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Panaromic view of City of Hindeloopen
Written by Krishna Teja on June 12, 2020 Share on

Top 10 Things to do in Hindeloopen: Travel to the Netherlands

In the 17th and 18th century the shipping business made a fortune for the people of Hindeloopen. This small town in the Netherlands, with a fleet of 100 ships, which was built upon its own style and structure. Where Hindeloopen was once on a bay of the North Sea (the Zuiderzee), in the mid-1930s the Afsluitdijk dam toward the north transformed this bay into a large freshwater lake, the IJsselmeer. Being available to the coast, the IJsselmeer is Europe’s freshest lake, which is music to the ears of kite-surfers, who go to Hindeloopen during summers. Here are the Things to do in Hindeloopen while you are on a vacation to the Netherlands.

The preserved town and harbour are inconceivably beautiful, and exhibition halls broadly expound on Hindeloopen’s unique culture, and ice-skating, an enjoyable thing over the more full Friesland region.

1. Walkthrough the Town

“What Hindeloopen looses in its size is made up by its Charm.”

Canal view of Hindeloopen
Image Credits: Google Images

You could stroll around from one end to the next in almost no time, yet this will be incredible considering that you need to stop at every harbour for a good click of the canals, bridges and the views of the horizon and IJsselmeer from the green dyke.

Wrap up at the enchanting old harbour, with a lock, seventeenth-century lockkeeper’s home and run of the mill wooden bascule connect. You can grab a snack at one of the riverside bistros and cafés and eat close to the curious wooden houseboats.

2. First Frisian Skating Museum

Ice-skating is a significant part of Friesland’s culture, and it was here that the first skates with sharp metal edges were created in the Middle Ages.

This possibly happens when the ice is right, and the race is reported with only two days before (the last game was in 1997). The Skating Museum recounts to the 250-year story of this race. It has the most important and most different collection of skates, including a model going back to the 800s. You’ll find how skates were made utilizing animal bones in the past.

3. Grote Kerk

Grote kerk in Hindeloopen
Image Credits: Google Images

Hindeloopen’s Medieval church was demolished in 1570 during the 80 Years War, and the rebuilding kept going from 1590 to 1632. The steeple on the tower was last after a lightning strike in 1701, and the swap from 1724 is a beautiful eight-sided structure, topped with a dome in the form of the sailing ship. The beautiful case is a lot older, probably built around the mid-1660s.

4. Museum Hindeloopen

The nearby historical centre is in Hindeloopen’s former town hall. It will take you with taking advantage of this present town’s long and energizing history. The collection is of Hindeloopen’s 17th and 18th centuries’ shipping trade remains and the large deluge of riches that is given. There are bunches of artefacts related to shipping and fishing, giving an impression of what the harbour would have been similar to in the town’s glorious days.

5. Sluishuis (Sylhús)

Sluishuis in Hindeloopen
Image Credits: Google Images

This is the prettiest monument on Hindeloopen’s harbour is the lockkeeper’s home on the landward side. Alongside the lock adjacent to it, this is dated back to the 17th century. It was given its open wooden belfry in the 19th century. This is the most visited attraction.

6. Jopie Huisman Museum

Indeed, worth the five-minute train ride to Workum, this Museum is devoted to the self-made painter and artist, Jopie Huisman, born in the town in 1922. The historical centre was opened in the mid-80s before moving to a former school building in 1992, which was given a modern development in the mid-2000s.

Huisman’s work is noted for its Realism, passion for nature and feeling of romance. He had a skill for creating importance in everyday items and scenes. The museum has set out a 25-kilometre trail in the Frisian countryside, to places he painted or that cheered him.

7. Flora en Fauna Fontein

In the year 2010, the eleven cities of the Elfstedentocht were connected by a district spanning art project. Every city has been given a fountain, designed by a top-class artist from one of eleven distinct cities. Few names include, which are Jaume Plensa, Shinji Ohmaki, Jorge and Lucy Orta, Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla and Cornelia Parker.

Hindeloopen’s fountain, Flora en Fauna, was made by Chinese-brought French artist Shen Yuan. This work is produced using copper, steel, Accoya and stone, was somewhat driven by the goliath cedar that shows up in Hindeloopen’s design. Interesting birds are perched in the tree, which is surrounded by many deers.

8. Water Activities

Kite surfing in beach Hindeloopen
Image Credits: Unsplash

On the water, Hindeloopen is known to continuous winds, which, joined with many hectares of smooth, knee depth water, has transformed this shore of the IJsselmeer into a Hubspot of watersports.

Within 5 km, there are many companies like the Kiteboarding Club Holland, Kitesurf school Freeriderz, Kitesurf school KiteMobile giving equipment and activities like windsurfing and kite-surfing. The centre also offers different sports like stand-up paddleboarding, and each Saturday in summer, you are free to drop at the Welgelegen campground and go fishing!

9. Beaches

There are many small beaches in and around IJsselmeer at Hindeloopen. The narrow stripes of sand are stitched by the green grasses of the dyke which is washed by the gentle waves. On a warm day in summer, the Hindeloopen’s beaches are perfect for swimming in the shallows and chilling in the sun enjoying the sky full of kites and watching the surfers playing by the waves.

10. Go Cycling

Cycling in Hindeloopen
Image Credits: Unsplash

The Southwest Friesland wide open and is crisscrossed by safe cycling paths. And keeping in mind that this may sound befuddling, knooppunten (nodes) at junctions, have great restaurants and accommodation.

You might need to follow the coast of IJsselmeer or turn inland to find the Frisian Lakes, where there are 24 rivers in the pure open country, all connected with rivers and canals. Just enjoy the beautiful countryside watching the Villages, Windmills and the picture-perfect nature.

These are the Top recommended activities you can do in Hindeloopen. Make sure you add these activities on your next Netherlands trip packages or Netherlands honeymoon packages. Plan your Itinerary on your Fingertips with the Pickyourtrail app and, Go Netherlands!

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