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Zombie Apocalypse Park | See the World of a Zombie Apocalypse

Dubai is a place that is built from a desert. It is one such place where the people are much fascinated to see the whole city. It is filled with tourist attractions for the tourists to be amazed about. This emirate is known for its ultramodern architecture and lively nightlife. It bears the majestic 830 ft, Burj Khalifa one of the best skyscrapers in the world. At the foot of this skyscraper is the Dubai fountain with the jets and lights that dances to the music. The artificial islands of Dubai offshore is the Atlantis, the Palm, consisting of resorts with marine animal parks and water. Each of its fascinating places is a feast to the eyes of the tourists. One who wishes to travel the world should never miss out on the Dubai emirate. Now let us have a look at the yet to open Zombie Apocalypse Park.

The Great Cityscape of Dubai
The Great Cityscape of Dubai | P.C – Google Images

Zombie Apocalypse Park

The Deira Island Dubai will soon be the place the Zombie Apocalypse park will be found. It will surely be one of the spots that will be flooded by various tourists. It may open before October end. This was supposed to open this summer. They are planning to make this the biggest Zombie Theme park in the world. This park will be flanked with Various shops, restaurants and cafe. These shops will be in a space of 65,000 square feet. This place will be consisting of 12 different attractions. Some of them will be the Haunted corn maze, Laser Tag, 9D reality cinema, Haunted cinema and many more. These attractions will be engineered with glow in the dark. These things will offer you the experience of a lifetime.

The Zombie Apocalypse
The Zombie Apocalypse | P.C Google Images

The Attractions of Zombie Apocalypse Park

The Haunted House

The haunted house is one of the main attractions of the Park. This will contain unexpected blood dripping zombies from each nook and corner. This place will be dimly lit and will be guaranteeing some spine chilling moments.

Glow in the dark attractions

The park is engineered with glow-in-the-dark technology one the space of 65,000 feet and each of the places will be having its own spine chilling moments. You will find surprises even in the brightly lit areas.

Paintball Attractions

This Park’s Paintball attraction will be one of the best spots as you will also be dripping bright red colour. You will have to attack the army of the undead in this paintball action, meanwhile, run away from them. This will be quite an experience.

Zombie Races

Let no stoned be unturned here as you will be escaping from the Zombies here. This will be a thrilling adventure out there for you. You will be running from the zombies through the dark alley and through corn mazes. This will be one hell of an adventure for you.

Escape rooms

Put on your thinking caps as you will need to work your brain out of the mystery. These escape rooms will be having several rooms for you to go through. Solve the mysteries one by one to not be eaten by Zombies. You will certainly have the best of your time.

Getting there

This park is located in the Deira night market. This park will be situated 15 kilometres from Dubai airport. You can reach the place in 30 minutes by Taxi/Cab and it will cost you 12 AED. From the tram from terminal 2, get down from 3 stops near the Dubai Hospital.

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