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Kingston upon Hull
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5 Best Things To Do In The City Of Hull, England

Kingston upon Hull or simply known as Hull is slowly becoming one of the most visited places in England. Hull has always been a crucial port city on England’s east coast. Since it was named as the UK City of Culture in 2017, it’s been experiencing a steady rise in the number of visitors. Both local and global travellers are visiting Hull to get an experience of city life and its vibrant culture. Hull’s history is something which is not widely discussed, yet it has a rich traditional and literary heritage. An array of museums, great art pieces and excellent pubs and shopping scenes are some of the best things to do in Hull. The city also has an extensive maritime history, which has become its own identity. Here we check out what are the best things to do in Hull.

5 Best things to do in Hull

  1. Museums of Hull
  2. The Deep
  3. Hull’s Old Town
  4. Humber Bridge
  5. Hull Minster

1. Museums of Hull

The city of Hull is home to multiple museums which tells the history and evolution of the city. The main ones to note are the Hull Maritime Museum, Hull and East Riding Museum, Hands-on History Museum. The Maritime Museum takes you through a journey through Hull’s maritime heritage, with exhibits from the Bronze Age to the present. It also showcases the North Sea fishing and maritime trade legacy as well. The East Riding Museum shows the city’s geographical evolution and also houses the Hasholme Longboat which is an iron age vessel from 400 BC. Also, check out the Streetlife Museum of Transport for a deeper understanding of the evolution of the city’s transportation.

Maritime Museum Hull
Image Source: Google Images

2. The Deep

This uniquely designed underwater aquarium is one of the most visited attractions in Hull. The main tank buried 33 feet underground is Europe’s deepest aquarium of its kind. Because of its impeccable design, it is an interesting and fun experience for family and kids. It houses more than 3000 fishes and different varieties of marine life. The Deep primarily work as a conservation centre for fish and it has several interactive and educational stations explaining their work.

The Deep
Image Source: Google Images

Hull’s Old Town

The Old Town is a brave survivor of World War 2 bombing. It is full of Georgian architecture and you can find the true essence of the city here. Furthermore, one can also find busy shopping streets with local shops, pubs and restaurants as well. Take a stroll through George Street which is very similar to Notting Hill with both sides of the road lined up with Georgian style houses. The Old Town is where you fully feel the city’s character and its charisma. Also, the George Hotel here has England’s smallest window.

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Humber Bridge

This is absolutely a modern-day architectural marvel. The Humber Bridge has a pedestrian walkway which offers excellent views of the Humber River. You can cycle or walk along the footway to appreciate the Bridge. Additionally, the Bridge connects Yorkshire to Lincolnshire, this lets you explore the 140-mile walking trail called Viking way which starts at the beginning of the Bridge and goes off till the Lincolnshire woods.

Humber Bridge
Image Source: Pixabay

Hull Misters

Hull Misters is located in the historic market place in Old Town. This is the largest parish church in England. This is truly a great architectural masterpiece, with decorated Gothic style windows. Hulk Misters are more than 700 years old and has literally seen the evolution of the city into its current state. And even to this date, it stands tall as an icon of the city.

Hull Minster
Image Source: Google Images

Other attractions in Hull include Ferens Art Gallery, Wilberforce House Museum, East Park, and Trinity House. This city is still on its way to being one of the best cities in England, but its rise to one of the best tourist location has been slow and steady. Hull has immense character and the city is full of stories of character, resilience and legacy.

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