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Wayanad during Monsoon
Written by Krishna Teja on June 24, 2020 Share on

Wayanad during Monsoon: A Complete Guide & Top things to Do

Wayanad is one of the most charming and pleasing hill stations in God’s own nation, Kerala. The place is full of sheer greenery, and it will leave you mesmerised. It is said that Wayanad turns out to be much more magical after the rain! Monsson in Wayanad brings that extra elegance to the place that will stun you diversely by and large and make you visit it at that moment of Monsoon. It is a very good place to get away from the buzzing about the city life! It is one of the best weekend getaways from Kerala.

Along these lines, if you are planning to visit Wayanad during Monsoon and want to have a fabulous getaway? No worries, We’ve got you covered! Simply give a read to our list of best places you can enjoy and add them to your plan! 

Weather Of Wayanad during Monsoon 

Wayanad tea estates during Monsoon
Image Credits: Unsplash

Wayanad gets overwhelming rain during monsoons. Monsoon season in Wayanad is of two sorts. One starts from June and finishes in September. It usually is humid during this time in Wayanad. While the most extreme temperature is 35-degree Celsius, the average temperature is 27-degree Celsius. 

The Monsoon in Kerala is from October to November during which the hill station gets its rain. We’d recommend you visit the place during June and September. What’s more, let us let you know, notwithstanding the rain, the place offers incredible things to do. Individuals do visit it in a considerable number. 

1. Pookode Lake – Grasp The Greenery 

Boating in Pookode Lake during Monsoon
Image Credits: Google Image

This is the best place to visit in Wayanad during the Monsoon. The lake offers lavish greenery and picturesque scenes that will leave you spellbound! You can spend in quality time with your family or companions. Along these lines, remember to add the lake to your list of best places to visit here on your trip! It is probably the best place to visit in Wayanad during monsoons. 

2. Banasura Sagar Dam – For fantastic Clicks! 

Banasura Sagar Dam in Wayanad during monsoon
Image Credits: Google Image

This is the biggest dam in India and is perhaps the best place to visit in Wayanad. The rainy season transforms the site into a beautiful sight. You can have stunning pictures here. If you are going to Wayanad during Monsoon with friends, you must make a visit to this spot. It is one of the most serene places to visit in Wayanad during Monsoon. 

3. Meenmutty Falls – Be Mesmerised By The Beauty 

Meenmutty Falls during monsoon
Image Credits: Google Image

This is the most significant waterfall in Wayanad and offers pleasant views. You should go trekking to the highest point of the falls. In the middle of, you will discover views from where you can admire and click a few photos! The falls become considerably more charming during Monsoon so you should visit Meenmutty falls on your trip! It is one of the most relaxing spots to visit in Wayanad during Monsoon. 

4. Edakkal Caves – Pursue Adventure 

These caverns are one of the most famous vacation destinations in Wayanad. The caverns grandstand engravings are going back to 5000 BC that will stimulate the history fan in you! You should climb to the caves, and the best part is explored at this point! When you arrive at the top, you will be left awestruck by the all-encompassing panoramas on hills. The views become more captivating during Monsoons. Things being what they are, are prepared for some charge? 

5. Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary – Spot The Wildlife 

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary during Monsoon
Image Credits: Google Image

At the point when you are done exploring the hill station, wear your boots and head to Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary for some good vibes! While the sanctuary offers a definite departure from the city, it is home to various types of animals and birds. A lot of the animals you will find here, for instance, Elephants, Panthers, Tigers, Deers, and the sky is the limit from there. 

6. Kuruva Dweep – Go Bamboo Rafting 

If you dive deep into the island, you may discover many unique types of trees and bridges made of bamboo trees. Kuruvadweep island in Wayanad is the main island encompassed by normally decontaminated water. Be that as it may, passage to this island is limited by the Forest division of India. The exercises on this island are checked by the Vana Samrakshana Samiti. Sightseers need a go-to visit the Kuruvadweep island in Wayanad during the rainy season. 

Monsoon In Wayanad – Few Tips into your pocket 

Trekker in Wayanad during Monsoon
Image Credits: Unsplash

Here are a few tips that you should remember whether you plan to visit Wayanad during Monsoon. You will be shocked by how accommodating these tips are: 

1. Wayanad is usually rainy, remember to pack extra clothes in case you get drenched. This is a must if you are planning for offbeat places in Kerala.
2. Take proper footwear with you since it could be a little muddy. 
3. Carry an umbrella and cream with all of you the time. 
4. And, please do not forget this. Remember to bring your camera. 

Now you have known what to do in Wayanad during the Monsoon that will leave you in stunningness of it. Despite the rain, you will have the option to have a fulfilling and a relaxing trip to Wayanad, so don’t overthink and plan an Vacation to Kerala with Pickyourtrail and lift your spirits high! Here are some frequently asked questions from our Travellers. Have a good look, this should be useful for your vacation to Wayanad.

FAQ about Monsoon In Wayanad. 

1. Which month is best for visiting Wayanad? 
A. October to May is a good-to-go option. It is an excellent chance for visiting Wayanad in case you’re keen on travelling, trekking and other outdoor activities. 

2. Which is the most beautiful city in Wayanad? 
A. The central station of Sultan Bathery taluq is the most beautiful city in Wayanad. 

3. For what reason is Wayanad renowned? 
A. Wayanad is renowned for its lovely valleys and bold trekking trails. 

4. What is the significance of Wayanad? 
A. The name Wayanad is gotten from Vayal Nadu. It implies the place that is known for paddy fields in the English language.

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