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Los Angeles at Night
Written by Sairam on November 3, 2022 Share on

Exciting Things To Do in Los Angeles at Night

Los Angeles is popularly known as the boulevard of dreams of the United States of America. This Californian city is one of the most popular cities in the West Coast and all of the United States. Right from LA town, Bel Air, Hollywood to Santa Monica, there are a lot of things to do in Los Angeles at night. Millions of people throng Los Angeles every year to experience the Californian way of life.

Whilst Los Angeles has innumerable experiences and attractions to see during the day, it is often considered for its nightlife in the night. The nightlife in Los Angeles is more than just resto-bars and pubs, even though they constitute a majority of the attractions. Los Angeles is one of those places which truly comes to life in the dark. There are a lot of quirky and interesting ways to explore LA in the dark.

Los Angeles at night
Photo by Matthew Cooksey on Unsplash

As much as Los Angeles is famous for its nightlife and food scene, it also has a lot of live performances, walking tours and nature trails, neon light shows etc.

Universal CityWalk

The Universal CityWalk is an amusement park that is situated right next to the Universal Studios in Hollywood. One of the surprising elements of visiting the Universal CityWalk is the fact that you do not have to buy an entry ticket to access the Walkway. The pedestrian-friendly walkway in the Universal CityWalk is filled with retail shopping venues, restaurants and dessert shops. It is a perfect setting to spend an evening with your family and kids. There is something for everything.

The universal CityWalk also has a movie theatre, if you feel like catching a late-night movie post-dinner. The neon signage is a popular attraction and gram spot in the CityWalk. The Universal CityWalk is open till 9 pm from Monday to Wednesday, open till 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and is open until 10 pm on Sunday.

Griffith Park Hike

The Griffith Park hike is one of the most famous sunset hikes in all of Los Angeles. But something that even a lot of the locals dont know about yet is the fact that you can also go on a night hike in here.

Sierra Club is one of the organizations which arrange for a night hike in Griffith Park. These hikes are customized from easy, moderate to hard based on the skill level and stamina of the person. One of their special offerings is this special hike arranged on one of the Fridays in a month closest to the full moon day. This is a 2.5hr night hike which includes a potluck at one of the most scenic views of the hike looking at the glistening nightlife of LA.

Neon Cruise at the Museum of Neon Art

One of the star attractions of the Los Angeles neighbourhood of Glendale is the museum of Neon Art. The Museum of Neon Art often hosts the Neon Cruise around LA. Neon Cruise is a cruise around the city of LA during the night on a convertible bus. It is a narrated tour that covers places like Hollywood, Downtown LA, Chinatown etc. This tour which starts either at Downtown or Hollywood based on where you are going teaches the significance of Neon signs and its historical context along the way.

Museum of Neon Art
Photo by George Zerdalis on Unsplash

A Gastronomic Delight!

You cannot speak about the Nightlife in LA without talking about the gastronomic scene in the city. Los Angeles in many ways has been the hub for an ever-growing food scene and is the food capital of the west coast. Some of the best restaurants in LA are Canter’s, BCD Tofu House, Infinitely Dinner Society’s Midnight Snacks and California Donuts among many other places.

LA food scene
Photo by Dmitry Rodionov on Unsplash

These are some of the best ways to explore your nights in Los Angeles. Check out for amazing deals on customized vacation packages and staycation offerings.

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