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the holland street near kensington
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Do you want to pursue your a romcom vacation spot? Located in the heart of England’s Midlands region is where you should go. Of course, it got famous even before Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant brought it on screen. Notting Hill is known to be one of the most quintessential and enviable neighbourhoods in London. With colourful boroughs, market stalls, quirky cafés and beautiful backstreets, this place will charm you in just a few seconds! This area is known to be the most expensive area in London, so be sure to keep a count on the pennies you spend down here. It goes without saying that this place will surely be one of the most Instagrammable places you could ever be in. Let’s begin our journey in the united kingdom and see what’s in store for a Day trip in Notting hill. Keep reading to find out how your day will look here.

beautiful houses of Notting Hill
Image credits: Unsplash


Morning stroll and cliche snaps –

start your day with a morning stroll at  9 am, visit the lanes of vibrant colourful houses which it’s famous for at the Notting Hill Gate station. No trip to England will be completed without this. Few of the roads are the Denbigh Terrace, Portobello and Hillgate place. Also, adding to this if you are a fan of the movie Notting hill then head over to the 280 Westbourne Park Road for a snap with the iconic door. Your morning here will be filled with a lot of snaps for sure! 

Brunch to keep you up for the day –

Say around 10 am once you are done taking your snaps, head over to kick start your rest of the day with a fueling brunch. Portobello Road is known to be the most popular street with a lot of trendy cafes. The commonly recommend place to go to Farm Girl. The perfect option for light but healthy eaters with a wonderful classic brunch menu. A day trip in Notting hill begins after your meal!

A snap of the Portobello road: Day trip in Notting Hill
Image credits: Unsplash

Weekend attraction and shopping spree in Portobello –

Take your time to eat, but be sure to visit the infamous weekend attraction on the same road once you do. What’s so special about this market? It is one of the largest antique markets that are home to over 1000 dealers. Stretching for about half a mile, this market is at its best during Saturdays and Fridays. You can get your hands on amazing things here like: antiques, street food, clothes, books souvenirs and much more. 

Afternoon pint at cheeky and historical at the Churchill Arms –

 This pub literally is to die for. You can come here after shopping around 1 and grab a pint to quench your thirst. This pub has very cheeky indoors, the outsides are full of floral display. With a very modern yet typical British touch, this pub is a must-visit during your day trip in Notting Hill. it is the perfect quaint yet gorgeous socialising spot for all ages! Fun fact: it turned to be a historical icon as Churchill’s grandparents visited thus pub quite frequently.

Visit the churchill arms pub: Day trip in Notting Hill
Image credits: Unsplash

Exploring Kensington and its charming backstreets –

Finish enjoying the lit pub, and head on your way towards the Kensington through the backstreets. The best part of this walk would be the streets you go through. Witness the creative London street art on corners and the mews roads. A collection of houses that are arranged perfectly symmetrical is hard to miss at the Holland Park Mews.

a snippet of the mews road
Image credits: Unsplash


Take a break at the Holland Park and enjoy mother nature –

You will most likely reach this park by around 3 on your day trip in Notting Hill. this park is located in the most prime and luxurious spot and takes about 10 minutes from Notting hill. Sitting right in the middle of Notting Hill and Kensington, this park is the perfect place to sit back and stretch. The most iconic thing to do here is to visit the Japanese Kyoto Garden. This garden is known to be the symbol of a long friendship between Japan and the UK and was gifted by the Japanese. Enjoy mother nature, grab a few bites from the cafes and just sit back admiring this park along with the peacocks. 

Second shopping spree and munching at Kensington high street –

Post 4 pm, you can indulge in some more exciting shopping activities at Kensington High Street. Located towards the south of the park, this street will make it up if your morning shopping did not do the trick for you. Take a stroll, shop till you drop. Grab a cup of coffee if you feel so by the cafes here. 

End your day with a visit to the Kensington Gardens –

The Kensington gradens: the serene surroundings.
Image credits: Unsplash

With a cluster of attractions, Kensington gardens will be the last stop for the day. You would need about an hour or two to explore this garden till its end. Few of the things that are here are Italian Gardens, Albert Memorial, the Serpentine Gallery and the Kensington Palace. This park was known to be a part of the hyde park back in the day. Take your time and finish your day trip in Notting hill by 7 pm or 8 pm and get back to your hotel. 

This is what a Day trip in Notting hill would ideally look like, you can obviously move it up and down depending on what you have in mind, but ensure to visit this beauty that is just 30 minutes away for the busy city of London. If you have figured out what about this place that just charms you and blinds you from leaving it, feel free to let us know about it. So go ahead and plan your customised trip to the United kingdom with Pickyourtrail, be sure to drop us a WhatsApp ping in case you have any queries. And oh, don’t forget to take a bunch of snaps back home from your trip to Notting Hill.

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Why is Notting Hill so famous?

Notting Hill is known for being a cosmopolitan and multicultural neighbourhood, hosting the annual Notting Hill Carnival and Portobello Road Market. From around 1870, Notting Hill had an association with artists

Do any celebrities live in Notting Hill?

In addition to the market, the colorful facades of Notting Hill have housed many famous people over the years. Robbie Williams and Simon Cowell once called this area home, and Blur’s frontman Damon Albarn is said to still live here.

Is Notting Hill worth a visit?

Notting Hill is considered London’s most picturesque area due to its colourful houses. Lively streets, markets, events and festivals also make this a popular reason to visit this west-end London neighbourhood.

Is Notting Hill a nice area of London?

The pastel-hued homes are most definitely part of this London neighbourhood’s charm. Known as a warm and welcoming neighbourhood, Notting Hill more than lives up to its portrayal on the silver screen. Markets, galleries, boutiques and a flourishing music scene keep residents and visitors suitably entertained.

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