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Worship the Sun when in Miami – Top 9 things to do in the city

Welcome to Miami! ? With eye-catching beaches and shimmering art deco lights, Miami is known all over the world for its glamour and glitz. It has the best beaches which are loved by everyone. Once you set your foot in Miami, its sunny weather will cast a spell on you. The sun shines year-around here. The beauty of the city will lure you in and make you fall in love. Its sandy beaches will soothe your mind, body and soul. More than that, the city has lavish resorts catering to all of your luxurious needs. You can never get tired when you are in Miami. The more you explore the city, the more you become amused. There are several top things to do in Miami. Indulge into the city of glamour and explore it in the Miami style. Here are the top 9 things to do in Miami.

a street in Miami
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Top 9 things to do in Miami

  1. Visit the Miami Beach
  2. Tour the Jungle Island
  3. Admire the beauty of the Art Deco District
  4. Shop at the Bayside Marketplace
  5. Walkthrough The Vizcaya Museum
  6. Visit the Miami Zoo
  7. Explore Little Havana
  8. Visit the Everglades National Park
  9. Greet Dolphins at the Miami sea aquarium

?Visit the Miami Beach

Miami’s beach is known all over the world. When you are here you can experience the best of Miami’s lifestyle and culture. You can go for a beachside walk and enjoy the sunrise or sunset. In the night, you can witness how the beach comes to life with parties and people all around. In addition to this, you can go fishing and relax. Miami’s azure blue water will lure you into it, Stay in a hotel with the beach view and wake up to the waters, literally.

sunrise in the beach
Image Source: Unsplash

?Tour the Jungle Island

In the city of Miami, Jungle Island is very special. Jungle Island was visited by Winston Churchill. It’s one of the most famous attractions in Miami city. Closer to South Beach in Miami, Jungle Island is a place to visit if you are an animal lover. There are several animal shows and other exciting shows happening on Jungle Island. Kids will love these animal shows and have fun by seeing different species inside the Jungle.

?Admire the beauty of the Art Deco District

Stroll along the street, and you will find yellow, blue, purple red walls around. Take several Insta worthy pictures to share with your friends. The Art Deco style makes everybody happy. The colourful walls, busy streets make the Art Deco district a must-visit place in Miami. It is the most popular attraction in the southern side of Miami. The beauty of Art Deco District can’t be explained by words. So, why wait? Experience it by yourself. Plan a holiday to Miami.

Miami building in the night
Image Source: Unsplash

?️ Shop at the Bayside Marketplace

Bayside Marketplace has it all. From cafés to restaurants to a variety of shops, the marketplace is so much fun. As the name goes, the marketplace is located at the waterfront. If you are visiting the Bayside Marketplace during night time, there is a bonus. You will get to see the markets lit by shimmering lights all around. In addition to shopping, you can also enjoy live music and dance performances. As soon as you step your foot at the Bayside Marketplace, you can experience the vibe. Enjoy the delicious food, shop around and take back a lot of memories.

a lady in a café
Image Source: Unsplash

?Walkthrough The Vizcaya Museum

The Vizcaya Museum is the most glorified attraction in Miami city. It is known for its splendid architecture. With elegant design and structures all around, The Vizcaya Museum is on the must-visit list when in Miami. So, what makes the museum special? It has a large courtyard, with 34 rooms built in the Renaissance style. The Vizcaya Museum was built with the most talented artisans from all over Europe. It spans around 28-acres and the gardens look very beautiful with trees and plants all around.

?Visit the Miami Zoo

There are over 2000 animals in the Miami Zoo. You can greet every animal in their natural habitat. You can hop into an animal safari and merry-go-round the zoo with your family. There is also a Children’s Zoo inside and the kids will love it. The animals are in a cage-free environment, which makes the Miami Zoo, a special one. When you are in Miami, visit the zoo and enjoy its wildlife.

??Explore Little Havana

Visit Little Havana if you want to experience the local culture. With several outdoor restaurants and cafés, Little Havana is a real treat. You can taste some authentic dishes and treat your tastebuds. The district’s streets are always bustling. With music performances and dance shows, Little Havana is full of entertainment. The streets also have beautiful arts painted all over. Above all, the vibe in Little Havana is very inviting.

a building in Little Havana
Image Source: Unsplash

?Visit the Everglades National Park

Go on a relaxing drive from Miami to the Everglades National Park. About a short drive away from Miami, this scenic national park is on the must-visit list when in the city. You can walk along the park and greet wild animals, birds and alligators. Above all, take an airboat to see the alligators in their natural habitat at the Everglades National Park. Exciting, isn’t it? The airboat tour experience will be etched in your memory and don’t forget to take many pictures.

a crocodile at the national park
Image Source: Unsplash

?Greet Dolphins at the Miami sea aquarium

What’s so special about Miami sea aquarium? With live exhibits and interactive shows, daily shows, the attraction is a sure shot entertainment. From kids to adults, everyone will enjoy being here. Simply, Miami sea aquarium is so family-friendly. It has dolphins, sea whales and other mammals on display. There is also a large observation tank where you can observe other sea animals and fishes. The Miami sea aquarium experience is a fun cum learning experience. You will understand the sea ecosystem and at the same time get entertained!

a small jellyfish
Image Source: Unsplash

So, Yes, It’s time for a holiday to Miami. Get amused by its beautiful beaches, soul-soothing sunshine and yummy food. Also, check out USA Tour packages and begin planning right now. You can also customise your American holiday now, head to the Pickyourtrail website. Download the uber-cool Pickyourtrail app and the Customer happiness team will answer your queries. Alternatively, you can also Whatsapp our travel experts and we are at your service! Wishing you a happy holiday!

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