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Weekend getaways from Kerala
Written by Rhea Alex on June 15, 2020 Share on

Weekend getaways from Kerala – A journey you don’t want to miss

Known to be the hub of serenity, tranquillity, Ayurveda, backwaters and so much more, Kerala is truly a paradise regardless of whether you’re visiting the region for the first time or are an ardent traveller yourself. Popularly referred to as ‘God’s Own Country,’ travellers feel at home as they explore the beautiful landscape and greenery of the region. Vast stretches of fields, bodies of water and wildlife species is a small glimpse of what you’ll witness when in Kerala. The place transcends you into a whole new reality that you most definitely won’t want to part with.

But those of you who are looking to hit the roads and maybe even chart out on a weekend getaway, we’ve got you covered as well. There are a wide array of places you can stop by and explore all that is in close proximity to Kerala. The state makes for a great place to experience some close romantic escapes of your own.

Here’s everything you need to know about your weekend getaway from Kerala. We assure you that a read through the blog is going to keep you hooked up every step of the way.

Best Weekend Getaways From Kerala

The plethora of places available for tourists to choose from cannot be undermined. You name it and you’ve got the kind of vibe and atmosphere you’re looking for near Kerala. Be it the Queen of Nilgiris – Ooty, a bunch of quaint little French towns – Pondicherry and so much more. Find our best picks for your perfect weekend getaway from Kerala

Weekend Getaways From Kerala Under 200 Kms

Most tourists are under the impression that they may have to travel far and wide to experience a small getaway. Would you be surprised if an amazing getaway just about 200 kilometres awaits you? Take a look at some of the great weekend destinations you could head over too, all of them located just a few kilometres away.


Right at the heart of the Nilgiris mountain range lies, ‘Coonoor,’ truly nature’s paradise that’s bound to offer one of the best weekend getaway experiences you’ll find. This is a must-visit destination for first-time travellers, as it has something for almost any kind of traveller in you. Historical forts, tea estates are some of the adventures that lie ahead of you. Experience the best of nature and maybe even enjoy a ride on a toy train on your weekend getaway from Kerala.


Undoubtedly one of the most talked-about and popular hill stations in the whole of South India, ‘Ooty,’ offers nothing short of an exceptionally unique experience. Known for its incredible botanical gardens, flower shows within the gardens, numerous vantage points offering amazing views and of course some great homemade chocolates. What could possibly top that?


A less known and travelled to the destination by the folks in Kerala, ‘Coimbatore,’ has a wide array of hidden gems in its vicinity thus, making it one of the best places to visit within the 200-kilometre radius from Kerala. Tourists can be part of some great mountain treks, visit historical temples, enjoy some delicious food and most importantly soak in the pleasant weather that the region has to offer. This is one of the destinations near Kerala that enjoys great weather throughout the year. Another reason for it to top the list.

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Weekend Getaways From Kerala Under 300 Kms

Now that we’ve given you a fair idea of what 200-kilometre proximity can give you. Here’s an amazing list of some of the places located under a 300-kilometre distance from Kerala. Just when you think it couldn’t get better, it does! Add some of your favourite places mentioned below onto your bucket list and be pleasantly surprised on the adventures that unravel as you travel forward on your weekend getaway from Kerala.


If there’s one place that comes close to describing the Southern beauty at its best, ‘Mysore,’ would undoubtedly be one of them. The region was known to be the royal residence of the Mysore Kingdom and is a great weekend getaway spot for you. Tourists could visit the ‘Mysore Palace,’ which forms a major attraction and part of the entire Mysore city. The palace is definitely a must-visit attraction when in the city and has been widely renowned for its architectural excellence – Hindu, Rajput, Gothic, Islamic, the perfect culmination of it all. Another important and talked about place in the city would be the ‘Devaraja Market.’ For tourists looking to take home some spices, silk and maybe even the finest quality of sandalwood, the Devaraja Market is the place for you.


For the coffee lover in you, ‘Coorg,’ is easily a coffee enthusiasts dream paradise and so much more. Home to countless coffee plantations that stretch for acres and acres of land, the region is located right at the heart of Karnataka. If greenery and thick mist are what you’re looking for, Coorg could just be the gem you’ve been looking for. Most of the local population refer to Coorg as ‘Kodagu,’ so if you hear a mention or two, be sure to relate. Tourists can explore some of the best of the authentic cuisines the region has to offer, gain deep insights into the heritage and culture of the place and maybe even indulge in some luxury whilst on your weekend getaway from Kerala.


If serenity and calm are on your bucket list, this small little hill town in Masinagudi could be one of the best places near Kerala for you to venture out on your weekend getaway from Kerala. Take a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, as you explore/drive through the scenic hills of the region and soak in the beauty of the place. Tourists could stop by and pay a visit to the ‘Theppakadu Elephant Camp,’ and the ‘Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary,’ – both of which offer travellers an exquisite experience of wildlife in their natural habitat. The weather in Masinagudi is exceptional all year long, so if a spontaneous trip is what you’re looking for – we most definitely recommend Masinagudi to be on your to-do list.

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