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A few of the 52 ghats around Pushkar lake
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15 Tourist Places Near Jodhpur – Travel Guide

From the grand Mehrangarh Fort to the Balsamand Lake, Jodhpur amplifies and celebrates the art, culture, and the beauty of nature, including beautiful lakes. The Golden City is best known for its architectural marvels and attractions.

15 Tourist Places Near Jodhpur That Are Worth Visiting In Rajasthan

So if you’ve been planning to extend your vacation to this royal state, then here is the list of mesmerizing tourist places near Jodhpur which not shall amuse you but blow your mind. 

15. Deshnok

Deshnok is one of the must-visit tourist places near Jodhpur, located in the close proximity to the border of Pakistan, a tourist place where the rats are worshipped as the Gods. You can visit the famous Karni Mata Temple which is about 600 years old.

14. Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh Wall
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Kumbhalgarh is a fortress of the Mewar Kingdom in Rajsamand district of Rajasthan. It is known for its astonishing wall that measures up to a length of 38 kilometers, the World Heritage Site of Kumbhalgarh Fort happens to be a must-visit attraction in this city. KumbhalgarhKumbhalgarh is 188 Kilometers from Jodhpur. Major Attractions In Kumbhalgarh are Kumbhalgarh Fort, Badal Mahal, Baoli, Nilkanth Mahadev Mandir, and Topkhana.

13. Khimsar

Khimsar is one of the offbeat tourist places around Jodhpur, located near the village of Khinwsar. It is known for its cultural heritage and age-old settlements and it makes for a great vacation away from the city hustle and bustle. It is 98.5 Kilometers from Jodhpur. Major Attractions at Khimsar are Khimsar Dunes Village, Khimsar Fort, Osian, and Sachiya Mata Temple.

12. Nagaur

Nagaur lies between the cities of Bikaner and Jodhpur and it is recently gaining much popularity amidst the travelers. This is one such place that has deep-rooted cultural and historical significance. From Jodhpur, Nagaur is 141 Kilometers away. Major Attractions In Nagaur are Akbari Mahal, Amar Singh Palace, Bhanwal Mata Temple, and Ganesh Temple.

11. Khichan

Khichan is one of the best places in Rajasthan for bird watching, Khichan or Kheechan is located in the Phalodi region of the Jodhpur district. Home to 15,000 and more Demoiselle Cranes, Khichan also serves as one of the most scenic spots near Jodhpur. Khichan is 142 Kilometers from Jodhpur.

10. Ranakpur

Ranakpur is a little town, on the way from Jodhpur to Udaipur. The place is known for its Jain temples. Ranakpur is not just famous for architectural marvels and temples, it is also famous for the number of monkeys that reside there. Ranakpur is around 165 Kilometers from Jodhpur: Major Attractions In Ranakpur are Ranakpur Jain Temple, Surya Narayan Temple, and Muchhal Mahavir Temple.

9. Pokhran

Pokhran Fort
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Pokhran is located at the core of the Thar Desert, the rooting ground for testing the country’s first-ever nuclear weapon. Pokhran is one of the remotest and historically rich places to visit near Jodhpur. It is 178 Kilometers from Jodhpur. Major Attractions are Salim Singh Ki Haveli and Fort Pokhran.

8. Pushkar

Pushkar is in the heart of the district of Ajmer, Pushkar is one of the most colorful, vibrant and splendid tourist places near Jodhpur Rajasthan. It is one of the famous sacred sites of Rajasthan which is a home to hundreds of temples and 52 ghats which are the staircases of stone leading to the lake. Pushkar is 185 Kilometers from Jodhpur. Major Attractions In Pushkar are Brahma Temple, Pushkar Lake, Lake Foy Sagar, and Varaha Temple.

7. Barmer

The district of Barmer is the third-largest area in the state of Rajasthan and one of the lesser-known tourist places near Jodhpur. Barmer was formerly known as Malani. The great ruler of Bahada Rao established this city and is famous for its ancient temples. Barmer is 202 Kilometers from Jodhpur. Major Attractions are Kiradu Temples, Nagnechi Mata Mandir, Mahabar Sand Dunes, and Panch Batti Chouraha.

6. Ajmer

Ajmer feels like magic due to its Sharif Dargah and Ana Sagar Lake. It is 206 Kilometers from Jodhpur. Major Attractions to visit here are Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra, Ana Sagar Lake, Lake Foy Sagar, and Taragarh Fort. 

Dargah Sharif Ajmer
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

5. Kishangarh

Kishangarh is one of the offbeat places to visit near Jodhpur, founded by Prince Kishan Singh, prince of Jodhpur. The princely state of Kishangarh is famous for its royal palaces and high-rising forts. Kishangarh is  233 Kilometers from Jodhpur. Major Attractions In Kishangarh are Phool Mahal Palace, Kishangarh Fort, Ambedkar Circle, and Mokham Vilas.

4. Bikaner

Bikaner is encircled by the Thar Desert on all sides, Bikaner is one of the most cultural tourist places near Jodhpur and has its roots deep in its traditions. It is 252 Kilometers from Jodhpur. Major Attractions In Bikaner are Junagarh Fort, Lalgarh Palace, Prachina Museum, and Bhandasar Jain Temple.

3. Udaipur

City Palace of Udaipur
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Udaipur is one of the most romantic honeymoon places in Rajasthan, Udaipur portrays royalty, luxury, and charm. The city is surrounded by lakes on all sides, a total hit amongst the travelers. Udaipur is 260 Kilometers from Jodhpur. Major Attractions In Udaipur are City Palace, Lake Pichola, Jag Mandir, Fateh Sagar Lake, and Monsoon Palace. Things like Boat Cruise, Ride The Ropeway, Trekking can be done here.

2. Mount Abu

Mount Abu, located in the Sirohi district is popular for its hilly escapade dominated by the desert, Mount Abu is one of the refreshing tourist places near Jodhpur, experiencing the day amidst the mountains and the scenic views of the natural beauty around. This Place is 271 Kilometers from Jodhpur. Major Attractions In Mount Abu are Nakki Lake, Dilwara Temples, Peace Park, Trevor’s Tank, and Arbuda Devi Temple. You can do things like Boating, Trekking, Camping at this spectacular spot.

1. Jaisalmer

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Jaisalmer is the gateway to the Great Thar Desert, located in the heart of Rajasthan, known for forts, palaces, museums, and ancient ruins. Jaisalmer is known as the “Golden City” due to its highlighting and intricate architectural style done in yellow sandstone. The Jaisalmer Fort, the Maharaja Palace, and the Jain temples portrays the deep-rooted history of the royal state. Jaisalmer is 289 Kilometers from Jodhpur. Major Attractions In Jaisalmer are Jaisalmer Fort, Bada Bagh, Folklore Museum, Desert Cultural Centre, and Raja Ka Mahal. You can also do things like Boating, Parasailing, and Paramotoring.

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For which thing Jodhpur is famous?

it is famous for its historic forts, palaces and ancient temples.

What is best to buy from Jodhpur?

While visiting Jodhpur you have to shop for products made out of Bandhej Fabric which is very well renowned.

What is best time to go Jodhpur?

October to February is considered the ideal time to visit Jodhpur.

Is 1 day enough for Jodhpur?

2 or 3 Days would be ideal for exploring Jodhpur.

Which colour is famous for Jodhpur?

Jodhpur is well renowned as the Blue city.

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