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Delhi in India
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Top 10 Weekend Getaways from Delhi for Delhites

The capital city Delhi is a beautiful mix of old and new, and young and old! The city boasts its modern infrastructure and flaunts its heritage buildings on one hand and centuries-old monuments on the other. There are a lot of choices for food, fashion, shopping, art, education, this city. For city dwellers looking out for an escape from the busy city life, there’s a lot that Delhi has got for Delhites. The weekend could be the perfect time to take a quick break and visit a new place away from routine coming back all charged upcoming busy days. So take a look at these top weekend getaways from Delhi, where you could go on a weekend break.

Top places near Delhi for Weekend

1. Neemrana – Weekend getaways from Delhi

Beautiful landscape of Neemrana
Image Credits: Google Images

The place is around 130 km from Delhi and is known as Mini Japan of India. It is exactly in the heart of Golden Triangle, at 130 km, 150 km, 250 km from Delhi, Jaipur and Agra respectively and easily pulling visitors from all these places. It is a base for visitors and travellers heading to Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Sariska Tiger Sanctuary, Bhangarh, Mathura and many more.

2. Kurukshetra

The holy grounds of Kurukshetra
Image Credits: Google Images

This is popularly known as Dharmakshetra, which is the holy place or the land of Bhagavad Gita and is a historically significant town in the state of Haryana. You can drive down to this place where Lord Krishna has narrated the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna on the battlefield of the Kurukshetra War. There are numerous, historical places one can visit when in Kurukshetra including the Birla Mandir, Bhishma Kund, Brahma Sarovar, Kalpana Chawla Planetarium, Sheikh Chilli’s Tomb and many more.

3. Alwar 

The haunted palace of Alwar
Image Credits: Google Images

This place is famous for its scenic landscapes, and is also known for Bhangarh -considered the most haunted place in India. This city’s heritage draws many visitors and travellers across the world and is one of the first major cities on your way from Delhi to Rajasthan. You can also visit numerous archaic palaces and forts, serene lakes, beautiful temples and many more. Don’t forget to visit the Bhangarh Fort, which is the fourth most haunted palace in the world, but make sure you don’t stay back after sunset!

4. Mathura-Vrindavan

The heritage cities Vrindavan and Mathura
Image Credits: Google Images

These twin towns of Mathura-Vrindavan are a refreshing getaway from Delhi for a lot of reasons. The city of Mathura in the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is famous and known as the birthplace of Lord Krishna. It is considered as a holy land by the people of India. Vrindavan, on the other hand, is a town in the Mathura district and is famed for being the place where Krishna grew up in his childhood days, pulling pranks, playing with the gopis or the cowherds. Do not forget to try Mathura’s dairy products, especially the Mathura peda when you visit this place!

5. Sariska National Park – Weekend getaways from Delhi

Sariska Tiger reserve
Image Credits: Google Images

Located in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, about 35 km from its centre this park has rocky landscapes, hilly cliffs and thick forests which are home to numerous species of animals, birds and exotic flora. Sariska also has a tiger reserve which is famous all over India.

6. Agra 

Taj Mahal - world's wonder
Image Credits: Google Images

The dazzling city of Agra requires no introduction and for ages has been a crowd-puller and no awards for guessing why and you will agree with me on this! Though it is home to the marvellous Taj Mahal, the city of Agra has so much more to offer right from its heritage buildings to pedas. Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, old temples, the serene and tranquil banks of river Yamuna, where you can simply sit and watch the reflections and changing colours of the Taj Mahal.

7. Kufri – Weekend getaways from Delhi

Kufri- the icon of himachal
Image Credits: Google Images

This tiny hill station of Himachal Pradesh is located near Shimla and is a mesmerising beauty of India. Located about 360 km from Delhi and 20 km from Shimla, Kufri is a charming hill station that is visited by numerous visitors all over the world. This place is famous for winter sports and is also known for the Himalayan zoo which has some of the exquisite species of fauna including the rare antelopes and Himalayan monal.

8. Mukteshwar 

Scenic mountains of Mukteshwar
Image Credits: Google Images

Perched on top of a high ridge in the Kumaon mountain ranges of the Himalayas lies the little town of Mukteshwar in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. The place is named after the 300-year-old Mukteshwar Shiva Temple that is built at the highest point in the region. The amazing views from the top of the mountain will leave all tourists speechless and awe-struck.

9. Kanatal

Kanatal's beautiful hiking trails
Image Credits: Google Images

Located at a distance of 320 km from Delhi, this tiny village is situated in a picturesque setting in the state of Uttarakhand. It is located close to other places of tourist interests, like Mussoorie, Dehradun and Chamba. Kanatal is a perfect getaway for those visitors seeking solitude and a vacation close to nature.

10. Dharamshala

Trekking at Dharamshala
Image Credits: Google Images

Located 474 km from Delhi this beautiful place is surrounded by lush pine and deodar forests. Dharamshala is situated in the upper reaches of the beautiful Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh. This hillside city is home to its Holiness Dalai Lama. Dharmshala is one of the favourite getaways for people who love fun and adventure.

I’m sure that all of these are already getting you excited to plan your weekend getaways from Delhi. Let’s start planning you’re itinerary right away! Start planning your trip with PickYourTrail and spend a memorable time with your family and loved ones!

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