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Things to do in Garden Grove
Written by Shanmugam on September 6, 2020 Share on

Things to Do in Garden Grove

Garden Grove is one of the most astounding towns in California. A trip to this place will make you feel like going on a cosy and unforgettable dream. Locals call the city as California seaside heaven. Whenever you visit Garden Grove during your California vacation ensure to halt at this place for a day or two. It is one of the best seashore towns in California. Here you can relax at the seashore with your family and loved ones. It has never failed to give an amazing experience to the travellers. It is one of the best weekend getaway spots and there are so many things to do in Garden Grove. We have customised this guide with the best things to do in Garden Grove.

Things to Do in Garden Grove
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List of top things to do in Garden Grove

You might wonder what to do first in Harden Grove. It has plenty of things to do. Start with the below list of things to do in Garden Grove. Here are some of the finest things to do in Garden Grove, California. Without any delay, let’s experience all these lists of things in Garden Grove in California virtually.

  1. Historic Main Street
  2. Atlantis Park
  3. Crystal Cathedral
  4. Garden Grove Strawberry Festival
  5. Festival Amphitheater
  6. A.R Super Market
  7. United Methodist Church

1.Historic Main Street

If you love history and historic structures then you should first head to Historic Main Street. A street where you can discover and explore the city’s period structures such as the cathedral, ancient buildings etc. Moreover it also a place where you can find fascinating old fashioned shops. Also, the zone between Garden Grove Boulevard and Acacia Parkway is known for its iconic shops. You can find cafes, restaurants and boutique in this territory. Get a period pieces that will make astounding gifts of your time in the city.

Things to Do in Garden Grove
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2.Atlantis Park

Atlantis Park is one of the top things to do in Garden Grove. Atlantis Park gets a special place in most of the travellers who love nature. It is one of the most loved and cherished green spots in the city of Garden Grove. Moreover, an extraordinary spot for couple and honeymoon travellers. The lush glades at this park make it perfect for one amazing Instagram pictures.
The centre has play zones for youngsters. So if you wish to take your kids to some engaging place, Garden Grove is a haven. The monster slide is one of the most loved rides and primary things to do in Garden Grove.

Atlantis Park
Photo by chan lee on Unsplash

3.Crystal Cathedral

You can’t come to Garden Grove and not visit what is seemingly its most notable structure, the Crystal Cathedral. The structure was raised in 1981 and, as the name recommends, this is a working house of prayer and spot of love that is possessed by the Crystal Cathedral Ministries.

The house of God is known as the Crystal Cathedral since it is made of intelligent glass that makes it shine in the daylight, and part of the design of the structure appears as though it is formed from enormous, spiky shards of glass. The structure has a limit of very nearly 3,000 admirers and it is likewise the home of one of the biggest instruments on the planet as the Hazel Wright Memorial Organ.

Crystal Cathedral
Photo by Xiaofen P on Unsplash

4.Garden Grove Strawberry Festival

In the event that you happen to be visiting the area over Memorial Day weekend, at that point, you can’t miss the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival which is held here yearly. This is known for being probably the biggest celebration in the western aspect of the United States and around 250,000 guests go to consistently, so you will be following in some admirable people’s footsteps.

The Strawberry Festival has a famous history as it goes back to 1958 and began on account of the solid farming foundations of the city which used to be known for its a-list oranges, peppers, pecans, and strawberries. At the celebration you can expect a plenitude of these scrumptious organic products just as eccentric occasions, for example, the world’s biggest strawberry shortcake cutting exhibit.

5.Festival Amphitheater

Celebration Amphitheater is known as the spot to come on the off chance that you need to absorb some culture in Garden Grove and specifically is the best position in the event that you appreciate crafted by Shakespeare.

The amphitheatre is well known for its creations of Shakespeare plays, so in the event that you need to get one when you are visiting the area, at that point ensure you watch out for the nearby postings. Just as Shakespearian theatre, Festival Amphitheater has a scope of different occasions during the time like move occasions, melodic shows, and other dramatization based creations.

6.A.R Super Market

Numerous individuals may not realize that Garden Grove has an enormous Asian populace, and considering that it would be a disgrace to come here and not test a portion of the varied produce on offer.

At the A.R Super Market, you will locate an immense scope of a claim to fame items from Korea as a well as a delightful Korean store which is the ideal spot to snatch a spot of lunch or get a few things for an excursion in one of Garden Grove’s numerous beautiful parks.

7.United Methodist Church

One of Garden Grove’s distinguishing strengths is its church. Garden Grove has the most chapels per capita of any city in the territory of California. The city boasts for n number of churches. Considering visiting the most established church in the city. One among is the United Methodist Church that has been inactivity for a great 140 years. It is very well known for its amazing structure. Moreover, the congregation is still particularly in working. It is highly recommended to take a guided tour to visit this church

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