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Trekking in Arunachal Pradesh
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Trekking In Arunachal Pradesh, India – Calling the Curious Feet

Are you ready to experience the two extremes of height and depth at the same time? If you get the irony right, then you are up to experience the most magnificent trekking experience in India. Trekking is the only escapade where you will reach great heights and get lost in deep thoughts. It is indeed an eye-opening experience that will let you know about hard work, persistence and the beauty of nature. Gear up to lose your mind and find your soul while trekking in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, in Northeastern India.

beautiful trekking trails of Arunachal
Image credits: Unsplash

More about Arunachal Pradesh Trekking

Arunachal Pradesh is a trekker’s paradise with a fresh and green atmosphere. Being one of the most beautiful places adorning the northeast, Arunachal Pradesh trekking has a lot to offer especially for nature enthusiasts, hiking junkies and photographers. Throughout your journey, you will be mesmerized by the surreal plantations, semi-tropical weather conditions and rich flora and fauna. Like Alice explore the wonderland in the Himalayan region. The untouched beauty with arduous features makes it a perfect spot to hike. As you pass through the challenging terrain, you will be shocked by the breathtaking views and spellbinding nature.

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Top Trekking Zones in Arunachal Pradesh

  • Indo Tibetian Border
  • The Thembang Trek
  • Sela Pass Trek
  • Ani Gompa Trek
  • The Gorichen Base Camp Trek 
  • The Mechuka Trek

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Indo Tibetian Border

Tribal people of Indo Tibetian Border while trekking in Arunachal Pradesh
Image credits: Unsplash

How about storming into an enchanting tribal village all of a sudden? Yes, the Indo Tibetian Border trek will take you to a whole new experience, unlike other treks. You will get an opportunity to meet, make friends and know about the tribal people at the Tibetian border. Live their way of life for a day and take amazing pictures with them. On your way, you will cover a number of villages namely Monpa, Jiogan and even Shergoan. However, this trek is advisable for those who are fit as they would be traversing through high altitudes.  

The Thembang Trek

The Thembang Trek is a moderately difficult trekking expedition that will take around a week and a half. This trail is best explored from the months of October to April.

Sela Pass Trek

Head to the Sela Pass Trek expedition is a similar experience as the Thembang Trek. It takes one and a half weeks to complete this trek. This trek is full of natural surprises. Also, you can enjoy this trek if you get to visit the place during the months of October to April. 

Ani Gompa Trek

How about escaping to a perfectly serene atmosphere covered with lush greeneries in all directions? Take a trekking expedition towards Ani Gompa in Arunachal Pradesh for a week and a half. It is a moderate terrain with lesser difficulty in traversing. Take in the utmost beauty of this place while trekking from October till the end of April.

The Gorichen Base Camp Trek 

The Gorichen Base Camp Trek is quite a long expedition that will take you through the highs and lows of Arunachal Pradesh. It takes around two and a half weeks to complete this trail. If you are a fit and adventurous person, the Gorichen Base Camp Trek is an ideal choice. However, you will be able to relish the complete essence of the place if you plan a visit from September to April. Are you ready for this strenuous yet sweet experience?

The Mechuka Trek

After a strenous trekking experience
Image credits: Unsplash

We all know about the story of Around the world in 80 days. Why can’t we write our own story of exploring Arunachal in twenty-one days? If you think you’re strong and have enough gut, the Mechuka Trek is ready to test your courage. The trek will take you through tough and exhausting trails of Arunachal Pradesh. One needs to be extremely fit to go through this strenuous experience. Also, one can indulge in this expedition from September to October or from February to March to get the best of it.

If you have more than a fortnight in hand, you can very well explore the activities like kayaking and water rafting in Arunachal Pradesh. You will truly fall in love with every nook and corner of the state as it is full of painting-like sceneries and jaw-dropping views. Trekking in Arunachal Pradesh is a bliss when you travel alone and a fun riot when you travel with your friends. So why wait? Get packing to Arunachal Pradesh. Do not forget to check out the Pickyourtrail website to plan your trip to Arunachal Pradesh ASAP! Looking for the best plan for your international trip? Pickyourtrail , India’s top customised vacation planning company, offers you the perfect international tour packages.


Which is the most beautiful trek in Arunachal Pradesh?

ZIRO Trek: Also known as the Talley Valley Trek, this trek is extremely beautiful and takes you through trails that are surrounded by nature all around. You also get to see some native tribes during the trek, along with the diverse vegetation of the region.

What is the best season for trekking?

Summer has traditionally been the most sought-after season to trek in. This is also the season for very high-altitude trekking

What is the magical waterfall in Arunachal Pradesh?

The Nuranang Waterfall is a 100-foot cascade in the Tawang District of Arunachal Pradesh in north-eastern India.

What is fun about trekking?

You can go to beautiful areas and see spectacular views. Or you can go to remote areas that may have hidden valleys, waterfalls, or caves. Hiking can give you a chance to see plants, birds, and animals that live in the wild.

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