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Manchester view
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Top 6 things to Do In Manchester

Manchester is one of the most populated cities in England. The city is a proper amalgamation of modern and ancient architecture. Manchester is never sleeping and is always buzzing with busy streets and high-end pubs. Manchester is an urban forest, but this city is surrounded by the mighty and gorgeous Pennine mountains which makes a perfect countryside to the urban population. It is home to the world’s first inter-city passenger railway station and a thriving culture scene, making it one of England’s most exciting cities. Manchester as the city has a plethora of options to choose from active nightlife, art museums and culture etc. and it gets equally hard to pin down to top 6 things to do in Manchester.

Here are the top 6 things to do in Manchester :

  1. Manchester Museum
  2. John Rylands Library
  3. Manchester Art Gallery
  4. Manchester Town Hall
  5. Old Trafford
  6. Chinatown

1.Manchester Museum

The Manchester Museum is the nation’s most enormous university exhibition hall with a collection of 4,500,000 artefacts from all around the globe. The exhibition hall is housed inside a striking gothic-style building and features the best in archaeology and its unique history. Invest some time in the historical centre’s vivarium, a collection of live reptiles and creatures of land and water and home to probably the rarest frogs on the planet. Try not to miss Stan the T.Rex, a very much safeguarded skeleton of a notorious dinosaur, flaunting the world’s best tyrannosaurus rex skull. There is a bistro on location to offer a break following a couple of hours investigating this magnificent historical centre.

Stan the T-Rex skeleton in Manchester Museum
Image Credits : Unsplash

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2. John Rylands Library

When we talk about libraries, John Rylands library tops the list of libraries in Manchester. The 1900s unique gothic style architecture is worth noticing. The architecture is also the best among all the universities in England. The library is worth visiting for its architecture alone, flaunting impressive vaulted ceilings, soft illumination and elegant archways. Apart from the mindblowing architecture, this library houses the rarest of collection of books, novels and personal letters written from several prominent personalities. For all the book worms, students, academicians and architectural lovers, John Rylands Library is nothing less than a dream destination in the busy street of Manchester. This is the very reason why it is part of the Top 6 things to do in Manchester.

3.Manchester Art Gallery

Built-in 1823, Manchester art gallery is a testament of time and impressive architecture. It is situated in the city centre and houses art collections of Gainsborough, Pissarro and Turner. The best part of this collection is that it has both local and international works. One of them is the collection of crafts, Metalwork, home items, clothing and accessories dated back to 1600s. Also make sure that you check the gallery’s events listings for unique and temporary exhibitions, tours and workshops. Manchester Art Gallery guided tour is one of the best things to choose from the top 6 things to do in Manchester.

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4. Manchester Town Hall

An iconic part of Manchester’s skyline, Manchester Town Hall is something that you shouldn’t miss. Featuring the dramatic gothic-style architecture that dates back to 1877, you can spend some time appreciating the Town Hall architecture from scenic Albert Square. The clock tower is around 85 metres high, and one can get a panoramic view of the city. Alternatively, you can also book a guided tour to explore the beautiful interiors, with towering arched domes and beautiful spiral staircases, gilded in gold. Manchester Town Hall has been used in several big-budget movies like Sherlock Holmes, The Iron Lady and Victor Frankenstein. Manchester town Hall is a one-stop destination for anyone who wants to learn about Manchester’s history. Do include this Townhall to top 6 things to do in Manchester in your itinerary.

Manchester Town Hall tower
Image Credits: Unsplash

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5. Old Trafford

I’m pretty sure that this one place will not require any further explanation for Manchester United football club fans. Called as the theatre of dreams, this stadium is full of history and memories for football fans across the globe. One can also book a guided tour to know what exactly happens in the backstage, in the tunnel, changing rooms and how it feels to sit in the largest stadium in England. You will also learn about the history of the stadium and the football club, and walk in the footsteps of legendary footballers like Sir Bobby Charlton and George Best. You can also shop at the exclusive merchandise store for goodies for your friends and family.

Old trafford in Manchester
Image Credits: Pixabay


Manchester’s Chinatown is the second biggest in the UK and highlights an assortment of cafés, grocery stores and shops. It is home to Manchester’s broad East Asian people group and set apart by an enormous painting curve, brought up in 1987. Chinatown is beautiful and different, with the absolute best ethnic cafés in the city. For legitimate Szechuan food, attempt Red Chili, probably the best restaurant in the territory, concealed in a store storm cellar. For delicious buns, visit Ho’s Bakery, which sells a wide range of East Asian prepared merchandise including lovely and sweet Chinese bread. Invest some energy perusing the numerous shops with their brilliant conventional products and splendid toys, or visit a nearby market to prepare up an Asian feast in your own home.

Chinatown in Manchester
Image Credits : Unsplash

I know for a fact one cannot do just justice to write about top 6 things to do in Manchester in one blog. In order to know more about Manchester, you can refer to our guides section. And in case you feel that you are not able to find the time or not knowing where exactly to start, you can always put up a Whatsapp query or log on to pickyourtrail to get exclusively customised packages for yourself.

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