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Whale sharks dive in Seychelles
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Whale Sharks Dive in Seychelles – Experience the blend of Thrill and fun

Seychelles is one chill place to hang out. It is best for honeymoon couples. One of the best places to visit if you want an escape retreat from your work life. Lay down in the sunny beach here and soak your stress away in the seen turquoise water. It has beautiful places to explore and mouth dropping sceneries. Various stellar beaches will put you out of words to describe it. But it is much more than sun, sea and sand. It is Archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian ocean. With diversifies flora and fauna, Seychelles has a very unique biodiversity to be mesmerized about. The Island’s capital is Victoria, which is on Mahe island. There is a remarkably diverse array of marine life. There are more than 900 identified species of fish. Let us look now about Whale sharks dive in Seychelles.

The evening beauty of Seychelles.
Image Credits:  Nenad Radojčić on Unsplash

Whale Sharks Dive in Seychelles

Seychelles is one of the top diving destinations in the world. This is because it has many unique experiences like swimming with Manta rays, diving in to view the beautiful colour palette of Coral reefs. Whale shark fish is the largest fish in the ocean. A handful of tour organizers give you the experience of swimming with the whale sharks. There are more than 50 diving spots in and around Seychelles. These spots give you a joyous thrill experience while you do it. Seychelles gives you a very unique experience here of swimming and diving with the Whale Sharks. Whale Sharks Dive in Seychelles is one activity that is a must-do activity.

Whale sharks dive in Seychelles
Image Credits:  Olga Tsai on Unsplash

Best place to Whale Sharks Dive in Seychelles

As discussed earlier, the island of Seychelles is famous for its Whale sharks dive. It has around 50 different dive zones around the island. Out of this Beau Vallon bay is the best diving zones. This is because of Spectacular water topography and great granite slopes. All these only sums to take your experience one notch higher that’s it.

Dive and swim with Whale Sharks.
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Best time to look out for them

This archipelago island is situated right in the migratory path of the largest fish. They grace the shores of Seychelles during the months October-November. The Marine conservation society Seychelles organize trips to go see this fish and the peak sightings are during the October time even though the trips start from September time. During this is a season, people with the assistance of a Marine Biologist dive in and swim with these sharks. Snorkelers go as a group in a boat to view the world’s largest water inside the water.

Whale Sharks dive in Seychelles
Image Credits: Domingo Trejo from Pixabay

The best whale diving season will be between October and April. You will be able to spot many marine lives and spotting a large fish will be easy for you. So this is the best time to swim with the Whale Sharks. Whale sharks dive in Seychelles is an activity that should not be missed out on. Divers do encounter with the other marine lives too like the Silvertip, Manta Ray, white tip, sailfish and nurse sharks.

While Whale Sharks dive in Seychelles is the most exciting thing to do, there are certainly other better options to explore. Seychelles is just filled with such unique experiences. Build the best itinerary with these exciting activities to do in Seychelles on the Pickyourtrail website. Check out the great deals and amazing tour packages to Seychelles. Also, do follow the website for more travel related to fresh contents.

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