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Villas in Jodhpur: Top 7 Stays for your Weekend Getaways

Jodhpur is known as the Royal city and for the right reasons. From the beautiful excellence of the spots around to the stunning Villas that spread across this place, the alternatives are perhaps perpetual there. Yet, with such a large number of choices available, one must figure out the options to choose the best one. If you have been making arrangements for a quick weekend escape and need to live in extravagance for a couple of days, there are a few best Villas in Jodhpur.  If you have been searching for some great suggestions, don’t stress, here’s the list for your memorable stays; 

Given that there are such a significant number of extravagance Villas in Jodhpur, we thought of narrowing down the rundown to probably the best available ones around. 

1. 135 Jodhpur Villa 

135 Jodhpur Villa
Image Credits: Google Images

Found only 5 km away from the lovely Mehrangarh Fort, the 135 Jodhpur Villa makes for one of the most famous and beautiful Villas around. The most significant factor in this estate that draws in guests is the nursery that you can appreciate. The rooms shout extravagance, and the spot treats you with nothing, not as much as sovereignty. Every unit in the estate is equipped with all the essential enhancements that one would require, including the climate control system, private restroom, and the kitchenette territory too. They additionally give a wide spread of veggie lover breakfast that the visitors can appreciate. 

Property Highlights

  • Close by to the central city 
  • Fitted with every fundamental comfort 
  • Accompanies individual kitchenettes 
  • Joined access to gardens 
  • Vegan breakfast accessible

Where is it Located? 135 Umaid Heritage, Ratanada, Ratanada, 342001 Jodhpur, India

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2. Redstone House by Vista Rooms

Inside Redstone House
Image Credits: Google Images

Situated around 6 km away from the Mehrangarh Fort, the Redstone House by Vista Rooms is one more magnificent estates that you unquestionably can’t pass up while you are in Jodhpur. The magnificence and the glory of the spot from the outside are precisely what you get inside also. Indeed, even this estate accompanies a very much kept up garden region that the visitors gain admittance to alongside their remains. The estate additionally accompanies secured private stopping and room administration choices if that is something you are watching out for. The whole Villa is outfitted with two rooms, a kitchen with a microwave, and all the significant and different enhancements that you required. You can likewise profit from the bike or vehicle rental choices from the Villas as well. 

Property Highlights 

  • Access to cultivate 
  • Two rooms with all the essential enhancements 
  • Access to terrace 
  • Secured stopping 
  • Room administration 
  • Bike or vehicle rental alternatives 

Where is it located? Umaid Heritage, 342001 Jodhpur, India

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3.Oasis of Serenity by Vista Rooms 

Similarly, as the name recommends, the Oasis of Serenity by Vista Rooms is precisely what you require for that ideal tranquil escape. Situated around 17 km away from the Mehrangarh Fort, this Villa is perfect for large families who are arranging their social gathering. Regardless of whether you don’t have many individuals and have the financial plan to spend lavishly, simply descend and visit this spot for a quieting and calming remain like no other. The estate accompanies six open rooms with all the significant enhancements like TV, climate control system, and the joined washroom. The kitchen is likewise furnished with a microwave, so that is a reward. The visitors are also given smorgasbord alternatives or even pick an Asian breakfast if that is something they lean toward. 

Property Highlights

  • Accompanies six rooms with essential courtesies 
  • The kitchen has a microwave. 
  • Extensive and delightful insides 
  • Smorgasbord and breakfast choices accessible 

Where is it located? Village Bhakrasni close Foresta Restaurant Jodhpur, Village Bhakrasni, 342001 Jodhpur, India

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4. Kankariya Heritage

Kankariya Heritage terrace view
Image Credits: Google Images

If you need something close to the principal city and Mehrangarh Fort, the Kankariya Heritage is the ideal alternative as it is found only 700 m away from the stronghold. It is arranged in the clock tower area, subsequently one of the most mainstream locales that you could stay in. The estate provides all the first luxuries that one could consider. You additionally get café room administration alongside an attendant to assist you with the baggage. The spot likewise comes furnished with family rooms which are again an astonishing expansion. All the visitor rooms come outfitted with the essential prerequisites like a climate control system, private washroom, and even TV to keep you engaged. Smorgasbord vegan choices for breakfast are accessible too. 

