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Transylvania in Romania
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Top Tourist Attractions To Visit in Romania On Your Vacation

Some visit Romania owing to its stunning nature and animals, although some know more about its picturesque castles and decorated monasteries. Romania has its share of ancient buildings, but it still provides skiing in winter and biking in season. There’s picturesque towns and churches rendered that look stunning. Say differently if you believe Romania is all about ghosts hiding in secret dungeons waiting for naive visitors. Of course, there are massive Transylvanian vampires. But, Romania is much more significant than Count Dracula and Brukenthal Palace in Bram Stoker. The beauty of the region resides in natural wonders, spectacular flora and fauna, picturesque castle and abbeys. Check out a list of the top tourist attractions in Romania and don’t miss out to visit them on your vacation!

Peles Castle

One of the top tourist attractions in Romania! Constructed during the 19th century in the German-New Renaissance architectural style, Peles Castle houses a wide array of 4,000 medieval arms and 160 luxuriously furnished rooms packed with art treasures. Art lovers are delighted to see Gustav Klimt illuminated frescoes, though history lovers are shocked to see that the palace held the country’s first viewing. It’s called one of the most magnificent castles in Europe, because it appears like a Fairytale. A set of 4000 pieces of arms shows the strategic needs of the King. While, a frescoed movie space depicts the creative desires of the Queen.

Black Church

Black Church in Romania

The Black Church in Brasov is the biggest Gothic shrine and church between Istanbul and Viennas, since the fire blacked the walls of the cathedral. Founded between 1385 and 1477 by the German group of González, it was converted into Protestant Lutheran after the Reformation from the Catholic Church.

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Salina Turda

The most thrilling underground destination you’ll ever find is the Amusement Center, in the town of Cluj-Napoca in the heart of the Salina Turda Salt mine at a depth of 120 meters. This has been an amazing space fiction amusement park today. Salina Turda is one of the best underground locations in the country, located in Cluj County. You can travel down about 120 m as you explore the wondrous scenery. There is an amphitheatre, an enclosed lake with prow vessels, and even a Ferris wheel, which can carry you to the centre.

Poenari Citadel

Poenari Citadel
Image Credits: Google Images

The Poenari Citadel was once a mighty fortress that defended Wallachia and Transylvania from a strategic stream. The perspective of the castle dates to 13th century, when the Walachian leaders installed a tower in order to hold the move. A wall and a dungeon were also built by Vlad Čepeş two centuries back. A beautiful place to visit out of all the top tourist attractions in Romania!

Danube Delta

When you value nature, admire the Danube Delta. It’s the biggest conserved delta of the European Ocean, the most important portion of which is Romania. Make sure to carry binoculars, as this is a nature paradise and birds in particular. Birds migrate to breed or winter from as far as Egypt and China. The willow-lined canals give the 300 bird species found here an excellent setting. You can spot wildlife, such as wildcats, wolves and sometimes boars. This is a real oasis of calm that can only be accessed by sea. The road sound is accompanied by the sound of waves during the day and crickets at night.

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Bran Castle

Bran Castle in Romania
Image Credits: Google Images

Bran Castle is one of the most picturesque Romanian landmarks with its red-tiled roof and many irregular shaped walls. Also killed as Castle Dracula, hanged on a cliff surrounded by trees, the castle evokes the Count’s spectre automatically, but it might never ever have existed there, historians believe. This medieval fortress, with its origins dating from the 13th century, now a collection of art and furnishings acquired by Queen Maria. This also contains an open-air park of Romanian countryside structures.

Volcanoes of Berca

Berca and Buzau County’s Mud volcanos are one of Romania’s most impressive volcanic formations. Also, they are part of Pâclele Mari and Pâclele Mici volcanic and botanic reserves. The journey begins before finally entering the mud volcanoes when you move on the panoramic path through typical settlements, green hills and small, colourfully-spreading buildings, following the signs that lead you the way to major volcanoes in the Berca, the Pacle Mari and the Pacelle Mici. Don’t miss out to check out this one from the list of top tourist attractions in Romania!

Merry Cemetery

Merry Cemetery- tourist attractions in Romania
Image Credits: Google Images

I’m sure no list of tourist attractions in Romania would miss this out! In 1930 a local craftsman wanted to produce one-of-a-kind handcrafted crosses to celebrate life and death in the Happy Săpân Tunisian Cemetery. Authored with a customized poem on the late. Right opposite to the main door of the church which has now been extended and restored. Here’s where Pătraş carves and draws his own cross with his own image. His pupil, Dumitru ‘Tincu’ Pop, has worked in Pătraş’s old house and studio, now a fascinating little museum, after the death of Pătraş in 1977, along with many other craftsmen, the Ioan Stan Pătraş memorial building. The road to the right of the main entrance of the cemetery is around 400 metres.

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Parliament Palace

Parliament Palace is the second largest government structure in the world and the most notorious institution of former tyrant Nicolae Ceauşescu. The house of 330,000 meters square meters has been built in 1984 (and is still not finished). Entrance is only by bus. The entrance to the palace is from the northern part of the house. Different forms of tours include the ‘ordinary’ path through the main rooms and the halls and ‘full’ tours mixing regular tours with basement views. It takes about 45 minutes for the main tour; the basement requires 15 minutes more to visit. The building contains the parliament and associated departments of the nation today.

Babele and the Sphinx

Babele and the Sphinx - tourist attractions in Romania
Image Credits: Pixabay

At 2,216 meters above sea level, Babele and the Sphinx are existing rock formations in the Bucegi Mountains. Introduced as a sacred icon after the Pelasgian, the founders of Greece, the sphinx had over thousands of years acquired its anthropomorphic appearance as a consequence of erosion.

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