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Trekking in Kerala - Munnar
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Trekking in Kerala – The lush green landscapes of the Indian Subcontinent

India is one of the most beautiful countries with a differentiated experience at each place. The states here are different from one another, culturally, historically and even religiously at some point. But in terms of experience, they are all the same, they offer a great experience. God’s own country, Kerala is blessed with greener. A holiday to this destination can be rejuvenating. Trekking in Kerala is the most common activity in the state. So, here is a guide to trekking in Kerala. The best trekking places in Kerala are also mentioned below. Scroll down the article to know more.

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Monroe Island, Kerala
Image Credits: Photo by Marieke Weller on Unsplash

Trekking in Kerala

Kerala being the nature’s gift to India is a place with fabulous and marvellous landscapes. The rolling beautiful lush landscapes of this state is something that will relax your mind. Trekking in a place like Kerala will sure be exhausting as well as make you feel fresh from inside. The natural scent of the location makes you fall in love with the trek. So, here are the top 5 Trekking spots in Kerala.

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Top 5 Trekking spots in Kerala

Kolukkumalai Peak Trek

Trekking is just the favourite thing to do in Kerala. Passing through the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala is this scenic mountain called Kolukkumalai. This is by far one of the most scenic mountains in Idukki district. Starting from Kurangini village the trail takes you up to 2170 m to reach the peak. You will be able to see the Shola forest patches, grasslands and the world’s highest organic tea plantation. These things add up to the speciality of this great trekking path in Kolukkumalai. An early morning mountain trek is advisable to avoid heat in the mid-noon.

The total distance of this trekking trail will be 11 km. The approximate time it would take to complete the trek will be 7 hours. As the mountain is not too steep, it will be a moderate climb fro the trekkers. Experience the best of trekking in Kerala by experiencing the Kolukkumalai peak trek.

Kolukkumalai Peak Trek
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Agasthyarkoodam Peak trek

Agastya mala is one of the beautiful mountains with many picturesque features. Being the highest peak in the south of Kerala, the trek will be scenic and beautiful. Located outside the Idukki district, this is one of the best trekking experiences. This trekking path is only open from January to mid-march. There will be strict guidelines for this trek. The trek starts at the Bonaccord Picket station 1 and the passes are issued online for this ticket. These passes will be issued by Kerala Forest and Wildlife Department (KFWD). Before the commencement of the season, a week before, the dates will be announced by KFWD. This trek is 11 KM and the duration will be 2 nights and 1-day return. Stuff yourself with adequate water and food.

Agasthyarkoodam Peak Trekking in Kerala
Image Credits: Wikimedia commons

Chembra Peak Trek

Situated in Wayanad, the Chembara peak is 2100 m high. Known as the Jewel of Wayanad, you will be able to see a heart-shaped lake 180 m beneath the peak of the Chembra. Citing Arbitary reasons, treks are not allowed by the forest officials nowadays. The hike to the lake will be the most memorable trek for you in your visit to Kerala. You can get the permissions to climb the Chembra hill at the base office. There will be a guide who will trek along with you. The total distance of this trek is 10 km and it will approximately take you 6 hours to return back to the base. It would be better if you would take an adequate amount of water with you.

Chembra Peak Trekking in Kerala
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Top Station Trek

The most visited tourist trekking attraction is the Top station Trek. 40 km from the Munnar town is this beautiful location. You will see this location on the way towards Vattavadi. There are some very beautiful views of the Kottagudi valleys and also the mist-covered Meesapulimala and Kolukkumalai peaks. One of the most beautiful peaks which gives you a very scenic view and also a place for great photographs. You will pass through the Muthuvagudi village at 1175 m from the bottom. This route that you will be taking is an old tribal path connecting many villages of the mountains in this valley. The total distance of the trek will be 9 km and it will approximately take you 4 hours. These 4 hours also includes photo breaks. This is the most famous trekking place in Kerala.

Top Station Trekking in Munnar. Kerala
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Meesapulimala Peak Trek

The second highest summit in the western ghats, the Meesapulimala peak is a noteworthy trek that you have to take. At the height of 2640 m, the hike starts from the Kolukkumalai tea estate. The Kerala forest and wildlife department have to be noticed priorly and the permission should be given to commence the ascend. The Kolukkumalai tea estate can be reached by a jeep from the small town, Suryanelli. Compared to the other treks, the last
2 km is the most challenging and difficult part of this trek. The total trek is 8 km and it will approximately take 6.5 hours to complete the trek. Pack healthy snacks and adequate amount of water for the trek.

Meesapulimala Peak, Kerala
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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Kerala is one place that must be on your travel bucket list. Enjoy the beautiful scenic locations and gasp fresh air when in Kerala. Get packing and browse through the coolest Kerala holiday packages or International tour packages with Pickyourtrail. If you have any other doubts regarding planning, you can directly Whatsapp us and our travel experts are at your service.

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