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City of Brisbane in Australia
Written by Krishnamoorthy V on May 13, 2020 Share on

Top 5 free things to do in Brisbane!

Queensland’s lively capital city is packed between the ocean and precipitous national parks. Brisbane is a city thriving with restaurants, art & culture and at the same time, it also has its close connection with nature. This is one of the chilled out cities in Australia with a classic laid-back Queensland attitude. It is also the passageway to marvels like the Gold coast and Sunshine Coast. Commonly mistaken for just an International entry point, Brisbane is a city that provides a variety of options for its visitors to have fun. Whether you wish to visit an art gallery, cool off in a rainforest waterhole, or just taste some great local wine and food, You can do it all in Brisbane. The city also offers a lot of places to visit that does not burn a hole in your pocket, Here are the Top 5 free things to do in Brisbane. 

Sunbath at South Bank

Among the Top 5 free things to do in Brisbane, Spending the day at South Bank would surely top the list. South bank is a unique and beautiful place that you will only understand once you arrive here. It is well accessible and easy to get to on the bus or train. It welcomes you with its wonderful parklands, happening beaches, and loads of modern dining experiences. If you are unable to get to the coast and would want to head to a place with a similar set up then South bank is a perfect alternative. 

southbank in brisbane
Image Credit: Pixabay

Enjoy the versatility at Queensland GOMA

The Queensland Gallery of modern art is the hub for vibrant and fun-filled experiences through exhibitions, art galleries, social events, and lip-smacking food. To get the best out of this place, ensure you check the events that are happening before you go, be assured that this place would definitely have something wonderful to offer and is truly an Instagram hotspot.

Tour the Brisbane City Hall Clock Tower

The tour of the clock tower at the Brisbane city hall is a must-do while in the city. The journey up the tower on the old, hand-operated elevator is fun once in a lifetime experience. The top of the clock tower offers some of the best views of the city. This place is a paradise for history buffs as it has so many stories to know about. There are complimentary tours available to visitors on a first come first serve basis, so be sure to rush for your spot as they tend to sell out quickly. 

city hall in brisbane
Image Credit: Peakpx

Cherish a BBQ experience at the Park

Australians love their food and the city of Brisbane is no different, With so many wonderful parklands, The city offers an excellent set up for outdoor BBQs. While there are many locations at which one can enjoy this experience the best of the lot would be the Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park. This place is a favorite among the localities and hence be sure to arrive early to get a perfect spot for yourself. 

Take a ferry ride on the Brisbane river

Last but not least, Enjoying the beautiful views of the city from the Brisbane River is a mandatory experience while in the city. Worried that you might have to spend a bomb on this ferry trip? Well, don’t as Cityhopper takes you on this journey at absolutely free of cost. You can only board the free trip from Eagle street, However, the ride is definitely worth the walk. 

cityhopper ferry in brisbane river
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

If you are in the city for a day or 2 and looking to do some fun and happy experiences at a budget, These are your best options. To get the best vacation suggestions and travel tips, Plan your own trip to Australia with Pickyourtrail. You can also choose the available bundles on the Pickyourtrail website

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