Property Highlights 

  • Situated close to the city 
  • Rooms are roomy and accompanied significant enhancements. 
  • Connected washroom
  • Breakfast alternatives 
  • Eatery room administration 
  • Access to Terrace 

Where is it located? Opp Arya Marudhar Vyayam Sala-Gulab Sagar Jodhpur, 342001 Jodhpur, India

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5. Maira’s Meadows by Vista Rooms 

Another astonishing estate choice to pick in Jodhpur is the Maira’s Meadows by Vista Rooms which is located around 4 km away from the Mehrangarh Fort and gives all of you the extravagance that you pay. The rooms accompany a delightful inside and over the top pleasantries with the washroom fundamentals, TV, free Wifi and significantly more. The Villa accompanies three bedrooms and a completely prepared kitchen if you want to cook something for yourself. It additionally has great fundamental perspectives around and direct access to the patio, which neglects the whole city. 

Property Highlights

  • Three rooms with all comforts 
  • Complimentary wireless internet 
  • Completely prepared kitchen 
  • Access to patio 

Where is it Located? Loco Road, Ratanada, 342001 Jodhpur, India b

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6. Treebo Trend The Marwar Hotel and Garden Jodhpur 

Marwar Hotel in Jodhpur
Image Credits: Google Images

This isn’t an estate. However, the view is stunning to such an extent that you can’t manage without visiting it once in the course of your life. The spot has a legacy like setting, which is astonishing to take a gander. The rooms are incredibly spacious and offer all the fundamental courtesies that you would potentially require. You additionally have an indoor pool and a veggie eatery that you can arrange food from your room. The best thing about this place is the surroundings since it is close by to both the railway station and the airport. Each room is well furnished with all the essential comforts that you can look at for yourself. You likewise get your hands on some astonishing complimentary breakfast which is again a reward. 

Property Highlights 

  • Very spacious rooms with all pleasantries 
  • Indoor pool 
  • Veggie lover eatery 
  • Complimentary breakfast 
  • Complimentary wireless internet 

Where is it Located? 1, High Court Colony, Ratanada, Ratanada, 342011 Jodhpur, India 

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7.Casa De Jodhpur 

One more one of the astonishing choices for settlement in Jodhpur is the Casa De Jodhpur which is situated around 1.7 km away from the Mehrangarh Fort. Each room in the spot accompanies probably the most stunning insides and far and away superior courtesies that you were unable to try and consider. You likewise get the private washroom furnished with the necessities, which again is an adequate motivation behind why it is deserving of you to remain there. The visitor house likewise provides a veggie-lover buffet for breakfast that you can look at on the off chance that you need it. It is also near Jodhpur air terminal, so you know it’s in the prime area. 

Property Highlights 

  • Extensive and all around ventilated rooms 
  • Smorgasbord breakfast choices 
  • Near the main city 

Where is it Located? Sarafa ki post, Sarafa bazaar, 342001 Jodhpur, India 

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The rooms and the nature of living that you get in these Villas and visitor houses are exceptional. For those looking for a couple of long periods of harmony and extravagance away from the consistent issue of life, we would propose that you look at these places for yourself on an excellent encounter like no other. 

These are the absolute best Villas in Jodhpur which are known for their regal insides and legitimate vibes which makes the stay significant. While the advantage of these places is worth staying, there are different reasons why one should plan a vacation to Jodhpur at these impressive Villas. So now when you intend to take a tour through Rajasthan, make sure you grab your best deal with Pickyourtrail.

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