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Kerala Zoo
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Must Visit Zoos in Kerala – Greet The Wild!

Travel is a drug! The more you travel, the more desire gushes out! Out of so many places to travel, Kerala is always a favourite spot in India. Kerala often hailed as God’s own country is popular for so many reasons! From the scenic attractions to coolest backwaters to perfect ayurvedic healing centres to majestic hills, Kerala can never disappoint you. Apart from all the above reasons, Kerala is also famous for its zoos and parks. Here is a list of top parks and zoos in Kerala.

Zoos in Kerala
Image Source: Unsplash

Must visit zoos in Kerala

  • The Trivandrum zoo
  • The Thrissur zoo
  • The Parassinikkadavu snake park
  • The Abhayaranyam zoo
  • The Kauthuka park

1. The Trivandrum Zoo

The Trivandrum zoo
Image Source: Unsplash

Known as one of the oldest zoos in Kerala and India, the Trivandrum zoo was built by the Travancore Maharaja- Swathi Thirunal Rama Varma during 1857. During 1995, the zoo got a makeover. The zoo was reconstructed with spacious naturalistic enclosures. This zoo serves as a habitat for more than 82 species like the lion-tailed macaque, Indian rhinoceros, Asiatic lion, White tiger, leopard, Asian elephants, giraffes, and Cape buffalos, and many more. Amidst the green lushes, you can find the lion pride taking naps with arrogance and valour. Shhhh, careful! 

If you’re an Ophidiophiliac, you must surely visit this zoo! To your fascination, you can find 7 anacondas residing in the zoo! Electrifying, isn’t it? Above all, you can end the trip by taking a look at the charming peafowl. Who doesn’t love peahens and peacocks or the way they dance and impress? Visit the Trivandrum zoo, and get to know all its magnificence. Pack your bags, head to Kerala, and enjoy. 

2.The Thrissur Zoo

The Thrissur Zoo
Image Source: Unsplash

Ask a Keralite, ‘The Thrissur zoo’ is where they will point hands for a perfect weekend! Whizz to the Thrissur zoo and enjoy your weekend here. Located 2 km away from the Thrissur railway station, the Thrissur zoo (called as the Trichur zoo once)which was built during 1885. It comprises of 13.5 acres of green sheet spread. Above all, the zoo is a home for various animals, reptiles, and birds. ‘Art is everywhere’. Don’t you believe this? Art follows you, wherever you go. Yes, the place not only has an amazing park, but also an art museum and a historical natural museum. From lions to monkeys and from cobras to pink flamingos, get beguiled every single minute you’re inside the zoo. How excited are you? Get packing and visit the Thrissur zoo any day between October and March!

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3. The Parassinikadavu Snake Park

Whenever someone hears ‘hisses’, they go crazy! But, Ophidiophilians, grab this chance and make it memorable! The Parassinikadavu park is one of the significant and splendid parks in Kerala. Being a unique type of zoo, this snake zoo is a major attraction throughout the country. The ultimate goal of this rare park is to nurture near-extinct reptiles. Above all, both poisonous and non-poisonous types of snake are preserved here. You can spot the King Cobra, Spectacled Cobra, and Pythons among others.

Popularly known as ‘one of the finest snakes sanctuary of Asia’, the Parassinikadavu Snake Park has gained the whole pride of the southern region. Above all, this is a unique type of park in God’s own country!  More than 150 species of snakes and other reptiles like crocodiles, monitor lizards dwell here. This park is not only home for reptiles, but also for many marine animals too. Book your tickets to the Parassinikadavu snake park and make this trip an indelible one!

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4. The Abhayaranyam Zoo

No matter how old you are, love and fear for elephants never fade! One of the notable zoos in Kerala to be visited is the Abhayaranyam zoo. With greenery, huge trees, and fluffy bushes all around, the zoo has a mind-blowing glow! More than that, the Abhayaranyam zoo has an alluring butterfly garden accommodating nearly 8 distinct butterfly varieties. The zoo has a deer park covered with beautiful tiles and clubbing bamboo trees. Above all, elephants from age 2-50 make the travellers go ‘ wowwww!’ From the main gate till the area where deers reside, there is a comfortable trail to walk through. You can enjoy and relax while walking on the pathway.

In conclusion, it is really fun if you take kids along with you. Don’t miss this chance to get your kids engaged! Visit the zoo, and get busy looking and discovering all the new species there. Fall in love with the wildlife of Kerala.

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5. The Kauthuka Park

The magical land in Kerala- the Kauthuka park gratifies one’s expectations and makes you visit often! Get amazed by the presence of various beautiful birds and fishes.

The Kauthuka Park
Image Source: Unsplash

The Kauthuka park is located near the Athirapally waterfalls in Chalakudy. The utensils and agricultural appliances collection from the bygone era adds extra appeals to the place’s magic! The landscape is marked by quaint hills, babbling streams with crystal clear water in it, congenial caves, and many rare medicinal plants. All these give more charm to the park. Plan a weekend trip and head to this park in Kerala. The Kauthuka park is truly meant for peace and tranquillity! With animals wandering here and there, and the birds chirping, one can forever camp in this beautiful place! Looking at the predators walking behind its master, you will fall in love with the place!

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Which is the largest zoological park in Kerala?

Thrissur Zoological Park.

Which is the first zoo in Kerala?

The Thiruvananthapuram Zoological Park is the first in Kerala.

Which is largest zoo in India?

The Arignar Anna Zoological Park located in Chennai.

Does Kochi have a zoo?

Yes, Noichi Zoological Park.

Is there giraffe in Kerala?

Yes Giraffes can be seen in Thiruvananthapuram Zoo.

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