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Waterfalls in Seychelles – The Cascading Beauties

Seychelles is a postcard-picture beauty anywhere you look. The country is popularly known for its white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. While Seychelles has hundreds of places that are quite popular, Seychelles also has some islands and attractions that aren’t very well known. Some of them are the Waterfalls in Seychelles. Continue reading to know amount what this archipelago of 115 islands has to offer when it comes to waterfalls.

Port Launay Waterfalls and Wetlands

Port Launay Waterfall is the most impressive waterfall in Seychelles. It lies on the west coast of the mainland Mahe, at about 1 km from the main road. This waterfall is also called as Port Gaud Waterfall. This waterfall cascades over a clear and freshwater pool, best suited for swimming. The pond looks beautiful in the mornings. I would personally suggest coming here in the morning. You will be surprised to have this pool all for yourself. This waterfall is considered to be one among natural wonders in Seychelles by nature enthusiasts. 

The mangrove forest in the coastal wetlands of Port Launay is considered by RAMSAR as the best in entire Seychelles. There are seven species of Mangrove and all of them together offer a splendid environment for the endemic fishes, nesting for birds and for the endangered Sheath-tailed Bat.

Grand Anse Mahe Waterfall

The Grand Anse Waterfall is situated on the Grand Anse Village and it is only walking distance from the village. This waterfall is a stair-like structure that cascades into a deep pool.  Make sure you get the help of a local guide if you are planning to visit this waterfall. The granite blocks here are slippery and so carefully walk across the area. 

Grand Anse Waterfalls
Source: Google Images

Valle de Mai Waterfall

Valle de Mai is the gem of Seychelles. It is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Seychelles. This waterfall in Valle de Mai is different from the other, and thereby gives you a good reason to skip the beaches of Seychelles. This tiny waterfall is only 2 meters high. The very sight of the water falling into the slippery blocks is a treat to your eyes. 

Valle de mai Waterfalls
Source: Google Images

Seychelles has a few other falls as well. The Cascade River waterfall, located to the east of Mahe; off the hill of Mont Sebert – is one of the wonderful places in Seychelles. Unfortunately getting here is a rough trip. The climb can be physically enduring and dangerous for first-timers or weak-footed.  If you are travelling with children, then kindly avoid visiting this falls. The rocks here are slippery and can turn dangerous if one is not careful on his steps. 

Some other waterfalls can be seen at the  Bel Ombre and Le Niole in Northern Mahe,  Sans Soucis in the hills of Bel-Air, and  La Misere.  

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