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How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Trip to Australia: Your Budget-Friendly Trip Guide!

Have you been wanting to visit the beautiful land of Australia for a very long time, but keeping your plans on hold because of financial concerns? Understanding how much money you’ll need for a vacation in any location is dependent on a number of things. Australia is a prosperous country, yet you can still go there on a tight budget. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to plan a budget-friendly trip to Australia and what will Australia trip cost from India in 2024, including everything from booking the tickets to finding decent lodging alternatives, understanding the best spots to explore, and learning exciting things to do for free. Find out how much it will cost to travel, eat, sleep, and stay in this opulent paradise while also making some small savings along the way!

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How to Book Budget-friendly Flights to Australia?

Once you’ve made the decision to visit Australia, your next task is to choose the best flight at the right time. If you want to travel to Australia in the summer, from December to February, book your flights at least 10 to 12 months in advance because they will be the most expensive. For the average cost of trip to Australia and hassle-free travel arrangements, it is also advised to book 8 to 10 months in advance if you intend to visit Australia beyond the peak season.

Tips for saving money on flights:

  • Use the services of Pickyourtrail’s travel experts to get the finest flight alternatives at the greatest price. They offer excellent knowledge to assist you in selecting and making reservations for the greatest possibilities.
  • You can even make direct reservations with airlines and take advantage of fantastic savings.
  • To find the greatest discounts, use flight tickets comparison websites.

How to Book Budget-friendly Accommodations in Australia?

Another task is to reserve your accommodation, which is also dependent on the time of year you intend to travel. In Australia, there are many lodging options, allowing each person to make a decision based on their needs. You can choose from everything, including luxurious resorts, three – star hotels, boutique hotels, hostels, and free camping sites.

For peak travel season, book your hotel about 6 to 8 months in advance to enjoy a stay for between AUD $150 (INR 8,333) and AUD $250 (INR 13,888) per night in a lavish hotel. If you’re on a tight budget, seek for cheap hostels all throughout Australia, with prices ranging from AUD $10 (INR 555) to over AUD $30 (INR 1,666). Most hostels offer fantastic amenities at an unbelievable price.

Tips for saving money on accommodations:

  • Avoid travelling during the peak season, which is from December to February).
  • A little outside the city centre, there are several fantastic hotel options available to choose from at great prices.
  • Sign up for their emails if you have a favourite hotel brand to receive updates on special offers and promotions.
  • Find a place to stay that offers various perks such as free meals and/or lodging to children.
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Budget-friendly Activities to participate in Australia

The ideal way to explore Australia is to book an all-inclusive Australia trip package from Pickyourtrail, where you can choose any activity in advance at a stunning price. Day trips, whale and dolphin watching excursions, hiking tours, and other such activities typically cost about AUD $130 (INR 7,229) per day.

You can walk around Australia’s bustling streets and enjoy water views and colourful neighbourhoods. Even many of the country’s finest wilderness areas are open to the public for exploration and travel. Trekking, hiking, finding waterfalls, and spending time in nature are the other best ways to explore the nation. Spend no money and discover Australia at its finest by visiting museums and galleries.

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Top free things to do in Australia

  • Go beach hopping because Australia is well-known for its pristine beaches.
  • Enjoy the phenomenal sights by climbing the magnificent Mount Wellington in Hobart.
  • Make a trip to the Melbourne Victoria Market and pick up some beautiful souvenirs.
  • Visit the iconic Sydney Harbour.
  • Take a tour of Australia’s magnificent botanical gardens.
  • Get immersed in nature by taking long walks.
  • Travel to Canberra and check out the National Gallery of Australia.
  • Take a look around Yellowstone National Park.

Additional Money Saving Tips for a Perfect Australia Trip

  • To save some bucks and explore the city, take public transportation. Many locals use Australia’s public transportation, which is renowned for being hygienic, efficient, and safe for all passengers. Public transportation costs roughly AUD$2-AUD$5 and certain routes are even free, compared to a cab or taxi’s approximate cost of AUD$15–AUD$25.
  • Visit local restaurants and cafés for delectable meals at reasonable prices. You can even keep an eye out for restaurants providing deals and coupons on local food websites and apps.
  • Use the free Wi-Fi that is offered nearly everywhere, including most restaurants, cafes, hotels, libraries, and shopping malls, to browse the internet.
  • Learn everything about renting a car, and do it if it is within your budget.
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You are now prepared to discover Australia like you have always wanted! Now you have an idea how much it would cost to travel to Australia, all you need to do is pack your bags, grab your camera, and start creating memories. Check out Pickyourtrail to make your fantasy holiday a reality at a low cost by booking an Australia tour packages. Create your own customised travel itinerary for Australia to have the trip of your dreams. See you soon!

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