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Ireland Castles
Written by Samrit Golechha on August 7, 2020 Share on

Top Must visit castles near Dublin

Dublin, the capital of Ireland, is located on the east coast of the country. Known for its warm and loving nature of the people of Dublin. Spread across an area of over 118sq km, Dublin was located near the banks and acted as an ideal location for the Vikings to take settlement during the early days. The Vikings had a huge role in forming the bases of the cultural and geographical structure of the country’s capital. Dublin is known for a lot many things especially it’s Irish Beer, Apart from this Dublin is famous for its historical buildings and archaeological structures. 

1. Swords Castle

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The Swords Castle is one of the most sought after and well-known Castles to be visited in Dublin. Built around the time period of early 1200 AD., by John Comyn, The Archbishop of Dublin. The Swords Castle was built as a manorial residence and was never meant to be a Castle. It has over 800 years of History preserved in it and the fact that it still stands today shows the amount of labour was put in to build this magnificent castle. The Swords Castle is open for public viewing and is one of the most visited tourist attractions.

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2. Dublin Castle

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The Dublin Castle built as a defensive fortress in the early 11th century for the protection of Norman city has stood the test of time. Until the early 19th century the Dublin Castle acted as a seat of the British Government in the Irish country. The Castle has served and fulfilled many purposes and now acts as an administrative office for the government officials. The rooms in the castle have been heavily decorated by Historical relics and evidence showing the formation of the country and are open for viewing by the general public. This is one of the most beautiful castles near Dublin

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3. Trim Castle

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The Trim Castle was built in the early 12th century by Hugh de Lacy and his son, it took them over 30 years to build this beautiful castle. Located in the south bank of the river Boyne it is one the most beautiful castles of mainly because of the location and scenic views the Castle has to offer also the castle is in its true state structure as there is no restoration done. It is currently under the control of the Irish government but is open for the public to view it.

Dublin is for sure a must-visit place for people who love History, Nature, diverse cuisines, and most importantly the majestic castles which the capital has to boost in and around the country. It is undoubtedly the holy grail for people who love visiting historical castles, make sure to cover as many as you can when you visit the Irish capital. To plan an amazing customized vacation reach out to Pickyourtrail who would be the right people to help and plan a hassle-free Vacation for Castles near Dublin. You can also reach them out on Whatsapp or go to our Guides page for more information or packages at the best prices in the market

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