildings. While visits to Romania ‘s National Museum of Art (MNAR), the National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC), and the open-air Village Museum are a must, go off the beaten track and you’ll be rewarded. Check out the Museum of Art Galleries for Romanian beautiful paintings, the Storck Museum for lovely murals and Casa Melik to drink up the spirit that breathes in the oldest house in Bucharest. Check out the Museum of Art Galleries for Romanian beautiful paintings, the Storck Museum for lovely murals and Casa Melik to drink up the spirit that breathes in the oldest house in Bucharest. It is one of the unique things to do in Bucharest

Explore quirky neighbourhoods

Neighbourhoods in Bucharest couldn’t be any more isolated. Roll the wide boulevards in the city centre influenced by the ill-fated visit of Nicolae Ceausescu to North Korea, get lost on the twisting cobbled streets of the neighbouring Lipscani, the city’s party epicentre, cool off in the quaint Cotroceni while admiring majestic villas, then catch a meal in one of the best restaurants in Floreasca. It is one of the top things to do in Bucharest

Discover charming bookstores

In the shape of an album about Romania’s picturesque area of Bukovina, its majestic castles or the Danube Delta, one of Europe’s greatest wildlife attractions, the city’s bookstores are the perfect spots to choose a souvenir. It is one of the charming things to do in Bucharest Don’t miss Kyralina, housed in a beautifully restored villa of the 19th century, and the amazing paradise of book lovers that is Cărtureti Carusel.

Spot original street art

Bucharest has many old buildings which are beginning to be covered in some very creative ways by walls and roofs. A group of local creatives has hit a major mark in one of the latest projects developed by Make a Point, by covering the rooftops of several blocks of flats with murals inspired by their neighbourhood’s identity, Pantelimon.

Visit churches and monasteries

There are plenty of churches and monasteries in the region, where rites are conducted in the same way as hundreds of years ago. Experience the otherworldly painting of Byzantine theology by attending an 18th century morning or evening session, Brâncovenesc-style Stavropoleos Monastery, Domnia Bălaa or Plumbuita Chapel.

Relax in the park

There’s no better way to escape the crowds than to head to one of the parks and gardens in Bucharest. If you are looking for a carefully designed green oasis in the heart of the city, visit the oldest and most popular public garden, Grădina Cişmigiu. For large lawns and long walking trails head to Herăstrău Park or Tineretului Park, and go to Parcului Natural Văcăreşti for a wildlife-watching experience.

Bucharest park
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Taste great food in Bucharest

A Bucharest visit will serve as the perfect introduction to Romanian cuisine. Try local traditional dishes such as sarmale, mititei and papanai, but don’t forget that the Romanian capital is a great place to revisit world cuisine in its many cafes and restaurants.

Shop at the market

Bucharest has some pretty vibrant markets where you can find new local produce such as Carpathian Mountain berries and mushrooms, honey items and fruit and vegetables of the highest standard around. Romania’s largest market, Obor Market, is the best place for an immersive experience while treasure hunters should pay a visit to Valea Cascadelor, the largest flea market in the city.

Buy local design

Traditional Romanian souvenirs are a great way to bring home one piece of local culture. But while you’re in Bucharest, take the time to browse through local designers’ shops and galleries looking for objects, clothes and accessories and you may stumble upon some treasures.

Watch a Romanian movie

Since the nineties, Romanian cinema has been on an upswing. Over the years, local powerhouses Cristi Mungiu, winner of the Cannes Palme d’Or in 2007, Calin Peter Netzer, winner of the Berlin Golden Bear, and Cristi Puiu have effectively exported their artistic dream abroad and have already begun to accept pressure from promising young stars, to the advantage of movie lovers everywhere.

Enjoy the vibrant nightlife in Bucharest

Bucharest’s nightlife, one of the undisputed Party capitals in Europe, has something for everyone. Start with a cocktail at one of Palatul Universul ‘s hip bars or at the many pubs in the old centre, before heading to Control or Expirat for a cool, alternative crowd or Fratelli for an unforgettable glamorous extravaganza.

Go to the beach

Though at first glance may be a shocking idea, it is completely feasible to go to the beach-a very yellow sandy one with even palm trees. In the summer, head to Sands of Therme, Europe’s largest urban beach, and you can head the same way in the cold months, as the covered thermal water pools at Therme are open all year round.

Bucharest lake
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See remains of old ‘Paris’

Even the most ardent fans of the city don’t quite maintain the old saw, the “Paris of the East.” Decades of communist misrule and a tragic earthquake in 1977 brought down much of the old city, but there are places here and there where one can still see that former elegance. Old-growth trees and graceful, wrought-iron signposts and benches are built around a romantic lake in the centre of the city. North of the centre, wide avenues such as şoseaua Kiseleff glide past old villas and acres of green to a commanding Arc de Triomphe replica.

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