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9 Famous Festivals in Melbourne: Dive into the Vibrant Tapestry for Unforgettable Celebrations

Melbourne is best characterized by its festivals. Everything from Color Run and Light Up Eve to White Night festival, Melbourne has a true flair for celebrating all that’s worthy of celebrating.

Speaking of which — here is a list of everything you need to know about Melbourne and its major upcoming festivals.

1. Melbourne International Film Festival

✦ August 1 – 18 ✦ Melbourne Regent Theatre

Melbourne Regent theatre is set to rock the ever biggest version of MIFF in 2019, which features over 398 events comprising feature films, short films and VR experiences this time. MIFF is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world and movie lovers seeking inspiration cannot look beyond MIFF.

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2. Melbourne International Arts Festival

✦ Oct 2 – 20 ✦ Many Venues Across Melbourne

Essentially the celebration of literature, arts, music, multimedia, music and all that life is made of! MIAF is consistently one of the most visited by travellers in Australia, thanks to its immense success in bringing together some of the art mavericks in Australia.

3. Open House Melbourne

✦ July 27 and 28 ✦ Around Melbourne City

The one-stop shop to relish the history and architecture of Australia alike. Go on a trip down the historic lane by exploring 111 handpicked buildings that best reflect the cultural interests of Australia.

4. White Night Melbourne Reimagined

✦ August 22 – 24 ✦ Carlton Gardens, Treasury Gardens, Birrarung Marr

Be prepared to witness three of Melbourne’s important landmarks in a new light, with intricate art installations, gourmet tours and music festivals feature as a part of the White Night Melbourne festival.

5. Indian Foodie Festival

✦ July 27 and 28 ✦ Queen Victoria Market


Go desi in Melbourne — take part in Indian Foodie Festival to taste authentic Gajar ki Halwa, watch Baratha Natyam performances by artists clad in traditional saris and dhotis and countless other!

6. The Big Design Market

✦ Sept 20 -22 ✦ Melbourne/Sydney

The Big Design Market exhibits the craftworks of famous artists that are too good to be missed for Christmas shopping. From clothes to accessories, woodcrafts to antiques, and literally everything you can buy can be found on the shelves of this exhibition.

7. Winter Night Market

✦ June 5 – August 28 ✦ Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market comes to life every Wednesday after 5 PM. Yes, Winter Night Markets are not to be missed if you want to celebrate like a local. Turn up, for best street food, eccentric drinking experience, socializing with locals, fulfilling shopping experiences and more.

8. Run Melbourne

✦ July 28 ✦ Melbourne City

Over 20,000 runners fill the streets of Melbourne end to end. Melbourne’s attractions shine in a new light due to increased attention from tourists. People relentlessly cheer up, from start to end. All this and more, because Run Melbourne is more than just about running. It has a goal of raising $2 Mn to help better the lives of the less privileged. Also Read: Best time to visit Maldives.

9. The Color Run Melbourne

✦ Nov 24 ✦ Melbourne VIC

Color Run, what was started as a way of celebrating happiness has now evolved into the largest running series in the world. Colors, music, friends and running, Color Run is nothing but happiness.

Needless to say, Melbourne in itself is best characterized by its festivals. Mark your calendar, turn up and return with unforgettable memories you imagined to have. Before that, check out the one mandatory box, Pickyourtrail!

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